Wednesday, September 22, 2021

It's Really Gotten This Stupid


For the clueless, this is the entire logic of the "Get The Shot!"
 argument, in a nutshell. [Hint: This argument is nonsensical.]

With no fish in it. I needed to make that clear.
But yes, it's that store that has its very own "People Of" website.

Civilization as we know it is doomed. Start loading your ark. It won't be long now.


Phil said...

If I had my druthers I'd druther sit back and watch Darwin do his thing for a while.

Anonymous said...

Asking for a friend just how balistically protective is that throat gorget and shoulder pauldron shown in picture #1.

Was tempted to add Wikipedia medieval armor quotes but resisted. Amazing how much modern armor *Still* looks medieval.

Justin_O_Guy said...

I commend you on your ability to curb your need to turn that fish bowl into a portable Rhythm section.

Aesop said...

The throat gorget and shoulder pauldrons are ballistically rated, usually to IIIA, which means they'll stop anything from a pistol or shotgun, and any fragmentation bits not powerful enough to blow your head or arms off outright. Body armor is one of the reasons modern war has gotten much less deadly, for the side wearing it.

Against rifle and MG rounds, not so much.

Anonymous said...

I read a blog site named"Assistant Village Idiot". He sites figures showing why VAERs is wrong on the vaccine causing harm, and that the unvaccinated transmit the COVID virus far more than the vaccinated. You both agree the virus is occasionally deadly, sometimes even for those without comorbidities.

How can two smart people agree in the risk, but disagree so strongly on the vaccine? I would appreciate any comments you may have. I am not interested in a blog/comment war, just curious as to the vastly different analysis of similar information.

Reltney McFee said...

AND! one reason that tourniquets are featured performers in running-to-the-guns wardrobe selections.

Shoulder is good, upper arm, nyet!

Redcabinsteve said...

I’m thinking the group of four got cocktails to go atop their head protection, for their troubles

June J said...

“Hips are usually not protected by body armor.” - Robert Ironside

Robin Datta said...

Technically he counts as a sarcopterygian.

Aesop said...

@Anon 6:15P

Okay, I'll play.
1) Sumdood has "figures" purporting to show that 32,000 people voluntarily reporting deaths and permanent disabilities on the VAERS database just made it up. Riiiiiiiiiiight.

Peruse the first slide from this post
six whole days ago.

I fart in the general direction of any such "figures". They're hokum and codswallop.

2) "the unvaccinated transmit the virus far more than the vaccinated"
a) Considering that the vaccinated make up some 60% of the population in the US, it's highly unlikely that's the case.
b) In Israel, where vaccination rates are over 80% for all age groups, it's flatly recockulous. And yet they have the highest number of new cases and deaths per capita in the civilized world at the moment.

3) You'll have to ask the Assistant Village Idiot. I'm looking at the disease growing because the not-a-Vaxx isn't a vaccine:
I doesn't prevent infection, and it doesn't prevent transmission, and the claim that it moderates severity of symptoms is becoming an obvious bald-faced lie as well.
Diseases don't mutate when they don't have to. The unvaccinated were getting sick, and even dying occasionally, just fine with the Original Recipe COVID. But vaccinating huge swaths with a cocktail that doesn't provide any immunity is how and why the virus mutated, inside the vaccinated.
Who then, ipso facto, passed the new variant(s) on to others, thinking they were COVID-free, when in fact they were COVID superspreaders, exactly like Typhoid Mary. We now have a nation of 190M or so Typhoid Marys (minus the 16K or more - possibly as many as 150K - dead) spreading COVID Original Recipe and New Extra Spicy like Johnny Appleseed with a backpack leafblower and a sack of virus.

If we had 190M people who'd gotten the disease instead, they'd have 13X stronger immunity, with no side effects (unlike the mRNA frankencocktail), except that we'd probably also have another 2.4M or so dead, instead of nearly 700+K and counting.

Make an actual traditional vaccine, which confers actual immunity from re-infection or hosting, using non-aborted-baby-tissue testing, and without DNA-altering therapy, and test it as thoroughly as we did every other vaccine in history before last year to prove it's actually safe and effective (the current shit cocktail is neither) and I'll be at the front of the line to get that shot.

The fastest way to get there is to remove all liability protections from Pfizer, Moderna, J&J, et al, and everyone giving them or mandating them, in perpetuity.

Their Quackcines will disappear from shelves so fast it'll leave skidmarks.

Until that's done, this will be politicized to control the population, both in absolute terms, by killing them off, and in their day-to-day lives.

People have had enough of the bullshit, and we're about 10 days from becoming Australia, except with 600M more guns and a few trillion rounds of loose ammunition.
We won't butt heads with cops, we'll start laying them out, and leaving pennies on their eyelids, when this pops. The police can barely keep a handle on crime now.
Wait until the government makes 30% of the population criminals overnight, and they have nothing left to lose. Civilization will be gone in about two magazines apiece.

The government in this country that's pushing that outcome will disappear in a fog of red mist made of their own blood, and about as fast as fog burns off on a sunny morning.

That's a feature at this point, and not a bug.

Anonymous said...

Well said good Sir (about the mist...)
I feel like they KNOW how close to the edge they are. They're trying to push, but not too far...

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your answer to my question about the statistics. Your blog and your knowledge as a nurse are why I started taking COVID seriously. Other blogs mocked the seriousness of COVID,so I owe you for not acting like an idiot in early 2020. Wash my hands,wear a mask! Publish this comment or not - your blog,your rules.

JC said...



Nick Flandrey said...

I'm struck by just how much the graphs of deaths and (to a lesser extent cases) look pretty much exactly like the predicted graphs from back in the beginning.

In other words, the natural course of the disease was predicted to be a graph that is wave after wave, each one of decreasing amplitude, for a couple of years. That was straight from the CDC before everything went political.

IDK if any one of the half dozen vaccines or all of them combined did anything to lower the amplitude of those waves. They look pretty natural to my eye.

Also, looking back at the graphs, I don't see any 'flattening' of curves at all. I see what looks, again, like a very natural curve. The measures taken may have succeeded in keeping the peak (max amplitude) lower than it might have otherwise gone, which was the point after all- limit the number of desperately ill at any one time to < the limit of our ability to care for them. Or they may have had no real effect at all.

It would be great if we had graphs from somewhere that had good record keeping, but no real response, but I don't think you get the first without being capable of the second.


I'll add, take advantage of the increasing availability of PPEs and restock, or stock up for the first time.

If it wasn't an accident, they will try again, and the next one might have you really really wanting to stay isolated at home.

OR it might be because of the 10's of thousands of Afghani and Haitian "refugees" seeded throughout the US and the rest of the western world this month, with essentially NO medical history or treatment, but some really medieval shit is going to start showing up, even if it's not the next ebola.

Oral re-hydration solution and buttwipe should figure prominently in your plans, as well as access to meds. Secure disposal of waste and contamination control (hygiene) should get a nod too.

Bleach and fire come to mind.


Anonymous said...

Up to the Advent of guns, mediaeval armor and weapons were in a continuous development cycle, to get the most protection while still being effective.
The similarity is the need to protect similar people from similar piercing and impact weapons, by resisting piercing and spreading impacts.
John in Indy

ga6 said...

Over the course of 2021, more minors have been shot in Chicago than have died of COVID-19 in all of the United States, according to data from police and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

robehr orinsky said...

My grandson just had a rough bout with the covid . Nearly died . 34 years old , obese , diabetic , lazy as my old coondog that has to lean against the fence to bark . His dad , my sil , encouraged the boy in his gluttony and laziness . It's a proud tradition in his family .It's hard when the spawn marries swine . Love the kids but they are all fucked up . Mental and physical basket cases . family get togethers are becoming harder than I can tolerate . Keeping my mouth shut is impossible . So I will probably just stay away . Wifely unit can't do that . Love or something such is the reason . I been bitching for all these years to get in shape, eat right , excercise , etc to no avail . The way I see it is I love them too much to not speak up . Cheetos for every meal and voting democrat will kill you . Albeit much more quicker that voting the other branch of the uniparty , heh . The wife and I in our 70's both had the covid bug and it was rough but not devastating . But what flu ain't rough when your kicking the can that many years .

John Wilder said...

Been to three HS football games here in Mayberry this year.


Our numbers are declining, daily.

The Overgrown Hobbit said...

How can two smart people agree in the risk, but disagree so strongly on the vaccine? I would appreciate any comments you may have. I am not interested in a blog/comment war, just curious as to the vastly different analysis of similar information.

Now that you have had your head handed to you (bracing, yes?) I will let you in on a trick that would have made me less annoying to Mr. Aesop.

Pick your topic: vaccines, masks, mRNA pseudo-vaccines, VAERs and set your database or internet searches to 2018 or earlier and your virus to influenza.

If you do not know how you can book your public librarian's time to *teach you how to do this*. Then compare what the top researchers said *before* lawless pols and corrupt bureaucrats put a gun to everyone's head.

It is not about "smart" it is about knowledge + integrity.

*Corona virii have some fun properties too - search 2018 prior byt without *any* reference to the current model.

Marty said...

If we had 190 million people get the disease AND ivermectin was made widely available, as an OTC with appropriate instructions,or even given out freely like in India,would we have had 2.5 million deaths?

Aesop said...

That's exactly the Trillion$$$ Question Pfizer, Moderna, and J&J don't want answered.