Sunday, September 12, 2021


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No Big Deal.

After all, what's 32,000 deaths and permanent disabilities, between friends, right? In just 9 months of trying.

So let's keep injecting it over and over, and double or triple or quadruple those numbers, forever.

For reference, in the '70s, when the Swine Flu vaccine was rolled out, it killed 53 people, and they pulled it immediately, and never spoke of giving it to anyone again. You could look it up.

FTR: 32,000 dead or crippled for life is only more vaccine deaths and disabilities than every other actually tested and approved vaccine in the History of Ever, since we've been keeping records, combined.

For a disease which, for the infected, has roughly a 98.4% survival rate, in the U.S., overall. And gets better the younger from age 80 you are.

And we still have no wild idea what this shot will do to people in 2, 3, 5, 10, or 20 years, nor to the next and all succeeding generations, and we won't know that for 1, 2, 4, 9, or 19 more years from now.

Just comply?!? Pfffft. Not bloody likely. Never, never, never, never, NEVER give up!


John Wilder said...

Youth are six times more likely to develop heart problems because of the jab than be hospitalized due to the 'Rona.

Baron Munchausen said...

I'm interviewing for a truck driver job tomorrow.
I will be closing the door on a 30+ year career in rural fire and EMS service. I'll be giving up a pension. Jeopardizing the delivery of EMS in my community. But after spending over half my life giving to this community, and all I get is a mixture of "Wear's your mask????" and my fat ass maggot governor ORDERING me to take the shot, my answer is, Goodbye. I will now make my choices based on what's best for me, not what's best for you. Best of luck.

LSWCHP said...

Some brain dead imbecile recently advised me in all seriousness that the long term effects of the mRNA vaxes were "minimal". I couldn't think of a coherent response.

Bear Claw Chris Lapp said...

"Never, never, never, never, NEVER give up!"

You left out ever. /sarc

I told that to a young person on saturday as it sounded like she needed it.

Ruth said...

I am not able to duplicate his data using the VEARS page? Not that the numbers I'm getting aren't high, they are, ALOT higher than every other vaccine listed, but his numbers are higher. I don't know if that means that he used different search parameters than I did, or if they're futzing the data.

Eric Wilner said...

But... but... the vaccine is totally safe! Everybody says so! Just a couple of days ago, I happened to be looking at the comments on a vaccine-related item at Powerline, and around 20% of the comments were from one guy (or at least one identity), driving home the message that the vaccine is absolutely, totally safe for everybody.
There's a word for that, isn't there? For a pharmaceutical product that's guaranteed safe for everybody? It's on the tip of my tongue. Gazebo? Spasibo? Something like that.

Oh, and you mustn't believe VAERS; it's all apocryphal. Heed instead a tear-jerker of a tale of someone who deeply regrets not getting vaccinated when he had the chance. Maybe even three such people! If that doesn't persuade you, what will?

Anonymous said...

Spot on. No change,no change, no change. Battery six in effect.
Your post helped me update the numbers; last I'd seen it was 13k total between death/disability. I'm old enough to remember Swine Flu (and others), we didn't have folks like you telling the truth but our guvdroids weren't nearly as criminal then. Thanks for this.
Boat Guy

Glen Filthie said...

HAR HAR HAR! You fuckin' lying fuck. I was right about you being full a shit about crapcopters dropping bombs and killing us all. I was right when you started screaming about how we were all gonna die from ebola. And now you're backpeddling on the chinkpox.

How the Marines got anything out of you, I will never know. Where you an affirmative action recruit, Aesop? HAR HAR HAR!!!

Stealth Spaniel said...

Have you seen this video of nurses speaking out?

Quite interesting-most of the patients are vaxxed and most die. This method of "medically treating" people is witch doctor worthy. I'm praying for you and all the folks who have spent a lifetime keeping the children,sick, elderly, and frail still breathing while lesser beings impune every part of your character.

C said...

I've had the Covidians at the try to argue me to death at the local hospital. All of them pestering me into getting the vax. I'm not a medical professional, but none of them had a good response for my reasoning for not getting it:

1) I wash my hands compulsively. Even if they're not dirty. I do it randomly some times.

2) I name a huge effort not to touch my face. Even if I do I wash my hands first. If you don't you might as well be licking doorknobs, toilet seats, etc.

3) I don't let people violate my personal space. Even before the Shanghai Shivers I'd tell people to GTFO of my face and speak up if needed.

4) I already take vitamins daily. Thanks to the shitty genes my grandfather cursed my with. Psoriasis is a real bitch.

5) I'm not a 600lb land whale, a three pack a day coughing hacking tar filled skeleton, or undisciplined diabetic who's okay with having a scooter instead of feet.

6) I try to exercise and eat healthy on a daily basis. Mostly because I don't want to be anything listed in group five. Currently cutting everything with high amounts of sugar out of my diet. No more soda, candy, etc. Sweet tea was gone last year. Glucose levels were a little too high last time I gave blood (170). This coupled with my grandparents shitty genes cemented my plan to cut out sweets entirely.

7) I'm only 34 at 5'9" 176lb with a clean bill of health and an significant other nine years my junior. While I can't do anything about staying 34 I can keep everything else.

Aesop said...

Any illiterate baboon is free to access the internet, but you're abusing the simian privilege.

I never said "crapcopters" were going to "drop bombs and kill us all". I said COTS drones could be weaponized. They have been. So you were wrong on that one.

I never "started screaming about how we were all going to die from Ebola".
I said it was going to get to the U.S. I said we had no capability to deal with it in the average hospital. I said there were only 11 hospital beds in all of North America where we could treat it properly. And I said the CDC's plans and protocols wouldn't work, and it would be a disaster for anyone who tried them.

It got to the U.S.
We filled 10 of those 11 beds with Ebola patients.
The one hospital that tried to handle Ebola in the U.S that wasn't a designated BL-IV hospital, after strictly following the CDC's protocols, managed to infect two ICU nurses in exactly 21 days, which is the same rate Ebola multiplies in the wild, with no protection.
And as a result, that 900+-bed hospital was evacuated, had zero patients, had tons of hazmat that no one would take from them, and they had to close entirely for months, and nearly went bankrupt. The two nurses infected, both young and in their 20s, are completely disabled for life, and will never work again, and their lives were ruined.
And if we'd had even two more active cases of Ebola in the US, that would have been repeated in every hospital in every city, exactly as promised.
So both you, and Anthony Fauci, got that 100% wrong, and I got it all 100% right.
Every word I posted then is still searchable on this blog, so maybe you can find someone literate to read it to you.

I haven't "backpedalled" on Kung Flu. You keep using that word, but you don't know WTF it means.
Kung Flu remains between 10x-30x more lethal than annual flu.
The overall US average is 16 times worse. i.e. a 1.6% death rate.
I told you - or rather, I told people who can read and comprehend English - that it would have a lethality of between 1% and 5%, with an average, with no precautions, of 3%. In Hawaii, it seems to have stopped at about 0.9%. In NJ and NFY, it was killing at 2.8% and 2.9%. And with nationwide work and school closures, masking, etc., that was doing a helluva lot more than "nothing". So my 3% guesstimate was right on the fucking money.
(For reference, in Canada, it's 18x worse, and in Mexico it's 76x worse).
So once again, you're wrong. Color me shocked.

BTW, since they don't get good info up north, just the CBC, you should be aware that the Marines don't do affirmative action, dipshit. Never have, never will. You have to earn the title. Being from Canuckistan, maybe you could ask Prince Edward how that works out in the Royal Marines, where it's pretty much the same policy: no deadweights or poofters.

The reason you're not nearly as funny to anyone else as you are to yourself, is that you missed the day where they explained that the essence of actual comedy is truth. So maybe if you stopped trying to crack jokes about how wrong people were about the Titanic, the Hindenburg, or Mt. Vesuvius around 79 A.D., you'd be able to stumble over an occasional punchline, without it being you. Just mentioning that as a thought you might consider.

So maybe do yourself a favor, and stop pulling your pants down on the internet and slapping your asscheeks in public, as if that display was sheer comedy brilliance. It's the exact root of the word "embarrassing".

Best wishes on your ongoing journey to the Emerald City; no matter what you think, I'm still hoping the Wizard can get you a brain.

T-Rav said...

Is VAERS an accurate metric? I had seen some people arguing the cases they use for their numbers aren't properly documented, or something like this. 9/10 it's just vaxxer propagandists wanting to discredit the site, but I was wondering if you think it is solid in fact.

Reltney McFee said...

Sadly, even placebo is not "completely safe" for "everyone". In any sufficiently large clinical trial, some percentage of the control group will become ill, at some level of "ill", due to the effects of the placebo.

Aesop said...


You can state with absolute confidence and truthfulness that VAERS data is as accurate as COVID data.

Game. Set. Match.

NIdahoCatholic said...

God Bless and protect you and your family.

pyrrhus said...

Only one in ten side effects gets reported, according to Dr. McCullough and his sources, so the problem is undoubtedly far larger...

Robin Datta said...

One alternate way to search the internet is to use a less prominent browser and a less prominent search engine inside it.

For example, use the duckduckgo or the Start Page browser. Use the or inside the browser (or any of many others). Search for VAERS data.

Here is an example of what I got:

Start Page has an IOS browser. If it does not have a winows browser, one can try the Brave browser, the Onion browser or the browzaar browser (among many others).

Anonymous said...

You should make them fire you.
You should not retreat, as there is nowhere to run to.
There is no salvation to be found on the road.
That motherfucker Bert

Mark said...

Allow me to be Devil's Advocate (for the record, I got the jabs because it seemed a good idea at the time, at age 58 my reproductive future is nil, and so far I've seen no bad side affects. 20+ years from now I've a good chance of being dead from something anyway, so...)

Not saying I'm doing anything but blowing smoke, and please take this as an honest question and not trolling.

During the early roll-out of the Fauci Ouchy, the only people who could get it were those in high-risk categories (over 65 or with chronic health issues). The same people likely to die of Chinkflu. The same people with a higher chance of death or health problems, even without the Jab or the Bug. How many of those side affects are really just time, age and illness taking its toll on the vulnerable. Likewise, the young people with heart issues, how many actually got the shot because they already had heart issues?

We ran into the same issues with Covid mortality rates, how many of the people who died of Covid would've died of something else in the same time-frame? And of course the numbers were inflated by intentionally sending Covid patients to places just chock full, by definition, of vulnerable people.

What I'm asking is, is it correlation or causation? Is this something we CAN know from the data available? I understand that we have the data that we have, and don't have what we don't, but I've spent a 35+ year career in data processing, and a big part of my job is figuring out what conclusions we can draw from the data we collect.

Mind you, despite having gotten the shots and having the documentation to prove it, I've already decided that if my employer insists upon seeing said documentation they're going to get two notices, one being my two-weeks notice, the other a notice telling them I'm taking two week's vacation and they can fire me if they don't like it. They have no right to that information. (Not really a big sacrifice on my part honestly, since I'm going to retire in January anyway).

Only time will tell if the shots were a bad idea for me, since I can't get un-shot now.

Mark D

Anonymous said...

This is the all-cause mortality after covid vax? What is the all-cause without vax? And the diff would have to be age adjusted as older folks are more likely to get the vax.

Nick Flandrey said...

Only one in ten side effects gets reported, according to Dr. McCullough and his sources, so the problem is undoubtedly far larger...

--I'd bet it's lower than that. I asked a large group of people if ANY of them had reported their adverse effects and not one person had. I haven't. My wife didn't. NO ONE I know who had adverse effects reported them.

So I'd bet one in one thousand would be high.

BTW, thanks to Aesop, and his coverage of ebola, I prepped for a pandemic lockdown, 45 days minimum, aiming for six months. This past 18 months has been about as normal as the outside world would let it be. Anything I wanted or needed I had covered, mainly thanks to Aesop and this blog. My family never wanted for anything, and we never worried we wouldn't have 'enough' of anything. General prepping picked up any gaps and provided a base level here in hurricane country, but the pandemic preps sure paid off in spades. We never even got into most of them, outside of the PPEs and disinfectants.

If you made it thru just fine without any preps, hooray for you. I'll keep prepping so that I don't have to stress about wiping my ass or feeding my kids.


Aesop said...

@Anonymous 8:55AM,

No. Pay attention:
That's the reported deaths, according to VAERS, as a direct consequence of the vax. It has Jack and Shit to do with "all causes". It's the reported number of people who died, or suffered new, unexplained serious disability, shortly after receiving it.
E.g., healthy fit 20-somethings who have a heart attack out of the blue after receiving it, and then die. And as noted in earlier comments, only those who reported the incident, which is a fraction of likely total actual cases.
The lack of any official interest in following those reports, with a view to determining what's happening, up is gobsmacking. Except to note that if you don't follow up with an investigation, you never find any problems.

"10. If you don't check a temperature, you can't find a fever." - Laws of The House Of God, a legendary medical fiction work

And follow the link. I only excerpted deaths and permanent disabilities, which outstrip those reported from every other vaccine known to mankind since we started keeping records. Kindly stop trying to explain away such a wildly anomalous mountain of adverse events. You're peeing on everyone's heads, and telling them it's just rain.

Aesop said...


Some 100M+ people are apparently fully vaccinated in the U.S. Trying to palm off all the VAERS stats on "just the sickest" is a dog that simply won't hunt. See my comments to Anon above. The lack of any interest, scientific or media, in investigating the actual adverse effects, and getting more precision on the data, is breathtakingly egregiously horrible. It's like trying to explain Thalidomide-babies-as-normal-birth-defects bad. For years. It's worse than telling 2M Vietnam vets that there was no evidence that Agent Orange had side effects. Until they all mostly died off. Except using it in city parks and crops here, the whole time, and putting it in children's vitamins too. It's that bad, and worse. Right this minute.

And no small part of my own refusal (one point among about 97) is that once I get the shots, I can't have that shit sucked back out of me later on if it turns out to be one of History's Most Monumental Bad Ideas.

1* isn't just for cops.
If you get one chance to not fuck up my life, I'm going to treat a minimally-bad virus conservatively, which plan has worked, to date, at halitosis-range to the most virulently-infected COVID patients, with a 100% success rate, for going on 18 months, and counting.
And it doesn't include untested, experimental gene-mutating therapy with a conga-line of corpses that's 20 times higher than 9/11. perpetrated by the CDC and the FDA, with the active frothing-mad support of Gropey Dopey and the entire MSM pile of shitheads.

We blew up two countries for twenty years for 5% of this level of death and destruction, and this time, we're doing it to ourselves.

If some SAC pilot went rogue and nuked D.C. over this, he should be made SecDef the next day, and have a MoH pinned on his chest, with oak leaf clusters.

The prosecution rests.

The Overgrown Hobbit said...


I prefer to deal with a salty man of integrity, who is, as we all are, sometimes wrong* than a simpering po-faced nice boi** who is wrong by the numbers.

Those ebola posts probably saved my beloved elder's life. His willingness to give-and-take helped me find a working solution for local folks who could not mask (ethics, asthma, etc.). Not his fault if I'm slow.

And if Current Year's [Effluia Spectacle] hasn't given you a taste of what will happen when the wrong DRC ebola patient makes it to Mexico...

Speaking of my first 'graph Mr. Aesop, what's the straight dope on recet CDC treatment protocols? Are they used as quick kills for people unfortunate enough to trigger a positive result on a hypersensitive PCR? Are your docs denying inhaled steroids (frex) to coronadoom-tagged patients? Skipping flu and staph swabs, ditto? What's the news on the ground?

*Behold the power of cotton compels you! Gilligans who can't be trusted to wash their hands after wiping their fundaments won't make a mockery of mask rules. Like communism and gun control, masking only works *if everyone does it perfectly*

**Not implying that's you, Mr. GF.

Will said...

According to Israeli figures, Just shy of 97% of covid deaths are of those already vaxxed. They have the worlds highest vaxx numbers, at this point.

No numbers, but it was reported that an IVF clinic has found that if either partner has had the vaxx, they have a 100% failure rate in fertilization attempts.

Again, no numbers, but someone at a hospital reported that miscarriage numbers have skyrocketed.

These were noted on Vox Days blog not too long ago, but since blogger has trashed his site, his replacement site's search function can't seem to find these posts. Well, I can't.

Ken said...

If I am faced with a mandate, I will make them fire me. We need to resist, not run.

Ken said...

Aesop, you can diss a troll like nobody else.

Aesop said...

Every cat has to sharpen its claws occasionally.

SWvaguy said...

Glen brought a knife to a heavy artillery barrage.