Saturday, September 11, 2021

Dear Government Employee: A Time For Choosing


With the announcement of widespread blatant and open abrogation of fundamental civil liberties Thursday by the Pretender-In-Chief, by both federal and complicit state governments and private employers, delivered with all the enthusiasm of a two-year-old late for his naptime, hundreds of thousands to millions of Americans have a grave choice on the horizon: stand up and be counted, walk away, or "just follow orders", and if the last, be rightly counted as the SS and Gestapo enforcing the new Federal Kristallnacht Plan, and administering its implementation. I'm talking about the minions of government, from local apparatchiks all the way to the teat-suckers from the District of Criminals.

I beseech you, one and all, to choose wisely: either refuse to comply, or walk away.

Because the minute those unconstitutional directives are put into play, wholly apart from the 19 governors and 2 state AGs who've already pledged to fight this hogwash tooth and nail in the courts, you're facing a much bigger problem.

It's the 80-effing-million-plus Americans who may not be inclined to wait and see how unelected black Nazgul feel disposed to view their human rights and civil liberties, or wait patiently for the interminable wheels of justice to grind their grist, when their livelihoods, their families, and their very corporeal existence, is measured out in paychecks, bank balances, and calories.

And if you draw a federal paycheck, or one from a state or county, or even a city that isn't fighting this tooth and nail, as the rubber-meets-the-road end of this deal, you're going to have a real big problem looming in your windshield in about 0.2 seconds.

All those put-upon folks will not, y'see, patiently sit back and watch their bank accounts drain down to zero - AGAIN.

They will not meekly watch their pantries dwindle to dust bunnies, while their children complain of hunger, and their spouses' faces become gaunt and hollow.

They will not meekly and serenely submit to becoming involuntary refugees in their own land, beholden to DotGov for everything from food to shelter to medical care to life itself, purely at Leviathan's whim and pleasure.

Long before those days, they're going to reach over the mantle, or into the closet or safe, and they're going to grab rifles, and load magazines. SOME OF THEM ARE WAY AHEAD OF THE CLASS ON THAT, BELIEVE ME. And then they're going to declare open season on every motherfucker with an ID badge, a business card, or license plates that ID them as government minions. Every. Last. One. No game regs, and screw the bag limit.

You're about to become the buffalo herds and the passenger pigeon in the coming morality play, entitled Bosnia X Rwanda, in Beirut.

And they'll break your government rice bowl, steal your government cheese, tear down your meathouse, and end your pathetic existence, in about a New York Minute. If even 1/10th of them set about that task, they'll only outnumber every member of the entire military and governmental machine, nationwide, by 2:1. (And, word to your mothers, two-thirds of the people you think are "your guys", most particularly in the dotMil, aren't "your guys", never were, and never will be. So you're likely behind the 8-ball at 6:1 odds against, or worse, for openers.)

If even 1% of the unvaxxed decide to end this bullshit that way, it would be an army only sixteen times bigger than was the raggedy-ass Taliban of illiterate goat-herders who just chased us out of A-stan with our nose bloodied, no nuts, and our tails between our legs.

And it's not going to be a stand up fight, and there'll be no front lines. 

Government employees will get popped taking a crap. They'll be shivved in the bathroom with weapons better than anything prison cons can make, limited only by the imagination of the makers, with the whole world of choices at their fingertips. Do you have enough hired guns to cover each and every one of you while you pee or take a shit? Every day, every time? Forever?

What about when you get coffee at the corner? You'll be garroted taking out the trash and walking the dog. Your Amazon package will explode. Maybe it will take out your spouse or kids. Maybe that won't be an accident. Your house will keep catching on fire. Even odds, after all the doors and windows are sealed shut.

You won't have any Green Zone or friendly air cover for your work, nor the trips to and from. There aren't enough cops and feds to protect you, and enforce the normal laws, and crime is rising already on that front even as we speak. You'll be bait, and all that will be left after will be an empty hook, ready for any schmuck stupid enough to apply for your job five seconds after your life insurance is activated.

And maybe, just maybe, you'll have the same terror visited on you that Mr. Fraudulent just threatened 1/3 of the country with. Maybe they won't kill you, the first time. They'll just use a length of pipe or rebar to turn your knees into a jigsaw puzzle, and your teeth into pea gravel. You'll be just as unemployed, at least until you learn to subsist on oatmeal puree three times a day, and how to walk again. Maybe. Someday.

Maybe your car won't explode when you start it. Maybe your gas line won't accidentally leak and blow up your house and half the block while you sleep. Maybe random bullets won't fly through your windshield, or into your cubicle from across the street, or through the walls of your house at all hours day and night. Maybe you won't keep losing co-workers in crosswalks, or falls onto the subway, or drowned in the toilet, or electrocuted when you grab your own doorknob, or any one of a hundred other ways.


But I wouldn't bet on it, because broke and hungry people aren't known for their compassion towards their tormenters.

Not me, of course. It goes without saying. I'm morally upright, and law-abiding. I don't even tear the labels off mattresses. But in a talent pool of 80,000,000, not everyone you can imagine will be as kind, sensitive, compassionate, patient, understanding, and steadfastly law-abiding as I am. That's why I'm not advocating this. Nuh-uh. Nope. Not me. Nosiree. The folks you least want to, will figure it out all by themselves, and your first clue will be a blinding flash of pain, with less warning than Pearl Harbor. But you're willing to bet your future on the imagined, and imaginary, reasonableness of 1/3rd of everyone in the entire country? Every day? Non-stop, once this nonsense kicks off? Gutsy move, man. ROWYBS. Hope it works out for ya.

Because when the payback starts - note, when, not if - no one anywhere will give a wet fart for what happens to you, including your overlords. Things are tough all over, cupcake.

Like every serial rapist the DemoCommunists install in the Oval Office, Gropey Joe thinks this gig means no one can say "No!" to him any more. The fact that not everyone will lie back and quietly submit to being vaxx-raped at his behest is going to be one the worst-kept surprises of the century, I can promise you.

But this doesn't have to befall any one of you. That's because, unlike what Gropey Dopey didn't give 80,000,000+ Americans in his vaxxholian little tantrum, you've got something that lets you avoid all the unpleasantness to come.

You actually have a CHOICE.

As advised for ALL impending catastrophes, BE SOMEWHERE ELSE.

You can tell your bosses, "Hell no, we aren't doing that. Not any of it."

You can even sabotage it from the inside, and pass on intel to the outside.

Or, you can just walk out the door, without a peep. 

Take family leave. Stay home until the shooting stops. Months, even.

Either way, if you're not one of them, you're not one of Them.

It's that simple.

I mean, just imagine:

So, you can either be one of the people getting fed, for a while, while you load the boxcars with your friends and neighbors.

Or, you can join the citizenry, and start monkeywrenching this entire tyrannical regime, in every way possible, with a clear conscience, the moral high ground, and righteous perspective on the fascist cancer metastasizing before our eyes.

But whether you like it or not, your bosses have forced this choice on you, too.

And you're either with liberty and freedom-loving Americans on this.

Or, you're with the terrorists. Starting with the Terrorist In Chief.

Maybe ask the Last Guy how it worked out for him and his regime, being the Ace Of Spades. While you decide which team you want to play for. And consider an early retirement, versus swinging in whatever breeze blows under the open trap door on the gibbet, or taking one - or about twenty - for the team.

Offer limited while supplies last.

And once the kickoff whistle blows, you're out of options.

"Everybody fights. Nobody quits."


The Overgrown Hobbit said...

I'm with you.

No justice, no peace.

Remember that FDR used a state of emergency to send American scapegoats in cattlecars to internment camps.

And no-one stopped him.

Let's be different.

Make Mine Texas said...

I love you.

Anonymous said...

One of those was George Tacky, so they get a pass for that one.
Can't stand that mouthy little faggot.

Anonymous said...

Terror works.

Bear Claw Chris Lapp said...

When DeSantis said to Joe on the phone, Fuck Off he had to change the diaper again as he did before they told him he had to call DeSantis.

DeSantis will be the republican nominee because they know it will motivate a lot to decide to vote again. I will shake my head and laugh.

I am voting party line ticket democrat to kick the rino asses to the curb. There are not enough lobbying jobs to support them and they will not be wanted anyway. Besides the sooner this shit show kicks off the sooner it will end.

Russell G. said...

Um, Yeah. Pert near so.
We are all Negan.

Anonymous said...

An important reminder for every denier you meet who says “our country would never ship its citizens off in boxcars to interment camps.”

Anonymous said...

Popcorn time is over. Let the meatspace weenie roasting begin. WTH this bottle of beer smells like gasoline.

Anonymous said...

I am a construction worker. Have been for 40 years. On site it does not matter if you are a unionized worker or non-union like I am, all of us hate OSHA inspectors. We hate being inspected, examined and told how we are totally unsafe and then fined by a bunch of college edjumicated idiots. NOW you are going to put us out of work for not following the made up science of a dementia patient and his masters. I hope all you OSHA have a generous life insurance benefit cause I see construction sites becoming VERRRRRY dangerous not to mention all the other places nasty accidents can happen. It can be amazingly un-safe around the house.

steveo said...

Long Time reader here. As soon as the COVID crap hit last year, I dropped my retirement papers. Saw this shit coming a long time ago. I’m former Navy, 20 yrs, then 10 as contractor for navy, finally 16 as civil service, for navy.

Would have stayed a bit longer, but have preps up to speed in all areas. Appreciate your posts over the years, I’ve learned a lot. Ready for spicy times.

SecessionIsTheAnswer said...

Roger that on your last few posts and I suspect most of your blog followers agree as well, regarding the Fraud-in-chief and his pack of lackeys.

This is so blatantly illegal & unconstitutional ( not that that matters anymore! ), that they probably hope to cause someone to engage in violence so that they can use that reaction to implement permanent martial law. Of course, how many in the military will fire on US citizens remains a big unknown, although all the NPC drones working for DHS will likely go full Stasi with no issue.

Kudos to the side of liberty, for while hopefully locked n loaded, are still not going weapons free yet. I expect as you state, the trigger will be the financial meltdown & lack of food on the shelves. Hunger & starvation are a prime motivator.

Given the abject disaster that exiting Afcrapistan was, the corruption of our state & fed governments, the corruption of our legal & electoral system and now our medical wizards, I submit that the USA is now a complete & unredeemable failure, at least as originally conceived by the founders & founding documents.

So once again I recommend and ask you and your followers to join me (as my email address suggests), Daniel Miller - Texas Nationalist Movement ( see Tom Woods episode #1967 ) and many others in advocating for a peaceful secession of the failed USA into Wokesterland and Libertyland. The woke can live as they want and we can live as we want.

There’s clearly a lot of things to work out & resolve, not going to be easy, but it’s a better choice than going Yugoslavia on steroids? History provides a clear roadmap to how civil wars go and ultimately how wokesterland will end up. Let them go their own way and reap what they sow. In the meantime we can also live how we want without the utter BS of at least the past 30 years?

I have never seen more interest in secession. What say you, Aesop the wise?

Colombo said...

Amazing what a compact track loader or lull will do to the human body. "So sorry, couldn't hear the sceaming over the osha mandated backup alarm".

horsewithnonick said...

And he's just itching to be on the side of the people doing the rounding up and locking up.

MollyP said...

Not a fable, Aesop. Any idea if this magnificent, prescient piece could make the Editorial page of the NY Times or The Economist..? The ivory tower audience that really needs to grasp what they're cheering on..?

saoirse said...

Your suspect list is incomplete! Why are you not including the private sector apparatchiks? You know, the ones that want to increase our health care premiums if we don't get the jab. The ones that are sitting in the board rooms and think tanks creating schemes to keep us from travelling and eating. The ones who insult and ostracize us 24-7 on the net and tube. The ones that will refuse medical assistance and access to our bank accounts....... and on and on.
What about those unimaginable bastards?
They're the ones pulling the strings!!

Anonymous said...

Brother...while I pray, dear God I hope’re right...and as you e stated so eloquently, far worse than can be imagined in so many ways...inevitable. I love are skilled in calling the terrain most likely ahead...paths I Hope e we do not take...sometimes the path ahead is terrifying, maybe the valley of the shadow of death...but in great darkness we must move forward and fight for what’s right or lay down and die.

Stealth Spaniel said...

You did see that the CONgress and their whores....err office staff have been exempted from any mandated vaccines? What weasling BS; do as I say, not as I do. Let Mr. Wilder know that the CW clock just advanced another minute. Cash is nice, but get some gold & silver into your stash. Greenbacks are so 1950's. Frankly, I am not sure that the smoke I smell in California is from our multitude of Environmental Caused fires and more from the millions of Americans who are simply D-O-N-E. We are truly in dangerous times. And a madman is at the wheel.

Dan Patterson said...

My intuition is a lot of people are in synch with your point of view and might do "some things" if the ball drops. But most are hiding in the corner muttering to themselves "You just do that again and see what happens!". No body wants to be the first, and no one wants their neighbor calling the cops on some crazy man with a black rifle "acting suspiciously". So yeah, the ball has to drop and there has to be a widespread momentum, a secondary society with the goal of resistance understood and the enemy well identified or it will be a fizzle. Any organizing will be infiltrated by the feds and the leadership will be strongly damned as pure kook and right-wing extremist, add white nationalist and the cake will be baked.

The establishment has the leverage and the opposition has to be organized or Castro would've been rolled by 1965.

Secession has it's fans and I am not against it. Except the entire state has to be on board or the state level swamp will smother dissent and that ends it. And without a majority of sympathy LEO is not on your side.

That leaves us with persuasion and a rejection of the polite soft discussions from our right-side leadership. Quite and polite is not how ground is gained, just look at the left and their success.

David Hamel said...

I went to a Freedom Rally yesterday, 9/11, at my state capitol. Supposed to have "motivational speakers". What ensued was a bunch of milquetoast "christians" snivelling and praying and imploring that we pray for tyrant governor and for our other enemies to see the error of their ways, and various other passive "turn the other cheek" type slave-pallaver. and other "republicans" rambling on about themselves and (vote for me) and (vote harder). While I was almost falling asleep on my feet I saw a young vet of Astan show up with a buddy. They lasted about 15 minutes before walking away in apparent terminal boredom. If this is the best we can do to "motivate" our people, then we are well and truly fucked. The most "inspirational" speaker was an overweight female republican state rep. Even the BLM/Antifa "counter protestors" looked pathetic in their masks with signs praising the Capitol Police who killed ashley babbit to save our democracy. Where are our Men? Where are our Fighters? Where are our true Leaders? Seems all our people are just waiting for someone else to make the first move...

Steady Steve said...

You all have updated your local accountability lists, haven't you?

Anonymous said...

@DanPatterson, DavidHamel, etc.

something less dangerous than black rifle war, but more effective than couch-sitting:
something EVERYONE can start doing NOW. (don't be fooled by the title, give it a look, it's pretty subversive!)


swimologist said...

Yes, with check marks

John Wilder said...


John Wilder said...

I would imagine we have quite a few on the inside, monkeywrenching.

David Hamel said...

Thanks Anon. Looks good. Love the ole Palladin Press stuff. Are they still around? Will print it out.

Anonymous said...

After they start to lose control (they do want that to happen, yes?) then they petition the UN for 'peace keepers' to help maintain 'order?' I'm fairly certain that is in their playbook and answers so many issues they may have with using American troops or other FedGov. Of course these peace keepers will all be Chinese and anyone else who desires a piece of the pie (dogpile America.) The UN is itching for that first Invitation to arrive. Many paths to travel when that happens.

Anonymous said...

Pray tell;

If a significant number of We The People decide to go DC Sniper, Henry Bowman, FedEx Delivery (Fed. Judge); how do [they] defend against that?

I'm talking everyone from the county "health" supervisor forcing vaxx & mask mandates, all the way up to US congressmen suddnely and randomly getting "popped taking a shit"

How do they defend against that?