Wednesday, September 29, 2021

Non futuis militae-Nautae


We read where some folks commenting are all doom-and-gloom worried about the future prospects of Lt. Col. Scheller, USMC.

Bitch, please.

As if.

The way you "protect" someone like this, with balls the size of church bells, is hand him a bayonet, and then get out of his way.

The conga line of Alan Dershowitz-level lawyers that will take his case pro bono will take what he said once, in a YouTube vid, and turn it up to 11, straight outta Spinal Tap, and make his original video indictment of The System like the Rodney King beating: on TV, 24/7/365, and the Corps won't be able to shut up fast enough to get both their collective feet out of their mouth. They're about to create their own Billy Mitchell, and they'll never get that genie back into the bottle. It's going to haunt them for a hundred years.

If they were smart, they'd simply drop all charges, separate him from service post-haste, and grant him a full pension, and hope he just goes off and plays golf. But they're not that smart.

Even after the baked in "guilty on all counts" verdict comes back, this will get appealed, and overturned, and the minute this guy picks a place to settle down, he'll be the next freshman congressman from BFEgypt, and even the DNC won't have enough voter fraud to block his election in a landslide.

Two terms, which he'll win without breaking a sweat, and he's got a congressional pension-for-life, and gold-plated everything until he dies.

And he's going to end up being the guy throwing molotov cocktails on the House Armed Service Committee every day he's there, and raking those same perfumed princes over the coals, and sticking a pitchfork in their guts and twisting it, for as long as he feels the urge. Probably only for another 20 years or so, on national TV.

It won't matter if nothing changes, because for him their agony is The Mission.

Unimaginable stress, pressure, and heat is what turns charcoal into diamonds.

The smartest thing the Corps could have done was ignored him. Everything not that they're doing to him is throwing jet fuel on a raging bonfire, and then trying to beat the flames out with their own dicks.

And that's before he writes the inevitable best-selling non-fiction book abut the whole thing, which immortalizes this in print forever.

This is what happens when, institutionally, you've promoted the biggest ass-kissing Courtney Massengale crayon-eaters to the senior positions, which mega-douchbaggery was exactly what he called them out on.

His position, right now, is about the same one as that of the 1st Marines surrounded by five Chicom regiments at the Chosin Reservoir in 1950: I pity the poor bastards who've surrounded him. He's going to eat their hearts for lunch, and hand them their asses back on a platter by the time this is all over, and they'll wish their mothers had never met their fathers.

And then, 5 million current and former Marines - pissed as hell about how badly fucked up their beloved Corps has become - are going to help him pile on. Semper Fidelis, motherfuckers. Scheller is OURS, not yours, and in trying to fuck with one of OURS, you've stepped on your dicks hard this time. You're going to regret that once, and that one time will be permanently, forever.

For the Common Core grads out there, tell the class how dragging Ollie North before Congress, making him testify, and then trying to crucify him in public has hurt either his life or career prospects since 1987, last time you looked. Non futuis militae-Nautae: Don't fuck with Marines.


Paul Chappell said...

Not just the USMC of course in the "annoyed at the treatment, will follow this person regardless going forward" camp. Just one of those silly ex-GI types myself...

Anonymous said...

Too many folks suffer from the idea that Amerika (spelling Intentional) still has RULE OF LAW.

The Scum currently in Charge HAVE NO HONOR.

They will not tolerate a potential George Washington to become a threat to their slimy *hitty lives.

They know We will recoil in Horror IF perchance they Happen to Find "Child Porn" on "His Laptop" or if they are incredibly Stupid He will Like Epstein, Commit "Suicide" with out any Video to confuse the facts.

I am PRAYING some folks WITH HONOR inside the system will keep him from such shame until the Courts-martial and your scenario plays out to the HORROR of the Scum In Charge.

The Toilet Bowl also known as the District of Criminals needs a cleaning.

ga6 said...

1/5 2/3 8th comm 1960-1965 Where do I send $$$$.

Make Mine Texas said...

I don’t think we’re nearly as fooled by the “child porn on his computer” thing as we used to be. The biggest weakness these fools have is their lack of imagination. When was the last time you were horrified by a mass shooting? They barely rate a flicker these days, but the dumbasses keep trying them.

Jess said...

I worked with a former Marine that was at Chosin Reservoir. He never said much, but it was apparent to give him a reason was probably a death sentence for anyone crossing him, or his family.

Regardless of how this turns out, a huge mistake was made. If not handled the right way, former military personnel will not be kind to those they perceive as traitors to the United States.

libertyman said...

An interesting perspective and I think you are right.
Look at the pathetic testimony of Milley, Austin and McKenzie for contrast.
Maybe there is some hope after all.

Some guy said...

Once an Eagle?

Novel, Mini-Series, or the really bad truncated mini-series?

Jester said...

I agree with a lot that you said, and there are a lot of Army folks that would gladly go side by side with those Marines. I do think though this was a hand forced, and he got lucky it went so viral so fast. Unlike the pig of a "troop" that was tick tocking about going door to door to enforce things, they did not have the choice to ignore this and quietly force him out. Ill explain why I think so.

Its clear the rot from the left/marxists/commies is probally nearly every General/Admiral. But to have someone go off like he did and not just be asked to leave but leave unscathed would never happen. They will indeed double down on everything but they can't have someone that speaks to the rank and file troops out there, or they would have an insurection all the more of everyone that has any guts in the service doing it thinking it would not be punished. Oh I also agree they have already lost and made the mistake but they would not let this stand and I think he knew that. It will also flush out exactly who is on what side I feel before this is all done. They had that option or to engage like they did. Either way he is on the high ground and has caused them to badly over extend themselves. Just my thoughts from someone that did a bit of time in the Army.

kebie said...

Not sure if true, but saw tweet that raised $800k for him in 2-3 days.

kebie said... is a link to the Pipehitters.Org site and story on Scheller

kebie said...


Night driver said...

As I have maintained on a blog or 2, his current strategic (and Tactical) Position is camped in a big-assed canvas TOC Tent SQUARELY pitched in the center of their OODA Loop.
They have NO IDEA how to get TO him, as he has them totally outmaneuvered.

Night Driver

Skyler the Weird said...

Courtney Massengale. It's been awhile since I read "Once an Eagle".

GMay said...

I've been busy chasing other political rabbits down other political rabbit holes? What are they doing to the good LtCol now?

Anonymous said...

Your quote, "The smartest thing the Corps could have done was ignored him. Everything not that they're doing to him is throwing jet fuel on a raging bonfire, and then trying to beat the flames out with their own dicks.," is precisely correct.

They are incapable of thinking tactically, much less strategically. They aren't smart. As you say, they could have stalled his resignation, (they take time), and transferred him to some backwater assignment, like 29 Palms or Barstow, where he could live out his remaining months counting trucks.

No subtlety, direct assault! Haven't they been reading Jackass Mattis's reading list? Aren't they the second coming of Clausewitz?

No wonder they dicked around for 20 years and allI we got was this failure. They are incapable of anything else.

Anonymous said...

One wonders what sort of fallout that pogue E-9 from the space police got for trying to intimidate Tucker Carlson a few months back. Mildly worded email? Probably not even that
Boat Guy

Bear Claw Chris Lapp said...

Damn Aesop. That's why I come here. My aged non veteran brain would not think of that perspective. Thank you for that and now its in thousands of thought processes and growing. Good on ya and Semper Fi if you don't mind me saying that.

troy said...

Tucker Carlson said the first thing TPTB did in response was to force him to undergo a mental health evaluation. If you ask me, that signals what their plan is: they are going to suicide him. The mental health check lays the groundwork for it-- when he is discovered in his cell with multiple "self-inflicted" gunshot wounds to the back of his head, the media and "independent fact-checkers" will be able to say that he was undergoing mental health treatment immediately prior to his "suicide" and that settles it.

Meanwhile, it is amazing to me (in a bad way) that Gen. Milley can call up his fellow Communists in China and provide them with details of U.S. military plans and operations whenever he feels it would be appropriate to do so, and no one in the halls of power seems to think that this is a problem. Like, if China had invaded Taiwan after the election and President Trump had sent such-and-such carrier battle group to Taiwan to deal with it, Milley would have got on the phone with his masters in Beijing and told them, here are the details of the force that's coming for you and here are their coordinates and ETA. Do as you will. And Milley not only doesn't deny that but is proud of it.

Yet somehow Milley the admitted traitor is not punished while LTC Scheller, a true patriot, is. Insanity.

Avalanche said...

"The smartest thing the Corps could have done was ignored him"

I agree -- but think it is no longer possible (at the moment? till the EMP/CME?) for any dishonorable group in power to "just ignore." There is the web. There are literally MILLIIONS of Americans (and foreigners for that matter) who are fed the hell up. There are even the beginnings of samizdat to PROTECT our connections if the web is taken from us.

If they had just accepted his resignation and let him go; the 'virality' of this would STILL have blown up! "SJWs Always Double Down" (excellent follow-on book to "SJWs Always Lie" -- go read both! Then read Wm Lind's 4th Generation Warfare Handbook and do NOT fight the previous wars!) teaches us that BECAUSE they can neither see the likely results of their perverted actions, nor IMAGINE what we non-commie, non-idiot patriots think and feel -- and hold allegiance to -- they don't get that there IS a red line. There IS a point of no-return, no survival for them!

Read recently, really like this:

The recidivism rate for commies is 100%.
The recidivism rate for dead commies is 0%.

Not urging violence. Just drawing a thought-boundary for consideration.
Old, cranky, creaky Navy; but I'll join the line too!

Skyler the Weird said...

I read somewhere there are more Admirals than the Navy has ships. When did we become Austria-Hungary?

Anonymous said...

I disagree. As soon as LTC clicked that “post” button, it would be impossible for TPTB to ignore him, because that was his first salvo. He has spent his entire career fighting “against all enemies” and it appears “domestic enemies” are now his focus. He is no stranger to combat. I am guessing his only regret is that he has only one life he can give?

Cougfan said...

This is how you create Presidential candidates from outside the 'system' who achieve spectacularly great results for the country, and devastate the political system responsible for his persecution.

I need some more popcorn to watch this'n.

Ken said...

Extra extra points for the Massengale reference.

John Wilder said...

We don't have the time for him to be elected to Congress . . .

Anonymous said...

His fund raiser is now north of 2 million dollars on an average of $73 a donation. That's true grassroots support. I donated myself and I concur with the analysis... This guy is going to congress and maybe there he'll be able to force some accountability from the feckless cowards wearing stars they don't deserve.

show me one socialist success in world history said...

I'm with you on your entire sentiment, Bear. Aesop's thinking is head and shoulders above the majority of men and I am grateful to be in the audience.

I was Army myself decades ago, but Semper Fidelis all.

GMay said...

Looks like Scheller might not be a very clear thinker. Decided to spout his mouth off about Trump in ways that show he decided to drink the media's kool-aid, then when he got serious backlash he tried to walk it back a little. Sorry, no dice dumbass.

Trump didn't divide the country, moron, and your self-contradictory statements on the matter don't clear up your foot-in-mouth disease. I knew there was an issue with this guy when I saw how he went about this. Now it's confirmed. He wants to shit on the guy that 75M people voted for? Who, precisely-the-fuck did he think just sent his grifting ass $2M? It sure wasn't Biden supporters. Guy just kissed his political ambitions goodbye.

Says he doesn't want or need help. Good, chump don't want no help, chump don't get no help. I only wish I could get my $25 back.

Michael said...

GMay ever hear of Propaganda? The Scum that BE don't want a George Washington to rise up.

Unless you heard it with your own ears I suspect EVERYTHING on the news and internet as probable mindfuckery. QUOTES can be altered, taken out of context, even just FAKED, EVEN by "Our Own News Folks".

Trump isn't a Saint, or a Minor Deity, he's Trump. Are WE so SNOWFLAKE that anything said that hurts our Weedle Feeeelings makes us dump someone that ACTUALLY SHOWED some BALLS and Resigned in PROTEST over Afghanistan demanding ACCOUNTABILITY of the SCUM IN CHARGE?

LOOK AT HIS ACTIONS not the probably mishandles words your so cherish.

GMay said...


Please. That's called wishcasting. Dude posted it on his own Facebook account. FB might suck, but they didn't go in and alter his post to a point where he would come on the next day and say he didn't quite mean it the way he clearly meant it. I agree with what Scheller did, but he did it stupidly. And now he's just lashing out, probably because he realized he handled it the wrong way - public statement before resigning.

He knew it was the wrong way to do it, and put himself and his family in long term jeopardy, because they're going to drop the hammer as hard as they can pour encourager les autres. All that cash isn't going to be able to buy him a good enough lawyer to avoid it. He'll never be able to hold office, and finding a job will be difficult, because getting busted to E-1 with a Big Chicken Dinner tends to have that effect. You think they tossed his ass in the brig for out-processing?

And he just took a dump on the one guy (and by extension his supporters) who'd be able to make it go away if he manages to get elected again. It's time to come to grips with the possibility that Scheller isn't the brightest bulb on the Christmas tree.

Marty said...

I had an uncle who was at the Chosin Reservoir. One of dad's brothers. The only thing he ever said about it in the one time I heard him mention it was that the only ones who drove out were the drivers and the dead.
Later I read about what happened there and it was gut wrenching thinking about what he went through.

And now thinking about it, how Dad and two of his brothers went off to ostensibly fight Communists over there so we wouldn't have to fight them over here, and how not only are they over here, but they took over the government. That really just pisses me off.

I surely miss all three of hem, but in a way I'm glad they are not around to see what their former county has turned into

Michael said...

GMay you formulated your well thought out ideas from information from Feces Book?

Well DONE Sir. After all Mark Zuckerberg is a WELL known purveyor of PURE Truth and the AMERICAN WAY.

His high sense of morals would NEVER allow any psyops or omissions or even "Heavens Forbid" allowing others to write your screes.

Maybe the Lt. Col is a jerk, I wonder if ANYONE will pass the social media (Controlled by Socialists BTW) Purity test for Patriots.

Michael said...

Sorry GMay I sent an incomplete message.

I notice your of the opinion that we NEED a Politician to VOTE HARDER and get in to fix our ailing Republic (currently in ICU).

The swamp's pretty deep, it swallowed President Trump and faked an election in plain sight to get a Sock Puppet "elected" to speak ONLY what His HANDERS ALLOW Him to Say.

As a history Buff I do not recall George Washington and friends Voting the British out of our new Country.

Maybe you could consult Social Media and find my thoughts incorrect? I don't mind being corrected by factual well thought out ideas.

SFTOBEY said...

@Marty: My dad's family had 5 brothers in WWII. My Dad himself was On Okinawa, April 1st, 1945. Yes, "April Fools Day". 6th Marine Div. 29th. He died back in Aug. of 2001. And although I still miss him, yes, I'm glad that he's not around to see what has happened to his beloved country.