Tuesday, September 14, 2021

Remedial Lecture: Talking Turkey

There have been some objections raised to the last few posts. Some legitimate, and some asinine. I won't call out names or assign categories to anyone. I appreciate you all. Generally.

Don't be the exception.

What part of "Kindly wake the fuck up, pull your heads out of your asses, and pay attention" that goes unstated in all this didn't come through your own personal 1MC? Would a chalk talk or crayon-illustrated lecture have helped at some point? Are you accessing the internet via satellite, from a deserted tropical island with a population of 1? Were you dropped on your head as an infant, with an alcoholic birth mother, and fed and raised on a diet of lead paint chips?

Just asking.

I'm going to break this down personally, and then generically. We'll see if the penny ever drops for you. There will be pictures. Because as drill instructors patiently explained time and again, there are no stupid questions, only stupid people.

1) There are something above 100+M people fully vaccinated in this country. It may be substantially higher than even that. The VAERS data is self-reported adverse affects. The number of actual adverse effects is probably 20 times higher than the number actually reported to VAERS. There is no mandatory requirement for anyone to report anything, and yes, anyone can submit a report. That's a feature, not a bug, in normal times, among people with average IQ.

Listen to Casey.

2) If you're going to throw out the VAERS data on the basis that the enormous number of reported sudden deaths, permanent disabilities, etc., are only to the sickest, who would have stroked out and died anyways, show your work. That means, Gentle Readers, if all you've got is pulling that excuse out of your underpants, because you have zero actual data, Shut The Fuck Up, and Sit Your Ass Back Down, In The Corner, With Your Dunce Cap Firmly Affixed To Your Head. The smart people are having a class you evidently don't wish to attend.

3) "But Aesop, there is no data to bring forth, because no one's made even a cursory effort to investigate a trail of dead and maimed bodies stacked FIFTEEN TIMES higher than 9/11, and OVER TWICE AS HIGH AS THE LAST TWO U.S. WARS COMBINED." Congratulations, you may take off your Dunce Cap, return to your seat, and rejoin the class already in progress. That little nag is exactly the problem, for a group of vaccines with more adverse deaths and permanent disabilities reported upon receiving it than pretty much every vaccine in human history, as long as records have been kept of them, combined.

4) Getting personal, I'm looking at potentially losing my job in a couple of weeks. On the face, a minor inconvenience. I've quit, been furloughed, downsized, and outright fired before, so this wouldn't ordinarily be anything more than an inconvenience. Typically, anytime since 2000, one lasting maybe a day. But not this time.

5) My idiot governor, who I just heartily voted to recall, but whom I expect will survive such attempt, after winning somewhere between 147% and 218% of the registered voters' votes in this latest sham election, has arrogated medical expertise, and decreed that every health care worker in the state shall be vaccinated. Which means if I lose my job at Ghetto General Hospital, I can't skip over to Callous Bastard Health Corp, or Nail The Doors Shut HMO and start work tomorrow. Not anywhere in 57 counties from Oregon to the Mexican border.

6) My original plan for that eventuality was to apply for work in Las Vegas, or Phoenix, a mere 400 miles away, and three or four nights out of seven, still be sleeping in my own bed right here, without a hiccup. Chances of getting hired either city, with my skills and experience, normally? It'd take about 15 minutes' time.

7) But then, Senile Gropey Dopey Joe told Gov. Gabbin' Nuisance , "Hold My Beer!", and announced the Califrutopian-stupid mandate would now be applied everywhere, coast-to-coast, for every health care worker, at any facility receiving Medicare or Medicaid federal funds (HINT: That's EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM, IN THE NATION), and extended that mandate to every federal employee, and every employee of any company or corporation with more than 100 workers. Military, cops, firemen, doctors, nurses, techs, engineers, truck drivers, plumbers, clerks, janitors, waitresses, and people who work at McDonald's and Starbucks, nationwide, for the entire 80M or so unvaxxed. No exceptions. No exemptions. Get the vaxx, of get f**ked, because Uncle sez so. AS IF he, or anyone, even an actual elected president, had any such right to say so.

8) And I can't fly commercial. I'm not supposed to cross state lines. And they're talking about denying me permission to shop, even to buy groceries, or do anything else in public, with the dwindling money I'm no longer allowed to earn, anywhere, nationwide. And that's true now for every one of the unvaxxed and intransigent, or will be very, very soon.

9) In short, 80M people, most of whose bank accounts are rather severely drawn down after the last 18 months of economic devastation, are supposed to either submit to vaxx-rape, or stay home and quietly starve, after being evicted, or sitting in a home with no water, no power, no gas, no heat or A/C, after having anything they owe a payment on repossessed, as they and their families starve quietly, meekly, and submissively, while waiting for eviction for non-payment of property taxes, or living under a shopping cart by the overpass.

No points for figuring out what I'll actually be doing, if all other options are precluded.

And just like in this picture, it's going to be a group effort.

10) Because we need to protect those precious people vaccinated one, two, three times and more, from people like me, completely uninfected and untouched by the virus or the vaccines. Because science, bitchez.

11) And those 80M will next be, ...what? Rounded up and put in quarantine camps for the uninfected, to make the rest of you feel better about yourselves, like in Oz? Fed and tended in a modern-day Theresienstadt, until such time as it becomes too costly for government largesse, or simply inconvenient, and no one's looking, so let's give them all a nice shower, and a dirt nap?

"Oh Noes!!!! The American government would NEVER round up American citizens and put them in distant concentration camps, and mistreat them, purely out of hatred and for convenience's sake!!!"

America's BTDT. Pull the other one; it's got bells on it.

12) And faced with this exact prospect kicking off anew in a few days, I'm supposed to give a flying fuck that something I quite light-heartedly suggested, if actually carried out, might injure or inconvenience some Fainting Nancy, cause them to rush for their smelling salts, or wet their sphincter-bunched panties??? And they might, what, fire me and take away my employment, my profession, my ability to provide for myself, my home, my entire life?!?!?!? Is that what I and 80M of my friends and neighbors should be afraid of happening if we do anything to rock the boat at this point, beyond writing a sternly-worded note of protest to the editor of the local fishwrap? SRSLY, FUCKWITS?

13) Because an all-out civil war of existential existence between the two sides in this country, with rivers of blood, and mountains of skulls, will be LESS inconvenient to the general population than uncivil disobedience, intended to let TPTB know that they're fucking with the wrong people, before we have to start shooting those motherfuckers in the face, and then going after their families, to end their DNA in perpetuity, Carthage-style? Because that's the "B" plan right now, guaran-damn-teed.

There's but one response to that level of clueless shitheadedness and blubbering tearful "think of the CHILDREN!" level of reasoning skills:

I hope that clears up any confusion.


MagisterGreen said...

Well said, sir. And Godspeed to you.

June J said...

"Chief of the Watch sound the General Alarm and announce Battle Stations on the 1MC!"

To all those who clutch their pearls about what Aesop has been posting,
Aesop is one person on the internet (of many) who is willing to voice and raise alarm over what he is seeing and experiencing. For every person like Aesop, there are millions more who read and agree with his assessments, for they have had the same thoughts in their heads or in private conversations with family and close friends. Even more people aren't reading this blog, but are coming to the same conclusions anyway.

A wise person is able to discern the signs, prepare and sound the alarm.
Others will cower in fear over the possible loss of their possessions if they don't comply or dare to speak up in opposition.

“Is life so dear, or peace so sweet, as to be purchased at the price of chains and slavery? Forbid it, Almighty God! I know not what course others may take, but as for me, give me liberty or give me death!” - Patrick Henry

LSWCHP said...

Best wishes in these difficult times mate.

Kafiroon said...

In view of your Item 8 and 9.
I find it very hard to believe that TPTB are that absolutely stupid to think everyone is just going to sit back and quietly die. Even a mouse will bite to save itself. I think that there will be a version of the French Revolution when a family needs to feed its children and themselves.

bearcub7250 said...

I’m one the 80M unclean. To those who have an issue with Aesop’s ideas, I say “fuck you and have a shitty day”.

Oh, and rot in hell.

Robert said...

May the wind be at your back and a following sea attend you.

Nautigal said...

Opened your page after the short deprivation of your eagerly anticipated “updates” and literally exclaimed out loud, “ Oh God YES! Please YES!”
As usual, I was not disappointed. Horrible about your (our, everyone’s) predicament. Give em hell

SWVAguy said...

What they fear is there are more of us than they could possibly imagine. Are they afraid? Hell yes they're afraid. Why else would they be erecting the fence around the capitol again.

Steady Steve said...

One of the problems (((they)) may have not have considered is that .mil rank and file know that most of the upper command structure are traitors. The question is, will they obey traitors?

Anonymous said...

A wise old man said, “ You shoot them at their mailbox not yours.”

Stealth Spaniel said...

I started my new job today. Loved it. Friendly coworkers, excellent benefits, full time with overtime a real possibility. Ah....but the Devil is Always in the Details........
Supervisor: Oh! Have you been vaccinated?
Me: No. I have not.
Supervisor: Well, we are paying $150 if you will go get vaccinated. Then you get your vaccination card. They just want to get this over with.
Me: Oh. Alright, I'll remember that.
Supervisor: So, you'll have to wear a mask until then.
Me: I see........
There were so many roads that I wanted to go down. Most of them hostile and dangerous, with dragons on the curves. I kept my cool, didn't blow up like I wanted to, knowing that I WILL NOT BE INJECTED WITH THIS POISON!!! I am so GD over this entire horse manure. I'm tempted to self identify as a Golden Retriever and be done with it.
You have it worse my friend. All of your training, skill, talent, and art is so worthless to this assholes, that they are willing to blow up the entire 6000 years of medicine. UNTIL "they" need a nurse....Then all bets are off. Nurses, doctors, et al are such a danger that they can be fired and destroyed personally; to prove a liars point. This is simply TREASON. I don't need a rabies tag equivalent to be part of society. Nor does anyone.
We need our parallel society, completely in Galt. How, my friend, do we get there??

SFTOBEY said...

To June J and Aesop: You are both spot-on. This tyrannical BS MUST be stopped. People are still trying to do this peacefully. But if TPTB won't listen to reasonable arguments they may have to "listen" to unreasonable ones.

Anonymous said...

Well said Aesop. I am proudly a member of the 80 million great unwashed. I've always felt that it was a matter of time. That time is now upon US. As always do what you can when you can. Everything WE do no matter how small now counts. It makes a difference. Remember no bragging, no boasting, no one upmanship. Keep your mouth shut and keep on keeping on. We can and will make a difference. WE start small.

Godspeed Aesop.


Chris said...



Anonymous said...

The fence works in both directions. Might be convenient to keep ice-cream Nan and Evita Guevara Castro where we can keep an eye on them.
June J pointed out the ratio of one Aesop to hundreds if not thousands of the rest of us reading, heading and agreeing. Our patience is not wearing thin, it has worn to transparency.
Boat Guy

Dean M Drews said...

My wife and I are on Social Security and Medicare.

Until we are not..

saoirse said...

Sorry, but I have little faith in most of my fellow Americans! The reason this country has hit the skids is because, as a famous Roman satirist put it long ago, the populace have become hopelessly dependent on 'bread and circuses'.
There is little honor and integrity left any more period.
You can safely bet that the 80M number will fall to bewtween 10 and 15M once the regime starts carrying out their threats.
You can also bet that the governors that have been posturing against Nasty Joe's mandates will sell out once their hold-out constituents start rolling up their sleeves.
Having said that, after the herd is culled, 15M uncompromising die-hards is still a number to contend with - especially if most have a militant mindset.
Although we have many philosophical differences, I am looking forward to defending the realm with those that have made the decision to put it all on the line!

John Wilder said...

Watched a video on Operation Keelhaul tonight, where .gov after WWII forcibly and without due process sent captured Russians from a POW camp in the United States to a Soviet ship, where they almost certainly were killed upon return to the Soviet Union. I'll probably write a post about it soon enough.

Why do I mention that here? No reason.

JustinR said...

I spent the evening loading new magazines. Especially after seeing the treason of Woke Milley.

Anonymous said...

(Sandman Two)
One little issue with this- "...before we have to start shooting those motherfuckers in the face, and then going after their families, to end their DNA in perpetuity, Carthage-style?..."
Families first, to get their attention.

Anonymous said...

The fence around the Crapitol is as a backdrop for the false flag operation planned by the .gov, to bring in and identify possible opponents to be punished as examples of the consequences of minor resistance, and as a reason for further totalitarian imposts and excesses.
John in Indy

Xoph said...

Whomever is pulling the Puppet in Chief's strings wants to wreck our economy and drive the country into chaos. I hear figures like 30% and 80M but the site I can find to track vax status shows ~50% at 2 shots. Regardless, remove 10% of workers out of the economy and what happens? Logistics are already a mess and unintended consequences are just beginning to make themselves felt.

Standby, the roller coaster is still clicking up the track. We haven't even started the ride yet.

Fladave said...

Move to a Red state and stop feeding the communists.

pyrrhus said...

And the great part is..it's the vaxxed who are the threat...https://voxday.net/2021/09/15/the-vaccine-is-the-virus/

Anonymous said...

I wish I could treat you to your favorite beverage.

moar on da mandates. Good read from sundance.


Bear Claw Chris Lapp said...

"Oh Noes!!!! The American government would NEVER round up American citizens and put them in distant concentration camps, and mistreat them, purely out of hatred and for convenience's sake!!!"

Ask the Japanese Americans in oh say about 1942.

Paul said...

Well said.

I hear the Pfizer "vaccine" has been approved to be used and is no longer "experimental"

I caught the Covid Delta and was in the Hospital for 14 days. Still using Oxygen some of the time. My wife got the jab, Pfizer, and is all I did not get it and you did.

Course NPR is touting the Commie line and I will be getting the jab just to have her not harp at me to no end.

But I do agree with you as to effectiveness.

Looks to me like a crap shoot but I will be rolling the dice.

robehr orinsky said...

The resistance is already planning healthcare forums and facilities that will be vaxx free . Milk is $2.59 per gallon locally . Heavy cream is $4.59 per pint . I buy my whole raw milk from an Amish friend . $1.50 per gallon . At least a pint of heavy cream on top . The Amish also use and depend on healthcare professionals and to the extreme due to a complete misunderstanding of basic cleanliness and safety issues that we take for granted . I am currently hooking my Amish friends up with healthcare workers that have not taken the vaxx . There is a movement underground ! We will not submit . I am not saying I will not fight but it appears to me that they are pushing way to hard . I smell a buffalo jump . When the deepstate leaks against a political shill like Milley there is something deeper . Step back . Watch .

William said...

Can you tell us how you really feel and quit beating around the bushes???? I am with you friend.

David Hamel said...

Fuck. Yeah.

Anonymous said...

Everything I need to know about how to react to what is coming I learned along the Euphrates River.

Roadscholar said...


From survivalblog. Hope this can help in some way Aesop.

Suz said...

NYS had mandated that all health care workers had to have had at least the first shot by the end of this month. No exemptions at all. Nada.
A group of nurses and doctors went to court stating that their religious beliefs were being unconstitutionally infringed upon, and a judge in Utica put a stay on the mandate until the State can present their side, which is supposed to occur next week sometime.

The local news station had a Director of Nurses from one of the tertiary level hospitals in the upstate area on for her opinion on all of this...her response was "the benefit of having all staff vaxxed was much lower than simply having staff to care for the patients". The memories of having to staff hospital and nursing home floors, or doctor offices, or home care agencies while having half the staff out ill with the China virus are still pretty fresh, and NO ONE is remembering any of it with a longing to repeat it.

Furthermore, most medical people were working their asses off for the past 18+ months, while the rest of the country was locked down, so the bank accounts are pretty flush, generally, from hearing from co-workers and friends. Lots of jobs, lots of OT, and no place to spend any of it after all.

I would not be at all surprised if a bunch of folks say "you want to fire me/lay me off/whatever until I get the vaxx, Ok, I'm going to go home and catch up on my sleep, clean the house, play with the dog, relax and rest up. Call me when you come to your senses, and maybe we can talk about my body, my choice and my First Amendment rights to practice my religion beliefs how I want."

After all, no one has been allowed to go anyplace here in NYS for roughly the last year anyway, and the grocery stores, a few liquor stores and Amazon are all still doing the home delivery thing, so ya don't have to go any place if ya don't want to...

My prediction is to buy lots of stock in Orville Redenbacher, Jolly Time, and Pop Secret, because the usage is about to skyrocket.

Aesop said...


Thanx for the resource. Didn't tell me anything I wasn't aware of, but if I'm fired and have to sue, nice to know they're available to take the case.

It's the "no exemption" thing that'll get everyone who tries it burned.
It simply won't hold up in court. Any court.

Both medical and religious exemptions must be accommodated, or any such statute will be stricken down. It' simply not optional.
I'm willing to work under a "reasonable accommodation" level of common sense. That requires them to meet me halfway.

All or nothing requirements will lose, 100% of the time.
Any state, or court, at any level, that tries to go through or over that is inviting jihad, on about 27 levels, and they'll lose on all of them.
I will not be lying back and getting vaxx-raped, no matter what, and I will be fighting any attempt to do so, stridently, on as many levels as necessary in order to prevail.

If someone wants to pay for my early retirement, with no work from now until then, to the tune of seven or eight figure settlements, that's entirely up to them. I'll happily oblige them. That said, where the rubber meets the road, employers, even the ones who blustered when the state snapped their fingers earlier, are caving pretty quickly when their staff tells them to pound sand. They can't spare us, and everyone knows we've got them over a barrel, and violating civil rights isn't a winning argument unless they want to add bankruptcy to their plate.

I and about 1/3rd of my co-workers didn't ask to be Norma Rae in this, but we won't be run over lightly, and the consequences if they try will be...extremely harsh, when the smoke clears and the dust settles.

MJM said...

Aesop my apologies if you’ve written this elsewhere but in your estimation what percentage of providers in your area are not going to take the shot? The bench is not deep at hospitals as you know. The impact nationwide will be significant if people like you walk. Thanks.

idahobob said...

Well said. We have been preparing for a shit storm like this for a LONG time. Now it is upon us.

Unknown said...

"Freedom's just another word for nothing left to loose."

TBTB seem to have forgotten that in their quest to punish non-compliance with their unconstitutional rule.

Nahanni said...

It only was "approved" because Pfizer bought enough of Hunter Biden's "artwork" to get it approved.

Aesop said...


It's running between 15-40%.

We're critically short-staffed currently, and that's before they think about letting non-vaxxers go.

show me one socialist success in world history said...

Start killin commies.

anonymous said...

For Aesop, I feel your pain, and good luck to you. Brandon Smith has some suggestions for you, and like-minded health professionals:


Anonymous said...

Seems to me the Pfizer not-a-vaccine is still under an EUA despite what we are being told by those who have been lying to us all along.
Boat Guy

Jonathan H said...

The headline on Biden's order says everybody has to be vaccinated; the details have loopholes and exemptions; it isn't as strict as most people think.

The Freeholder said...

80M folks are going to be shut out of the economy because they refuse to be vaxxed. They will be pariahs.

What if those 80M got together and started that "parallel economy" I keep hearing about. Only doing business with each other, only working for each other. Not reporting income, not buying insurance, just saying "fuck it" to the entire system as we know it? Maybe they even start moving to specific places and, well, taking over for lack of a better term.

They'll need all sorts of skill sets, including nurses. And they'll pay in cash or acceptable barter.

Just thinking out loud.

Aesop said...

The 80M wouldn't be left alone to do that.

Kristallnachts lead to Auschwitzes, every single time.

Far better to band together to rid the world of the 2M apparatchiks, pour encourager les autres.