Wednesday, September 29, 2021

It Could Happen...Wait, What?

from Odd Job 

Fairest, most transparent election EVER!


Anonymous said...

We knew the election was stolen that night or the day afterward. Now the criminals will shrug and reply "So?" The junta is in power and will not be removed except by force; which time is rapidly approaching.
Boat Guy

T said...

He's going to have to show some serious proof of that.

John Wilder said...

The data is inescapable, but we live in a country where there's no such thing as a "woman" anymore.

It's all the same game.

Veeshir said...

Wisconsin HOT (Honest Open and Transparent) are the ones who found it.

Justin_O_Guy said...

If watching it was not enough nothing will be.
Ya run the observers out, declaring the count done for the night.
You cover windows with cardboard..

Ohh, that is obviously good...

You Do Know that mail in ballots without fold lines were never in an envelope, right?
When the phone number for thousands of ballots is the same,, then they Might be bogus.

MortemTyrannus said...

262-9xx-xxxx is a more than likely a cell phone. I haven't lived in Racine for awhile, but that area code + exchange was a cell phone exchange 20+ years ago.