Saturday, September 4, 2021



Dear 'Strines:

We understand TPTB thereabouts require a picture of your face and your home, to confirm your obedience to their tyrannical demands and controls in this most egregious vaxxholian idiocy. We would be remiss if we had not offered you something to send in to them, whenever requested.

Feel free to use it with our compliments, and highest regards, as often as you choose. Exactly like 99.9999% of the memes you see here, which subsequently appear everywhere, we made it in Shop Class, ourselves, just for you.

We can't be sure, but we suspect if they get this pic 20,000,000 times an hour - or more - for a few days, the phone lines they've set up will cease to function. Just spitballing there.

(Now, imagine if some of you lot forwarded or posted those call-in phone numbers online, so that another billion or so folks outside your gentle land were able to join in on the fun. Doubleplusungood, right there. Your choice. Operators are standing by...)

Feel free to imagine what might ensue were posters of this, or anything similar, were to start popping up, on power and light poles, walls, and the windows of police cars and official vehicles thereabouts.

What's that? They'll send John Law after you for non-compliance?


All 17,000,000 of you who remain unvaxxed?

Allow my colleague, and Professor Of Liberty Studies, Dr. Solzhenitsyn, to inform your further decisions at that point:

One can but wonder, at that point, how long until they run out of enforcers, and with common citizens now happily armed with something better than hammers and pokers in many cases?

Verily, the mind doth boggle.

And now, back to our radio program...


lpdbw said...

I'm a system analyst by trade, and I have some ideas about that stupid app they're running.

If the reports are accurate, people are going to be required to have an app installed.
When notified via the app, they have to send a selfie at home within 15 minutes.
If not, police will be dispatched to the home to make sure all the residents are there.

It would be a shame if everybody turned off their phones while home, or let their batteries die, and they stopped receiving those notifications. How many cops do they have to do these home checks?

Aesop said...


And that's before more active measures to monkeywrench the whole fucktarded plan kick in.

Anonymous said...

Sooner or later citizens will set themselves up as AWOL to bait the SS into walking into such an ambush.
Sooner or later..

McNasty said...

I've been saying they would pull this shit here. I don't own a smartphone so I figure they will have to supply them in the future.
Wonder what will happen when I walk out of the commissars office with it and drop it, then drop the new one? How long would it be that breaking your phone is an offense.

Bring it on, fuck them all.

Troy Jones III said...

That selfie thing is some seriously dystopian crapola.

Would be a real shame if someone were to forget to check in with a selfie when pinged by the government, instead immediately going to a friend's house (totally not for alibi purposes), and the police coming to haul them off were to be coincidentally ambushed with hammers and pokers (and worse) by unknown assailants who just happened to be waiting in the original person's house when the bluecaps got there. Such a tragic coincidence that would be, you know what I'm sayin'?

Grouch, MD said...

I believe Ms. Hoyt has the right reply on this:

Mike-SMO said...

They booted "Voxday". I hope that you are prepared.

robins111 said...

Why hammers and pokers. If the Oz are anything like Canadians that Gun buy back was a laugh.

I recall when the Canadian liberals decided to ban a bunch of guns, they ended up with a few Fudd turn ins.

At the same time, I knew about 20 plus people with Bren Guns, there were also a bunch of German stuff, MG42 etc that'd been kept oiled since WW2, I don't recall their kids ever turning them in, and they're still floating around.

Aesop said...


We back up the blog frequently.

If this site gets nuked, we'll blow up that bridge when we come to it.

And in the absence of orders, with all comms cut, find something Communist and kill it.

AC47Spooky said...

I almost can't believe that shit in Australia is real. I mean I'm like really? Really? The only thing is - if they took all the safety tools away from the citizens then dis shit goes down? Let them run that and see how it goes.

Bear Claw Chris Lapp said...

Even better get with the good AO neighbors before hand. Plan who is not going to answer and all meet at that house with arm loads of red hot pokers and what ever else and go ALL SOLZHENITSYN on them like how Aleksandr wishes they would have done.

Brownwatersailor said...

Take that fancy phone fully charged and wrapped for inclement weather and toss it in a moving train boxcar or the ass end of over the road truck running a team operation and let them bastards chase it all over God;s green earth.

John Wilder said...

I wonder if the meme shop teacher keeps a keyboard in a jar of alcohol to scare the students?

David said...

What is a Strine?

Aesop said...

" 'Strine " is the correct, accented pronunciation of "Australian", in the local 'Strine vernacular. As ever was.

Ryan said...

Doesnt seem to be the case so far. Lookin like the Ozzies are folding to the Man kinda like most British did long ago.

Aesop said...

Look harder, Ryan.

The truckers' strike in Oz has paralyzed the country, the shelves are empty, and the media is trying a total blackout, but the videos and pics from Down Under are still getting out.

That's why the government there is shitting their panties.