Friday, July 5, 2019

And The Hits Just Keep On Coming...

The geo-dweebs warn after an earthquake that there's a lottery-level chance a bigger one is coming. They always say that. Tonight, it paid off.

I was at the bookstore after dinner out. Decided I was either having a stroke, or it was another quake.
Saw everyone else looking around and concluded B) was the operative answer.

The swaying was less intense, but it was a lot longer this time (90-120 seconds, minimum), so I figured it had to be a bigger event. (Rule of Thumb: When it feels like a 4 to you, but it lasts two minutes, somebody else's world got f***ed up.)

Ding! Ding! Winner!

7.1 this time. (Yesterday's was a 6.4.)
This one was 7 miles NW of yesterday's, and about as far from any humans - still out in the middle of Mojave Desert BFE.

God help the people in Ridgecrest, and aboard China Lake NAWC.
They'll definitely be over this nonsense now.

A 7.1 shake for 1 1/2-2 minutes is nothing fun. Nothing at all.

And being bigger this time, that officially makes the July 4th quake the foreshock.

On the plus side, the wind-up radio was fully charged by the sun today, and I consolidated some medical supplies, including the Catch-22 jump bag.

What disaster is your local flavor?
Where's your stuff for that?
You're far better off checking it two months too soon than five minutes too late.

Have a nice weekend.
I'm hoping the only rocking and rolling you do is to the stereo speakers.
And not the front yard.


Allen said...

Bad, real bad. No reports of lost life yet, but power is down in a lot of places. No crap, work your plan people, what no plan? Not good. I have power, water, and comms, I guess the plan is workable. It's a nice night though, so sleeping outside under the stars seems like a good idea.

Now if only the aftershocks would stop. The damn place has been shaking every 5 minutes for about an hour and a half.

Anonymous said...

They're still doing press briefings here, must be a slow news night. Here in good ol' Hendertucky, south and east of Sin City; it rocked the Farm Truck on its springs, and gave some momentary concern to the folks at the bar. We're about 250 miles east, but we noticed.
I'm set, so shit like that can do whatever. And the sooner the better

Max said...

Were I am we worry about storms/tornadoes. The ground doesn't move here, the air does though.

Borepatch said...

People need to remember a bugout bag for their pets, too

Greg in Allston said...

Trona must be a mess judging by the videos of Ridgecrest. I hope everybody there is OK. I wonder how this is going to affect the borax market.

Tina said...

God bless and keep you and everyone in the zone! I have experienced two earthquakes out in west Texas in the 1970s and in the late 80s/early 90s. The papers said later they were measured as 4 or 5 by the Colorado center, but back then they didn't bother tracking those low ones so I've never found any record of either of them except the local reports of the time.

Here, the great dangers are tornado, wildfire, and flood. In 2013, we watched a tornado enter the town from our porch. It hit structures at the local school about 10 blocks away from us, then wound along a little creek out into the country. Damage, but no injuries.

We are about 40 miles from Cross Plains, TX, where in 2005, two people and many cattle were killed by a wildland fire more than 100 houses, a motel, and a church burned to the ground, and dozens of others were damaged. That fire, called "an urban wildland interface fire" burned 8,000 acres. Our town is a bit more rural, but similar terrain.

Flooding is also a danger in our county and some places in our town, but our home is on top of a hill, so the house itself would never flood - but we could conceivably be briefly inaccessible. Low Water Crossings are a big danger. A woman in our county was drowned this year after the car she was in drove into a flooded street.

Behind Enemy Lines said...

Nice reference to the Nesmith album . . . insider knowledge for guys like us. One day our paths will cross, and I'll buy you many many beers.

Anonymous said...

Hope you're surviving well, Aesop.
Put the word out if you need anything.

Aesop said...

I'm fine.
An earthquake 100+ miles away is mainly a curiosity.

It's feeling them this far out that annoys, along with the stated reminder from Nature to check your plans and preparations, and change your batteries.

The scene in Out Of Africa where her major domo says to Baroness Blixen "God is coming for you, memsahib." always springs to mind.

Old NFO said...

Not fun, but not at ground zero, so you're all good. I'm not surprised to hear the mumbles that these are being generated by Area 51... sigh... Next thing, Trump will be to blame... Stay safe.

Aesop said...

Area 51?

Nice try, NFO.
This is obviously the Navy testing a super-secret Earthquake Generator at China Lake.

Like they do.

Because we totally have one of those.

lineman said...

Ahh this is just another foreshock the big one is still out there...

The Freeholder said...

For us, it's tornados and hurricanes. I'm about as ready as I can reasonably be. Working on being unreasonable as funds allow.