Saturday, September 18, 2021

Oopsie: An Inconvenient Truth


Follow the science. See the previous post for details. (Watch it now; I give it 24 hours before YouTube or the FDA probably yanks it.)

Already got your shots? Bummer, dudes.

The shots were to protect you from COVID. Except there's no evidence that they do.

So, who's protecting you from the government?


Anonymous said...

US mil dead in Vietnam: 58200. 3x=175000 dead from Covid? Highest VAERS number I've seen is 14700...which is itself staggering.
Can you point us to the data?

idahobob said...

F#%k joe biden!

Aesop said...

At the linked section in the previous post, one of the presenters noted the ratio of deaths to vaccinations was 411:1M.
He goes on to state that would equate to 150K dead from the vaccines.
The US has done 383.5M vaccinations. X 411 = 157,618 deaths.
Close enough to 175K as makes no functional difference.

And yes, the VAERS reports tally 15K deaths.

And multiple statisticians have pointed out that probably only 1 adverse event in 10 is reported, even deaths.

Which gets us right back to 150K deaths.

What's breathtaking is that there is absolutely NO interest or curiosity in investigating to nail the number down: not officially, not journalistically, not medically.
No one wants to look, because they're afraid of what they might find. Or worse, they already know.

53 vaccine deaths in the '1970s got the Swine Flu vaccine pulled forever.
15,000, or 150,000 deaths now, and no one even wants to look.

This isn't simple bureaucratic inertia or laziness, it's studied indifference to reality.

But it explains why Israel's COVID deaths spiked concurrently with vaccinations, and why ours peaked starting last December, just as we were beginning to vaccinate people here.

You can only look the other way from Mt. Everest for so long, before it becomes too big to not notice.

Anonymous said...

I'd say 157,618 figure is rather low. There has to be a massive coverup going & I would say "they" know damn well. I know two people who went to the dirtbed after taking the jabb.

John Wilder said...

Deaths . . . now. What Pandora's Box have we opened????

McChuck said...

My son's military unit had 4 die out of 150 given their shots. The hospital was overflowing with critical cases. The younger and more fit you are, the worse the shots are for you.

None so blind as those who just won't see.