Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Bidding War


You play ball with Liberty, or you get the bat shoved up your @$$.

If jackholes try instituting half-assed vaxx passport bullshit, people won't be integrating their lunch counters. They'll be activating their fire insurance. And then no one will patronize those  businesses. Ever.

Wise up. Or ante up. Dealer's choice.


Anonymous said...

Tick Tok it is said

John Wilder said...

Hahahahaha! Vax Passport. Not happening around here. Zero chance.

Night driver said...

If you need a bit of fun, dial up Hulu and check out "Harrow". He's an investigator/pathologist for the National Morgue, and he is GREAT! Ioan Griffud is FANTASTIC as Harro

TechieDude said...

Doesn't have to be that dramatic.

A lot of these stores - even small ones, use cloud based POS systems. Most certainly for credit card sales.

Random intervals during the week, hack their telecom connection with a machete. Takes two seconds to do, hours if not days to fix.

In the meantime, they go manual. And everthing they do whilst down has to be keyed into the system when it's back up. Seen it in the beer store near me, seen it in a friends restaurant.

The beauty is, there's nothing they can claim on their insurance. You don't sell to me, you sell to no one.

In reality, they'll simply go out of business. There aren't enough true believers here that would keep them afloat. Us unclean will go elsewhere.

Latigo Morgan said...

If we don’t eat, they don’t eat.

I can’t believe how many cannot wrap their mind around that. It is like they seem to welcome the camps and absolution of personal responsibility.