Tuesday, September 7, 2021


 Picked up extra at work.

Half the ER is ICU patients on holdover, because not enough ICU nurses.

2/3rds of the ICU holdover patients in the ER intubated, on multiple drips. Including one of mine.

So, stay over in double-time, on a holiday, because day shift is shorter than Danny DeVito standing in a hole?


Nothing a 12-hour nap didn't cure.

Short ICU nurses because: half of them quit during/after COVID Hell. Haven't been able to replace them at any price.

Short ER nurses because: 30% of them quit/left because of COVID Hell, and now Vaxx Mandate.

ER and ICU population due to anything to do with COVID patients now: Less than 10%, hereabouts. (This will be different at points eastward from Califrutopia and south of NYFC.) Compared to Peak COVID Hell last Dec-Jan, it's a relative nothingburger. Number of previously-vaxxed or previously-COVID-infected patients (or both) I'm seeing with new COVID infections: climbing, daily.

Forecast: Shitstorm brewing for your healthcare outlook. Guesstimated Chance of Widespread Third World Status, if nothing changes: 30-40+%. You can't run the engine this hot, this hard, this short of oil and coolant, and not expect to crack a block.



Unknown said...

Ivermectin. NO ONE I know who has used it has or had the bug unless it was for the few hours that drove them to take ivermectin. There are the vaxd, the unvaxd not taking ivermectin and the unvaxd taking ivermectin...try to get all unvaxd on ivermectin. "Are you ivermecting?" Why, yes, I am...


Jim Wetzel said...

Aesop, what's the deal on mandated jabs for health-care providers, i.e., you? Since you're still working, I'm guessing they've backed down?

Aesop said...

You'd be mistaken.

I have to turn in my Request For Exemption this week.
Then meet with HR.
Then wait to find out if they'll grant the exemption, and whether I'm employed in CA after 9/30/21.
Or whether I'll be commuting from SoCal to Vegas or Phoenix for work, and suing everything from my employer to the governor.

Anonymous said...

Vol fire guy. Got the email, either inject or be very be limited. Other words be a fire/ems guy that can't be on shift, go to fire or ems calls. Funny 2 weeks ago they needed me when 10k acres were burning in district. Today, not needed.

Boomer said...

Just ended my second career with US Air Force calling it quits on 31 Aug 21. Even though I was simple service for career #2, I was not willing to take the MRNA device into my body. Already had the COOF in our household back in Nov 2020. No effect on me, but kicked my wife and son's butt hard with full recovery. I believe our herd immunity will keep us save from the variants Dr. Fraud can come up with to drive the sheeple to commit suicide by willingly rolling up their sleeves.

Jim Wetzel said...

Hoping for the best for you.

Anonymous said...

I wish you Godspeed Aesop. You are inspiration. Thx for your blog all these years.

SoCoRuss said...

Aesop, of the Covid patients you are seeing, is it more vaxxed or unvaxxed folks you are seeing.

You see reports on Lamestream network TV that say its all unvaxxed people filling the ICU's. but then you see doctors around the US and EU studies coming out saying its more of the vaxxed in ICU's. Which is it?

Who do we believe?

Aesop said...

I'm seeing very few ICU admits of either type, hereabouts.
Can't answer for other areas of the country, obviously.

Marty said...

A week or so ago over on Ann Barnhart's podcast, Nurse Claire said, and Dr. Beebe agreed in her estimate, that the healthcare system was going to implode and collapse in 6 months.
I think that a part of that is because of the consequences from the injections.

Anonymous said...

What about the ones that have already gotten the covid. Do we need Ivermectin?