Thursday, July 25, 2019

This Is How You Do It

h/t Daily Timewaster

This was the victory speech that he'll be reprising in January 2021.
If you're an idiot Never-Trumper from either party, let me be the first to tell you:

Yes, you should go home and kill yourself now. It's for the best.

No one will miss you. Trust me.
And it's not getting any better for you until 2025.
Beat the rush.

Meanwhile, after Mueller looked like Doddering Senile Grandpa, with no idea what he was supposed to be doing, and no idea what was in his report, President Trump walks out, and off the cuff, delivers an impromptu press conference for the ages.

There are words for this.

The Twenty-two Leftard wannabes for 2020, on their best days, look like the retarded, paint-chip-eating version of The Brady Bunch. Amidst a long cross-country trip in a hot station wagon. After at least half of them have already peed their pants.

(Side note: Kamala Harris said the other day she wants to federally decriminalize pot, nationwide, because 44% of the states have already. I think that when anybody's drug policy is echoed and endorsed by Senator Kneepads, it's past time to seriously re-think your position. "If everyone else was jumping off a cliff, etc. etc.... ". But it's a tacit acknowledgement that only a nation of stoners could deliver a Dumbocrat victory in 2020.)

With any luck, Fat Bill and Shrillary go down to their bunker, eat their cyanide capsules, and a bullet, simultaneously, as a favor to the country.

But seeing their family crime enterprise finally unraveled now, complete with dragging them out by the heels still kicking and sobbing, would be the cherry on this cake.

Now, please, O please, let the Dork Squad go on TheSpew, or on Rachel Madcow's cable access show, and try to make political hay out of yesterday's Leftard debacle.


Anonymous said...

Robert Mueller is the definition of the Washington DC Elite.

Proper College, proper Major, a career of government jobs working his way up the ladder. Who cares if Good Old FBI Agent and US Attorney Bob left four men to rot in prison for murders he and his fellow ethical FBI Agents knew they didn't commit. So what if two of the men died in prison. The same Mueller that never solved the Post 9/11 Anthrax Attack. But Bob and his FBI did hound one man to his death, and falsely accused another. They never did find the actual Anthrax Source, or the perpetrators.

Now he is exposed as a doddering old fool by his "friends"in the Democrat Party. Some elite?!?


Anonymous said...

I'm guessing the Democrats are panicking now. The Mueller hearing offered a glimmer of 'Aha - We Got Him Now !', but no more. Now its up to them to distance themselves from one another to give them an edge.

Its been said before - I think they are hoping to get Moochele into the ring before it gets too late. Black - Female - Liberal and she's already been 1st Lady so knows the kitchen staff. Big pluses !

Anonymous said...

I was watching reporting and opinion by various Democrat and Republican CONgress critters last night. To a man (there weren't any women interviewed) all of the Democrats were STILL claiming that the report and now the testimony will be the basis of Impeachment filings starting today, Swallowell being among them.

I seem to recall a vote in the House last week on an impeachment bill that was overwhelmingly defeated which begs the question: what changed between then and now. From what I saw yesterday, nothing.


idahobob said...

Trump ate the fake newseez alive! That was great!

Borepatch said...

I loved the part where he called the reporter "fake news".

Anonymous said...

Mueller's responses made me wonder
1) If he had read it, and
2) If he was paying attention, or even staying awake.

June J said...

I encourage the Democrats to keep going down the current path, exposing themselves to all of America for who they really are.

If the Republicans cannot retake the House, increase Senate and retain the White House then we know that the ignorant masses have determined that the American experiment is dead.

Anonymous said...

"No one will miss you. Trust me.
And it's not getting any better for you until 2025.
Beat the rush."

If then :)

Badger said...

@June J: Yup. Never interrupt the enemy when they're in the middle of making a mistake.

The Gray Man said...

Can I just say that it hit me once again that we elected fucking Donald Trump as POTUS? Lol!