Sunday, September 26, 2021

Mighty White Of Them, In An On-A-Stick Kind Of Way...


In what is certainly of minor interest to the world, but rather keenly followed by the host, TPTB have turned out to be the StayPuft Marshmallow Man of COVIDiocy enforcement.

Faced with 10-30% of available staff being flushed out the door, AFAIK, every request for exemption on medical or religious grounds, including our own, has been granted, in writing.

IOW, we retain our job indefinitely, despite refusal to be jabbed with the Vaxx.

We haven't seen a retreat this fast nor utterly complete since Gropey Dopey Joe pulled us out of Afghanistan.

It could be mere coincidence, and being overwhelmed with requests for exemption, but the process was so truncated with the September 30 deadline approaching like a freight train, or it could have been our own eloquence in the request letter, and the unassailable logic thereof, but in any event, what was supposed to have been a participatory process was, in fact, resolved entirely in our favor without so much as one word of back-and-forth. They took one look at what we outlined, and decided they didn't want to bother even discussing it. They simply caved (as we knew all along settled black-letter law would require) without a further peep from us.

We know how to take "Yes" for an answer.

Weeks of stress and potential personal upheaval, undone in a squeak of flatulence.

Problem solved.

Our required "reasonable accommodation"? 

Weekly testing (we'll fight that battle vs. The State, not the employer required by them to put it upon us, but which requirement is illogical, pointless, and intended mainly to make our vaxx refusal more painful and onerous, with zero redeeming value to infection control), and wearing an N95 at work, which is already de rigeur for every swinging Richard at work now, 24/7/whenever, and thus a non-issue. They may as well have required us to wear pants, and breathe.

We recognize that not all employers are nor have been similarly sensible and circumspect in regard to their employees' rights, but are heartened that our own employer, who was not the least bit stupid about running headlong to join the Covidiots in their frothing frolics, until the State of Califrutopia, led by serial moron Gabbin' Nuisance, and then followed by senile buffoon Gropey Dopey, Emperor Alzheimers the First, chivied them into the bargain at virtual gunpoint, but this response on their part has pretty well hamstrung such silly-assed and unconstitutional mandates to the bone.


We nonetheless continue to fully support anyone and everyone exercising their God-given right to raise a middle finger in reply to would-be vaxx-rape and vaxx-rapists of whatever stripe.

Too many employers have already decided that kowtowing to government jackboots is preferable to loyalty to their own employees, and those already cast adrift aren't going to go quietly in that good night, nor should they.

Conscious of their fate, we do not dance gleefully at our sudden return to an even keel, but look forward to the day when those wronged have just recompense, ideally involving scaffolds and nooses for the perpetrators, and which day we continue to see as inevitable, and drawing closer by the hour.

But we won't be shipping out on the first boxcars, at least not yet.

"Every day we aren't fighting, is another day to sharpen our hatchets." - Dan Morgan


Steve S said...

So, is the weekly test the infamous PCR that the FDA has abolished as useless, effective year end?

Aesop said...


Cederq said...

Good for you nevertheless... I am sure there is going to be a futile and idiotic response from the same clown car inhabitants to show you uppity peon tax slaves that you will not undermine or underoo our domain.

Greg said...

Congrats on a small tactical victory. Now I'm waiting to see how the pResident backs down from wanting a DD for any .mil who refuses the (not)vax. Never mind that coercing a medical experiment on the unwilling is a violation of both Geneva Conventions, and the Nuremberg Accords, a DD is worse than a felony rap on a guys records. This will not end well.

pkerot said...

Before the Revolutionary War, there was a rumor that the British had attacked Boston and killed 6 Americans.
Thousands of Americans from several colonies got their guns and began marching to Boston to fight the British. There was no organization, no leaders, no central authorities and no one told them to fight the British.
The People were simply fed up and were willing to die for Freedom and Liberty.
The time has come for The People to fight for Freedom and Liberty again.
f**k Joe Biden

Paul T said...

Here in Boston our hospital remains stubbornly determined to cut off one of their own fingers in the name of compliance. With roughly 10% of the staff remaining unjabbed, including myself, they have declined all religious exemption requests and anyone not vaxxed by mid-October will be “terminated”. Curious to see if they change their tune when they realize that people aren’t just “forgetting” to get it done.

Karl said...

"Weeks of stress and potential personal upheaval"

Exactly. This BS, even when it fails spectacularly like all commie ideas, is taking a huge toll. Those inflicting it need to feel it.

Way to stand your ground.

Slick said...

That's good to hear!

Allen said...

Looks at staffing list. Looks at patient list. Does wee bit o' math. Sure, religious exemptions-R-Us. "I need Thursdays off to worship the mighty Thor and his Hammer Mjolinar." It might have been interesting to see how far they'd bend, but sometimes a little discretion goes a long way.

Anonymous said...

Keep Pushing back. Never stop. Congrats.


bearcub7250 said...

I’m a DoD contractor; rumor has it that we contractors have till 8 December to get their bull shit shot. Screw them with hunter’s schlong. I will NOT comply.

Ruth said...

Very very nice! Now if only NY state would allow the hospitals here to do the same. Reports I'm seeing here say 15-25% of staff at hospitals and assorted facilities will be out of a job next week, NY refuses to acknowledge religious exemptions, and is being insanely strict about the medical ones. One hospital local to me is expecting to close 2/3rds of its ORs. Getting treatment at the local ED has been bad enough as it is this past year, speaking from personal experience, I'm not looking forward to it after this.

Guess Whom said...

Which exemption did you use? Religious or medical reasons.

x said...

Step one.


Blackdog said...

Lima, Ohio tank plant
General Dynamics produces the Abrams M1A1.

Management ordered all employees to take the clot shot or get fired.
40% of the workforce said "how about we just quit right now?"
The plant made an about face and will no longer require the death jab.

Anonymous said...

Aesop, Given that many DID submit to mRNA, due either to work or family pressure, do you know of any resources to assist the old meat suit with cleansing out the jab? Or is that an over and done, dance with the one you brung trip for those folks?


The Overgrown Hobbit said...


There is very good news out of Spain. Print it out, et it to your granny's doctor ASAP, because the hospitals are straight up killing people (too many perverse incentives).!po=34.9057

Haven't dug into NAC yet, but it is pretty safe if you can get your hands on it.

Aesop said...


1) I opted for a religious exemption. IANAL, But both the first Amendment, and black-letter case law, leave TPTB zero wiggle room on granting same. They must grant it, unquestioned (because their employers, not theologians nor comparative religion professors), or face a massive class-action lawsuit on federal civil rights violation grounds, and provide a reasonable accommodation. If I tell them the Satan, or the Flying Spaghetti Monster, or just my own personal deep-rooted morality, has revealed to me that the clot shot is evil, they haven't got a legal leg to stand on. If I go further, and demand my own $10K mobility scooter with HEPA filtration, they can claim undue burden, and fire me. But if I say I'm fine with weekly testing and wearing a mask (the exact state requirement), they're boned, and must acquiesce to my practice of my morality. QED

2) Any state or business that refuses to grant religious exemptions faces the Mother Of All First Amendment Lawsuits, which they will lose, in depth and detail, in perpetuity.
Period. Full stop. And anyone so impacted will retire on 8 figures, in short order.

3) Once you get the shots, you're boned. Choices have consequences, and once that sh*t is in you, it canot, AFAIK, be ever gotten out.

a) Next medical milestone: what happens to the transfusion blood supply? Do they test for the mRNA antibodies? Does the Red Cross get sued into non-existence the first time someone gets transfused blood from someone jabbed, and subsequently they die? (Oh, you can damn well bet that will happen, and it almost closed them out when HIV in the blood supply was a thing in the late '80s-early '90s).

b) The thing after that: wait until the long-term effects of the shot start turning up in the vaxxed. Cardiac issues, autoimmune disease, birth and fertility effects, etc., ad infinitum. Purebloods and Mudbloods aren't going to be just a Harry Potter reference, and if you think 100M unvaxxed are pissed off now, wait until 160M vaxxed are pisssed off then. The open question: When does "then" start to manifest en masse? A year? Two? More? Less? No one on the planet has any wild idea.

Echo Hotel said...

Glad to hear it, keep fighting!

Anonymous said...

I'm wondering about the non RNA shots, e.g. novavax, as I understand it, uses well established and proven techniques. Clearly the Pfizer and Moderna are catastrophically bad.

Anonymous said...

Check out nicotine.....Read somewhere nicotine might clean out your vax stored “spikes”.....
Like O+ blood types being 80% less likely to catch covid1984....Smokers too...


John Wilder said...

If we stick to our guns (literally and figuratively) we win.

Don't compromise. Don't surrender. If necessary, become ungovernable.

lpdbw said...

Good for you.

As for me, I'm still fired, since June 21. They denied my religious exemption, and I'll have to fight it in court.

I'm happy for you.

What's funny for me, in my IT job, is that in order to comply with testing, I'd have to come into a facility once per week. Which is once more, per week, than I've gone into a facility for 18 months.

Bear Claw Chris Lapp said...

Was thinking about you about the date yesterday and today. Congrats

Anonymous said...

I'm pretty curious how the non RNA vaccines stack up. It's hard to find much apart from "sources" pretending everything is fine, to people raising hell about the RNA ones. From what I've read Novavax uses techniques that've been around for decades for example.

Unknownsailor said...

Rumor has it that 20% of the entire SEAL contingent of Naval Special Warfare is telling their commanders that they won't be taking the clot shot, and that, my friends, is a very big deal. You can't grow SEAL manning fast without compromising standards or safety, as the SEAL entry training BUD/S has something likes an 80% attrition rate.

The threat of mass Dishonorable discharges is an empty threat, as a DD is only awardable via general courtmartial, and a general court is a trial, complete with lawyers, witnesses, a jury, and evidence. You are not going to run tens of thousands of general court martials, that is physically impossible.

It is a bluff, and everyone knows it. Even trying it tells the resistant that they are the ones calling the shots, and the powers that be are afraid.

Eric Wilner said...

Aside from long-term effects of one or two doses... what happens after a year or so of everyone being required to receive yet another dose of the same antigen every four months? How many will become sensitized, and have anaphylactic reactions to the next dose?
Also, what's the time lag between the dose of encapsulated mRNA and production of the actual antigen? Long enough for the reaction not to be officially connected to the shot?

robehr orinsky said...

The courts are against you . The orcs are against you . The medical management are against you . The regime is against you. Just wait a while and see what the next official mandate will be . The only box we have left is the cartridge box . Gallows must be built and those responsible must be publicly hanged while we and our children watch . Or voat more harder Ha!Ha!Ha!

T said...


Congrats on winning the battle. Here's to you winning the war...salute' (raises a glass of Samuel Adam's Oktoberfest Marzen).

My employer has made the Jab optional. However, they contract me out to another company.

THAT company has made the Jab mandatory by about the first of the year, or they will not allow me on their properties after that. They claim they will accept religious or medical exemptions for review. We'll see, several other workers are planning on trying that.

No word yet on their stance on persons who had COVID and recovered(acquired immunity), and there are numerous of their company employees and contractors who are in that category.

Tucanae Services said...

Saw a report that approx 72k medical staff in NY state are refusing The Jab. The Guv's response -- bring in the Nat Grd. Funny that choice as, even with the numbers unreported, the Nat Grd personnel office is having their own issues with The Jab too. To borrow an old 60's moniker -- What if someone called a medical emergency but nobody rallied?

But the call up is stupid on its face based on the numbers. There is roughly 440k Nat Grd members in the entire US. Being generous the NY Guv might have 50-60k of that number. Out of that base maybe a very generous 10% are med qualified personnel, 6k max. Good luck with that rotation.

Skyler the Weird said...

Just say Allah pfub does not allow foreign infidel substances into the bodies of the faithful.

Paul M said...

Always follow the money. This mandate Bravo Sierra is being driven by cash, with coercion for its receipt. Deals have been struck (elections matter, but those are fully toasted to charcoal as the grifter thieves have honed their game). Not a coincidence it appears every major operation has the same September 30th "get vax'ed or else" deadline.

Your commentary is spot on, and from the actual trenches, so validity stands.

Swede said...

My employer Anthem, is requiring that we register our vaccination statues as a condition of employment. About half the employees refused. I told them to pound sand, and I'm even a bigger ass than you. I refuse to ask for any sort of exemption (even though I agree with them all), simply because I refuse to acknowledge they have that sort of authority over me.

I don't expect to be employed much long, but this is the hill I've chosen to stand on. I'm not running.

irontomflint said...

This is a small victory! I don't want to take it away from anyone, BUT, we must push to force our employers to go BACK to .gov and tell them to back off. if they want employee retention, or even satisfied employees, they must stand up for the employees and tell .gov to pound salt; IF the employee wants the shot, fine, if not, that's fine too!! It isn't up to the Federales to worry about citizen's health- it is their job to protect our borders from illegal immigration.

Ruth said...

Tucanae, those Nat Guard peoples are often part time NG too, and I'mma bet that the medically trained ones are already working their asses off in that field, so even if they were all vax'd it'd be a major case of robbing peter to pay paul

kebie said...

Here's a possible vax cleanse posted as a pinned tweet at It sounds very similar to Covid Prophylactix, many of the same ingredients.

My company, Partly a Defense contractor, says they're developing their response on the December 8 deadline for vaxxing. Seems my 25 yr career is doomed. EVIL shit going on.

Plague Monk said...

What gets on my nerves are the comments from people I know who call me lazy for not going out and getting another position, either in my field of engineering design(big bucks!), or around minimum wage(Homeless Depot). I will not take the clot-shot, and that is required for both upper end positions and minimum wage jobs.
For crying out loud, even hobby shops and game stores are requiring potential employees to get the needle, at least in Ohio.
I'd like to do volunteer work, such as transporting patients for dialysis or chemo, guessed it: clot-shot required.
I don't see how things can go on much longer; I've been surprised that the shooty times haven't begun in earnest yet

Marty said...

I wonder if someone in the HR department has figured out that having a cadre of purebloods on staff might be a good thing because they know the jab will be killing or disabling the injected? and they will need someone left to turn off the lights and take down the flag.

Or maybe some of the folks in HR simply realize that it's dangerous and they wanted a waiver, but it would look bad if they were the only ones granted them

Reltney McFee said...

I'm settling in, and eagerly following the cluster foxtrot certain to unfold in NYFS. Either epic staffing shortfalls, or Gov. Stand in backs off with omelette on her face.

"GOD gave us this vaccine!"

it is to laugh!

Jonathan H said...

Around here, one hospital that is notoriously hard in staff is requiring it - surprise surprise, they are now even shorter on staff.
A couple of the large companies in the area are not requiring it at this point, but they are really glad if you give them exemption paperwork to have on file in case it's needed later. Of course, they know if they pushed the issue that they'd lose their employers to one of their local competitors.

Interestingly, as far as I can tell OSHA has NOT issued the Emergency Temporary Standard that Biden ordered them to, so the employer mandate is NOT in place yet...

As mentioned above, I don't think NYS has enough medical people in the National Guard to fill in for NYC, let alone the rest of the state - ignoring the fact that they are already in critical positions in their day jobs!