Saturday, September 25, 2021


From Warlokke in Comments


24, Given that the labels for Comirnaty and BioNTech clearly state that the vaccination should not be given to individuals that are allergic to the ingredients. I have noted that one of the primary ingredients of the Lipid Nanoparticle delivery system is "ALC 1035" (two attachments, parts highlighted) in the Pfizer shots. The fourth attachment is the toxicity report of ALC-1035, which comprises 30-50% of the total ingredients.3 The Safety Data Sheet, (attached as Exhibit B) for this primary ingredient states that it is Category 2 under the OSHA HCS regulations (21 CFR 1910) and includes several concerning warnings, including but not limited to:

1. Seek medical attention if it comes into contact with your skin;

2. If inhaled and breathing is difficult, give cardiopulmonary resuscitation

3. Evacuate if there is an environmental spill

4.The chemical, physical, and toxicological properties have not been completely investigated

5. Caution: Product has not been fully validated for medical applications. For research use only

25. Other journals and scientific papers denote that this particular ingredient has never been used in humans before.4 To be abundantly clear, one of the listed primary ingredients of these injectables is Polyethylene glycol ("PEG") which is a derivative of ethylene oxide. Polyethylene glycol is the active ingredient in antifreeze. While it is hard to believe this is a key ingredient in these vaccines, it would explain the increased cardiovascular risks to users of BioNTech or Comirnaty shots. I cannot discern what form of alchemy Pfizer and the FDA have discovered that would make antifreeze into a healthful cure to the human body. Others seem to agree my point per recent scientific studies that caused a group of 57 doctors and scientists to call for an immediate halt to the vaccination program.5 In short, this antifreeze ingredient is being studied for the first time in human injectables. According to the VAERS data, which admittedly underreports by as much as 100 times the actual SAE's, there are well more than 600,000 documented Serious Adverse Events (ones requiring medical attention) alone and more than 13,000 fatalities directly linked to this particular vaccine. I cannot understand how this vaccine remains on the list of available options to treat Covid, when there are so many other non-deadly or injurious options available.

26. As such  I believe it is reasonable to conclude that humans are allergic to thse dangerous and deadly toxins and therefore should not take vaccinations with either Cominraty or BioNTech. Again I have identified an agent that possess a significant hazard to Soldiers, which should fall under DA Pam 385-62 Toxic Safety Standards cited in 2-11.

27. My assessment is that ALC 0315 is a known toxin with little study, specifically restricted to "research only" and effectively has no prior use history, with the SDS designation of (GHS02), listed as H315 and H319, in other words, hazardous if inhaled, ingested, or in contact with skin and a health hazard with the designation (P313). A review of the SDS outlines that it is not for human or veterinary use,

36. I personally observed the most physically fit female Soldier i have seen in over 20 years in the Army, go from Collegiate level athlete training for Ranger School, to being physically debilitated with cardiac problems, newly diagnosed pituitary brain tumor, thyroid dysfunction within weeks of getting vaccinated. Several military physicians have shared with me their firsthand experience with a significant increase in the number of young soldiers with migraines, menstrual irregularities, cancer, suspected myocarditis and reporting cardiac symptoms after vaccination. Numerous soldiers and DOD civilians have told me of how they were sick, bed-ridden, debilitated, unable to work for days to weeks after vaccination. I have also recently reviewed three flight crew members' medical records, all of which presented with significant and aggressive systemic health issues. Today i received word of one fatality and two ICU cases on Fort hood; the deceased was an Army pilot who could have been flying at the time. All three pulmonary embolism events happened within 48 hours of their vaccination. I cannot attribute this result to anything other than the Covid 19 vaccines as the source of these events. Each person was in top physical condition before inoculation and each suffered the event within 2 days post vaccination. Correlation by itself does not equal causation, however, significant causal patterns do exist that raise correlation into probable cause; and the burden to prove otherwise falls on the authorities such as the CDC, FDA, and pharmaceutical manufacturers. I find the illnesses, injuries and fatalities observed to be the proximate and causal effect of the Covid 19 vaccinations.

Game. Set. Match.

Stick a fork in that poison sh*t they authorized injecting into people. It's done.

ANTIFREEZE, FFS?!?!?!? What in blistering fuck were they THINKING???

Read The Whole Thing for yourself.

We applaud the courage and moral bravery displayed by Dr. Theresa Long, wish her a long a happy life, and would like to pro-actively make the following observation of the probable reaction from TPTB, including her direct superiors at the Five-Sided Puzzle Palace:

We hope our precaution proves unnecessary, but take nothing for granted in these times.


Steve S said...

FAA anyone? Airlines and even private pilots are now legally culpable for any accidents if they fly before medical clearance.

Anonymous said...

Looking at pfizer insert from March, it contains ALC-0315 and ALC-0159 (not 1059 as listed in the affidavit). I looked at the SDS for these and they are nothing like what is listed. Is there a different ingredient list somewhere that I am overlooking? I can't seem to find any links to the documentation in the affidavit's web page.

Anonymous said...

Narrative? What narrative.
Boy, I sure wish some kind of national emergency would distract people from all this stuff.

Jim Wetzel said...

"Go to the link and Read The Whole Thing yourself."

I did. It took a while. Detailed to the point of being exhaustive. Impressive.

I only wish she had known that she could have had my copy editing services free of charge (quick, too). There are a few misspellings / typos that might give assholes an excuse for attacking or dismissing. Since she put so much time and effort into making her case, better if it had been technically perfect.

What I'm left wondering is: if an enlisted guy refuses to take the Not-A-Vax, despite having been ordered to, what possibilities does he face? Dishonorable discharge, obviously ... but will they let it go at that? Maybe he's court-martialed and awarded a stretch in prison. Do the Vaxx him there? Forcibly?

What a f--ked-up world.

emtgene said...

I am glad to see that more and more medical professionals are finding the integrity and courage to speak up and try to warn others about the risks of this vax.

Bear Claw Chris Lapp said...

Between the Navy Doc and this all I can say is just fucking "WOW".

Anonymous said...

Ho Lee Mo Lee! God bless the good LTC for speaking out which she is eminently qualified to do. The forced administration of these not-vaccines is particularly troubling (love the "minimum physical force" notation) there's no real distinction between this travesty and "Dr." Mengele's experiments.
the time to resist with all due force comes nigh.
Boat Guy

Paul said...

Is this tied to one vaccine? There are 4 after all.

Or where. seems to be shaking down to two these days.

Moderna and Pfizer.

Would be nice to know which ones her population had.

Anonymous said...

Two immediate takeaways. Double check the ingredients against the poison control list, and have your doctor sign a statement that you are allergic to these poisons.
As almost all airline pilots are valued, don't fly.
John in Indy

Nori said...

This is’nt a simple essay,it is an affidavit,hence the attention to detail.
Dr Long lays out that ALL the mRNA vaccines have very serious side effects,whether it is Pfizer,Moderna,BioNtech,or Comirnaty,which is also Pfizer’s newer death dose.
This is a stunningly courageous document.
Don’t know if Dr Long is a pilot herself,but she has earned angel’s wings for her bravery and compassion.

I will be watching with extreme interest to what blowback TPTB attempt on her.

Grouch, MD said...

I comment in the spirit of constructive criticism:

Polyethylene glycol is miralax, and relatively inert. Ethylene glycol is antifreeze, and nasty stuff. She has mixed the two, weakening her argument.
She also failed to review the several case reports and case series that indicate that the myocarditis is generally transient and self-resolving. It does not carry the horrible mortality she describes.

Again, comments are in the spirit of improving her argument, not disagreeing with her fundamental thesis.

Robin Datta said...

Ethylene glycol is antifreeze and when ingested forms a blizzard of oxalate crystals that clogs the kidneys. Polyethylene glycol is a laxative with various trade names such as GoLytely, Miralax, etc. When ingested it passes through the gut unchanged, but osmotically holds water in an isotonic solution. In large volumes it flushes the gut clean as a prep for endoscopy or surgery; in small volumes it is a nice laxative.

However I have no idea of what it does when administered parenterally. But I don't think it would be quite so benign.

Hawkin'Gal said...

I RTWT. Thinking hawking season will be sporty

John Wilder said...

(Imagining 2022 narrative):
"This hurried Trump vaccine should never have been released," President-For-Life Kamala Harris of The D.C. Coalition Government, in exile.

Bear Claw Chris Lapp said...

No but this has been memory holed.

This as well.

and this

but still here

and here

holed here

Irish said...

It's been taken down over at the link. Here is a PDF.

McChuck said...

Here is a link to the safety data sheet. It lists none of the ingredients mentioned.

HOWEVER, the CDC list of ingredients does include Polyethelene Glycol as an ingredient in a more complicated chemical.

The vaccine includes the following ingredients: mRNA, lipids ((4-
hydroxybutyl)azanediyl)bis(hexane-6,1-diyl)bis(2-hexyldecanoate), 2 [(polyethylene
glycol)-2000]-N,N-ditetradecylacetamide, 1,2-Distearoyl-sn-glycero-3-phosphocholine,
and cholesterol), potassium chloride, monobasic potassium phosphate, sodium
chloride, dibasic sodium phosphate dihydrate, and sucrose.

The FDA admits that the vaccine causes myocarditis in young men, and that it doesn't work for some (most?) people.

Aesop said...

Nope. It's still right where I left it, and still up.

Anonymous said...

I’ve talked with Dr Long at length about this and other non medical things as recently as a few weeks ago. Apparently there is also a NEJM article on pregnant women and the C19 shot (pre approval, so this must have been last year when the study was conducted) that at first glance seems like no big deal, a miscarriage rate of ~15% among those in the study, about 827 as I recall. This ~15% miscarriage rate tracks with the general population. But… 1st trimester pregnancies miscarried at an 83% rate from what she mentioned, which is absolutely monstrous that these medical professionals at army medical facilities would,be pushing all pregnant women in their care to,get the shot - all because apparently one pregnant woman died with or of covid (these days, who really knows.) it’ll be interesting to see what big green does with this publicity of one of their brave officers. Since there was already a target on her back from not singing the tune anyway… she tried to push this info up the chain of command, but that must have gone over like a lead balloon..

Dr. Long isn’t the only doc, military or not, that has come to these same conclusions. I’m sure this will become widely known if they try and make an example of her.. we’ve been praying for her for a while now, suggest you all add her and her family to your prayer list.

Anonymous said...

I may be missing something, and if so I hope that someone will gently offer up a corrective, but I think that I can contribute a bit on one sub-issue, at least.

Ethylene glycol, commonly used as an automotive antifreeze, is nastily toxic because the body tends to convert it into highly damaging formic acid . . . which, as the name suggests, has effects on most human soft tissues that are similar to their being envenomed by swarms of attacking ants.

Whereas I understand _poly_ethylene glycol to be one of the least toxic substances known to medicine, which is why it is approved for myriad uses in preparations for human consumption and treatment, including as an excipient in ophthalmic and vaginal preparations.

That said, please note that the point that I've made is quite narrow, and bear in mind that I don't mean to imply anything about any other issue or sub-issue.

Sub Silentio

Anonymous said...

Oops . . . sorry, shouldn't have gone by memory: I should have written _oxalyic_ acid, not formic acid.

It's still nasty stuff, though.

Sub Silentio

Anonymous said...

"...the several case reports and case series that indicate that the myocarditis is generally transient and self-resolving..."

its the Rigor Mortis that resolves it for the unfortunate, disposable few.