Thursday, September 9, 2021

Ah. So.

 h/t  Wilder

What cannot continue, won't.


millerized said...

Damned if he didn't piss off the right people. Got a security warning, 'this site blocked' and had to reset/remove the s from the http to get to a 'proceed anyway' page. Clicked and 'in' at that point.

Joseph said...

No real justification for this mandate, esp. as a large part of the population has been vaxxed, and slowly continues to do so. I think this is a case of TPTB want to show their power.
One of my favorite Japanese art prints, by the way.

John Wilder said...

millerized: Wow! What software is blocking it???

Bear Claw Chris Lapp said...

I use safari and the last three links two said can't open and the last one was filled with this.

gݬ ⤗� q6��CV�U��T H�2���j� �+ �! ��� \�& �] �� �48�� J� q| �$�&� �M�AƶH� ��z },z { '�CkIH&��xܪ���s%� �X�y-��r�� ��F��M�+�f�g_ *�F�� 3>��:?`����� 1.���� ��K� �qȩ�Ȟ��׆��"[ �w�xֽOh�$��u��I�x�`Աܭ�)楶��� (����]Ш �~��,���1 �7,�ţ~

on the whole page. lately when I go to Phil's place wordpress says, unsupported browser. Yes I am behind on updates but that is new and new updates may contain things I do not like. It gives you the option to continue on which worked until yesterday but I just kept clicking on different things till it freed me to comment

Bear Claw Chris Lapp said...

Damn just got the same on Wilders blog. Connection dropped

Michael said...

Bear Claw might be your computer I am getting ALL of Raconteur's sites just fine.

Your missing an excellent Wilder btw. :-)