Saturday, September 18, 2021

FDA: COVID Vaxx = 71x more heart attacks

 h/t Vlad Tepes blog

(HOLY SHIT) This was an FDA livestream of an open virtual meeting their own officials and medical professionals, along with multiple other outside parties, from yesterday. This is a US Government-sponsored meeting:

"Herd immunity using the vaccine is impossible." 4:15:00ff

"The vaccine caused 71x more heart attacks in the vaccinated than any other vaccine." 4:20:00ff

"...vaccines, boosters, and mandates are all nonsensical." 4:21:00

"We killed two people to save one life." 4:21:30

"[The number of deaths per million doses administered - 411:1M] translates into about 150,000 people have died (from receiving the vaccine in just the U.S.)." 4:21:50ff

"The real numbers confirm that we kill more than we save." 4:22:00ff

"In the most optimistic study (for 90-year-olds) it means 50% of the vaccinated died, and 0% of the unvaccinated died." 4:22: 20

Read and watch TWT.

Most of that was from the presentation of Steve Kirsch, Exec. Director of COVID Early Treatment Fund.

This guy is throwing hand grenades out with the pins pulled, every 5 seconds, the kind of headlines that would get a newsreader from BFEgypt a featured position at 60 Minutes.

Presenter after presenter beat the vaxx pimps over and over about the dearth of proper testing protocols, and utter lack of actual scientific data for any of the claims to date made by them and TPTB.

The entire meeting left the reservation, and stayed there.

Direct YouTube link. Go to indicated timestamps. (It was an all-day 8-hour live virtual meeting.)

Do You GET IT Yet??

Anyone who thought otherwise has been well and truly had.

FTR, that 411:1M death:vaccine ratio means 157,000 US dead, which is over 25% of all US deaths reported and attributed to COVID. BTW, as was pointed out in the meeting, the Israeli COVID case and death spike, in a country with more than 80% vaxxed, correlates with increasing vaccinations, at exactly 1:1. The vaccine is the pandemic, and the killer.

Cat: Completely out of the bag. Game: Over.


LargeMarge said...

I get the impression from...
* California re-call election fraud
* every state and local elections fraud
* Afghan abandoned
* January 6th persecutions
* urban free-hand rioters
and a thousand others...
...I get the impression somebody is pushing us to see how far we will retreat.
I get the impression somebody wants us to show the courage of our Heritage.
I get the impression somebody hopes the producers prevail -- eliminating the useless eaters -- moving into a Second Renaissance.
Fresh new science, new music and art, new architecture... a complete new human race.
To accomplish this, we need to release the old, the comfortable.
To be the next generation of our greatness, we need to be uncomfortable for a while.

T-Rav said...

Wow. I went and watched a few minutes of the video, because my first thought was, "no way that was an actual FDA hearing where all that got said; Aesop and Vlad got fooled somehow."

Turns out what was being said was even worse than the excerpts.

I've been telling people who ask my thoughts on the vaccine that they have to decide what's right for them; I'm not going to tell them whether or not to get it. I think, in good conscience, I'm gonna have to start telling them their life may depend on not getting it.

GMay said...

The cat may be out of the bag, but this game is definitely not over.

Paul T said...

I hope someone has downloaded and edited up the key points before that video gets deleted into the memory hole.

The hospital system I am currently contracting with in Boston has mandated the vax for all employees, no exceptions, by October 15. So I will be leaving October 15 with no regrets. Currently they are bragging that they have 90% compliance with their mandate but I am wondering how well they are going to function when that other 10% walks out in a few weeks. And then when their vaccinated staff start experiencing some odd heart palpitations…

Anonymous said...

I used 4k video downloader to save all 8 hours to my local nas device...I have GB fiber and lots of storage...

I'm not a video editor, but can prolly cobble something together and get it disseminated...

SWVAguy said...

I wonder if these people will end up being arrested and never heard from again. The resident's patience is wearing thin you see. Especially with the truth.

Anonymous said...

FedGov employees and Contractors must be Vaccinated by Nov 22 or they face termination. These fools are all in on this shit

Federal contractor

Anonymous said...

these people believe in killing babies after they are born...this is not news...

but hopefully "normal" people will FINALLY WAKE THE F UP.


Thomas said...

It's always darkest before the dawn. And this pre-dawn we currently find ourselves in is the equivalent of a black hole's event horizon. We can't see the result until we take the irrevocable step to cross that threshold. But cross it we must.

Anonymous said...

That’s the open public hearing segment. Anybody can comment And say anything. It’s not their own officials

Aesop said...

No, it's not "anybody", nor can they say "anything". And inside officials and consultants were presenting as well.
And the vaxxholes still got the sh*t kicked out of them, again and again and again, by experts from the US, the UK, Israel, and everywhere else.

Jim Wetzel said...

Aesop, I'd like to hear your conjecture about the longer term. If the vaxxed live another ten years, let's say (or whatever you'd consider "long term"), what consequences are they looking at?

I'm not vaxxed, but practically everyone I know is. Including my Goodthinker spouse.

Anonymous said...

All from public comments Many of the presenters are qualified and have sufficient expertise. They say nothing really outrageous. 4:15 quote is probably correct and comes from a reasonably qualified person. All the others in the post( 420 and later) are from Steve Kirsh who is a digital money guy and is trying To get funding for existing drug treatments for covid. Despite the fact that he says he has no Financial Conflict of interest, he definitely appears to have one. Also he’s not educated in the field.

Dan said...

The 411:1M DRT ratio is peanuts. The 1:1,000 myocarditis rate Is horrid. Somewhere around 67% of those will die Within 5 years.

Aesop said...

@Anon 12:32
Actually, quite the opposite. Kirsch already made his pile. His fund is a charitable foundation paid for with Rockefeller bux. His motivation is pure altruism, AFAIK. And the studies he references weren't done on YouTube by 4Chan. So data, or there's nothing to say against it. Which was a point made by an ER MD a few minutes later: there's nothing for him to point to to quiet the anti-vaxxers, and it's an open secret. The Emperor is naked.

Old NFO said...

Damn... Thank you!

T said...

As of this AM, Sept 21, it's still up.

Probably would be too "messy" to take it down now, TPTB are probably hoping Joe & Jane Sixpack won't understand what's being said.

826,000 views so far. I was hoping that by now it would be 8-10 million views.

But.......lemmings will lemming......

Bear Claw Chris Lapp said...

FUCK. I read and watched some yesterday, came back today to see comments for even better understanding.

That and veritas stuff is some truly evil shit.