Monday, September 13, 2021

But What Can *I* Do?


I gifted this to Phil over at Busted Knuckles.

For all those timid souls thinking "Well, I'm not gonna do anything until everyone is gonna do something."

Screw that, pussies. Start local, local, local.

Become ungovernable.

This has been tried before. Face facts: Half the reason Communism doesn't work is because it's Communism.

The other half is because the people - the very "workers" communists claim to represent, as a dodge to milk everyone - aren't communists. Proof: Russia pushed Nazi Germany from the outskirts of Moscow all the way back to Berlin. That's what Ivan can do when he wants to. But in peacetime? You get the Trabant.

So stop wishing and hoping, or pissing and moaning. Throw Leviathan and its acolytes a bone. But throw it sideways, so it gets stuck in its throat, and it dies a slow, lingering, painful death.

What do I mean?

Hard, far, and wide. And often.

Manhole covers are portable, for instance. Store them behind the local DNC offices.

Road crew left a few blinky light barricades just sitting around?
No problem. Close off an interstate entrance. Make an endless circular detour.

Epoxy an ATM closed. Better yet, a few dozen parking meters near city hall.

Get a slingshot or a high velocity pellet gun, and take out a surveillance camera or three.

Get a business reply mail card, and an empty Amazon box, and mail forty pounds of your pet’s droppings to Corporate @$$hole Company.
Put the return address of the local Leftard politician on it.

Your mayor (congressweasel/senator/governor)’s a dick? Dummy up cardboard replicas of his auto license plate, rent a look-alike car, and go visit a few dozen red light cameras. (BONUS: Park it outside a whorehouse, porn shop, or gay bar. Send photos of it parked there to his wife. And a couple of scandal rags. Let the press work for you for a change.)

Print up some wicked subversive handbills, blow 50¢, and stuff one inside every morning newspaper of the local fishwrap at a dozen local coffee shops.

Somebody’s got a “Biden” bumper sticker? Add a “F**k Your freedom” or “To Hell With The Bill Of rights” sticker to their collection. Maybe give them a racist one, or an anti-gay one, to make their collection really stand out. (BONUS POINTS: A "F**K THE PIGS!" sticker is always a hit when someone gets pulled over.)

They’ve got so many woke bumperstickers there’s no room for more? No problem. help them out; swap their plates with the car next to them. it’s a gift that will eventually unwrap itself, frequently with help from someone on a police motorcycle. Bummer, huh?

Got a business that’s pimping vaccine passports? Do a science experiment. Find out how well they work to open a business door lock filled with acrylic and activated by catalyst.

Woke retailer has self-scanner checkout lines? Go to a craft store; buy glass etching compound. See how long you can make the checkout lines when none of the self-scanners work.

Turn some street signs.

Fly a Confederate flag. From your Leftard neighbor's house. When he's away on vacation.

Take a picture of that. Send it, and the address, to the local chapter of Black Lives Matter.

Playdoh, alarm clock, batteries, and some wire: let your imagination run wild. Wear gloves.

Maybe make two such “items”. Send one to Antifa from BLM. Send the other to BLM from Antifa. Stock up on popcorn.

Print up flyers to fake Leftard rallies. Post them at high schools and college campuses.

Have signs made that say “Whites Only” and “Colored”. Stick them up over the drinking fountains or restrooms at the local school district HQ, City Hall, or the local Democommunist congressweasel’s office building. Wait for the the fun to start.

Tired of companies like Woka-Cola and Jillette? Have coupons printed offering a discount on their products, Leave them in the flyer bin at local supermarkets.

And so on.

Be creative. Be prolific.

Be the friction that makes everyday life such a pain.

The possibilities are endless.

And even if you never do any of this, just thinking about it brightened your day, didn't it?


Anonymous said...

BE the cork in the asshole of progressivism.
Love it!!!


jl said...

"And even if you never do any of this, just thinking about it brightened your day, didn't it?"

Why, yes it did! Thanks for the (wicked) grin I can't seemn to wipe off my face. Good stuff!

Bear Claw Chris Lapp said...

Fuckin A it did.

FredLewers said...

Damn Aesop,
Did you wake up with constipation AND heartburn? Some of those are mean...
Speaking of which, do you know anybody that's NOT sensitive to poison ivy? Boil some down and skin the oil of the top and paint doorknobs at city hall. Paint the TP at the end of the day so it can dry overnight. Paint the toilet seats with rushoil.
Transplant ants in unwanted locations. Hornets nests are nasty surprises anywhere.
As well as a bunch of snakes in a box that fell off a truck driving by an inner city park...
It would be nice if you could get the cell phone numbers for some prominent people and their spouses.

Anonymous said...

Who would buy coke for 14.99 a case? Sharpy magic...

Eric Wilner said...

Some years ago, it became apparent that some big-city police departments had decided that, since Hollywood bombs have blinking lights on them, anything with blinking lights on it must be a bomb. Including, e.g., Christmas sweaters. LED throwies were definitely cause for alarm.

During certain periods of recent history, fun could be had with talcum powder. Or with toy airplanes. Or both.

To get in the right mindset, watch the episode of The Prisoner entitled "Hammer Into Anvil." Then get Bizet sowing confusion.

Surf's up, space ponies!

(I can't do much of this stuff locally, having moved from Silicon Valley to a fairly sane county in a fairly sane state just before things got all 2020. Don't want to mess with folks who aren't adding to the problems.)

Matt Bracken said...

That pointy little tip on the thumb-size Crazy Clue bottle is perfect for locks.

Eric Wilner said...

Oh, and one more thing: there's a fine line between "interactive art installation" and "hoax diabolical thingy."

Anonymous said...

I understand that expandable foam crack sealant is nasty in the tailpipes, especially if one sticks the flexible tube waaaaay into the pipe....

Pepper spray into the fresh air vents below the windshields or on door handles...

home made caltrops wedged at tires, front and back...

lots of things if one is creative....

Anonymous said...

“Vaxxed Only” and “Unjabbed” at the drinking fountains may wise people up to what’s going on. Also a fairly high chance the vaxxed obey the signs.

Mike Hendrix said...

I'm quite sure you're aware of it already, but BCE has thoughts on this lately that are worth taking a look at also.

Anonymous said...

I do have a smile on my face, you're right good Sir.

NorthGunner said...


And all the while the propaganda/psy-ops apparatus of the
Great Reset(TM) crowd continues with it's output of virtual
cerebral poison such as the following:

Bloomberg News -Politics/Policy
How Far Are the Unvaccinated Willing to Go?
Faced with mandates amid a Covid-19 resurgence, some
Americans are making far too much of a simple choice

Don't forget to check out the comments section there.

Here's info on the author:
Jessica Karl is a social media editor for Bloomberg Opinion.
She previously interned for CNN Opinion and Nylon magazine. compliant 'useful idiots' like Jessica Karl, getting
injected with a experimental mRNA gene therapy is a 'simple choice'...

She just forgot to type in 'Baaaaahhhh, Baaaahhhhh, Baaaaahhhh!!'in the piece.

NorthGunner - The Truth Is It's OWN Defense!

Thomas said...

You'd be surprised how many sanitary sewer pressurized force mains have portions of their pipelines running above ground... through creeks in the middle of medium sized cities. I can only imagine the kind of person who could see fit to rupture one of these lines in a 95% libtard commie city, effectively sending thousands of gallons of raw sewage into their ecosystem, leaving them with "boil your water" precautions for weeks on end. That person would truly be an asshole.

Xzebek said...

Interesting that some of these great ideas are being suggested. Back around 1970 or so many of the same activities were suggested by Abbie Hoffman in his book titled Steal this Book. He called it monkey warfare; it being a step down from guerilla warfare. He hated parking meters as well. I'm heading to see this great suggested "to do" list.

Anonymous said...

You reminded me of Abbie Hoffman - in a good way, though...

Delta Mike said...

Hey Yo!! Not that but....

Me said...

I work with an asshole with a BLM sticker on his car... and he drinks his coffee every morning out of a cup I rub my penis in.. every.. single.. morning..Does this count?

Anonymous said...

Got a good personal phone # for a libturd? Print up some flyers and business cards saying free immigration law services (en espanol, of course) and drop them off where illegals congregate. Likewise offer free criminal legal help for hood rats and post them in stop & robs, liquor stores, etc… in your local economically deprived minority neighborhoods.

Epoxy in a lock is good but a “kill key” snapped off in the lock and coated with epoxy is even better and much faster to deploy. They’re easily made from a box of blank keys with a Drexel tool.

Find out when the commies are having a public meeting or pow wow. Print flyers and hand them out in the hood, methadone clinics, homeless encampments etc. that some big name charitable org is handing out free dinner or lunch plates at that exact same time/place. Bonus points if you put the commie assholes names and pics on the flyers giving them “credit”.

Do the commies have kids? Introduce them to the state. Report them for child abuse to Department of Family & Children Services. It works better if you can provide mostly true but hard to verify “facts” to the call. Example: you happen to see commie mommie and hell spawn leaving Wally World one day. Get great description of vehicle & tag number. Say that you saw mommie or daddy grab one of the kids by the upper arm and violently shake em and toss them around in parking lot while trying to wrangle them into car. Include that lots of profanity was directed at all the kids present. Report it later in the day or early evening hours. They’ll get a visit later that night and the nice social worker and cop(s) will want to strip search & photograph the kids before interviewing everybody at length. At least that’s what happened to someone in my immediate family after a liberal maggot got mad with them for something ridiculous. Return the favor y’all.

Gather as much OSINT contact info on the commies. Help them stress test and optimize their mail, email, and phone call handling infrastructure by entering said contact info on as many sales databases and marketing databases as humanly possible. Used/new car dealerships, office equipment/copier sales places, sketchy late night TV wonder kitchen appliance sales web sites, sex toy catalogs, etc., etc., ad infinitum. Use a burner laptop on an open WiFi access point connected through a non logging VPN & a tor browser to key in the info. Use a 32 gigabyte iPod running the “SUDO” app connected to the same WiFi access point to call a bunch of those sales departments, make interested inquiries or set up office visits/ equipment demonstrations under your targets name, number, and addresses. Schedule a bunch at the same time/day.

TonyBaloney said...

Be a shame if some one also stuck some tiny wire brads inside locks or parking meter coin slots along with the glue…

Anonymous said...

Better hope he doesn't get a cold sore!

Mike Austin said...

I was hanging out in Nicaragua during its Sandinista Revolution in the 1980s. I was advised by “sources” to disrupt the Nicaraguan economy in a similar fashion. Truth be told, there was not much to disrupt. A favorite of mine was those dried household sponges that expand upon contact with water. One would flush a few of these down the toilet and hilarity would ensue. Of course, if the Sandinistas caught you with some of those sponges...well, bad juju.

It would be unfortunate if this sort of thing began to occur at “progressive” places like Starbucks. Really unfortunate.

Bear Claw Chris Lapp said...

Am I not entertained.

Anonymous said...

Join county law enforcement and take back your county one badge at a time. Same thing for you state police in your capital. Run for governor as a staunch ultra conservative. Need more than just one Trump willing to step up to the plate and risk it all.

Anonymous said...

Aye, ole Ed Abbey had it right, nothing pisses TPTB off worse than Monkey Wrenchers they can't quite figure out. Especially when its done in circular fashion, always leaving just enough evidence pointing to the opposition. Thats how they play, use their rulebook.

Aesop said...

@Anon 7:54,

Um, no.
One deputy is going to take back nothing at a time, and will be subsumed by the dozens to hundreds who aren't of that sensibility.
If you want to take things back one badge at a time, the shortest route is to shoot the ones propagating the corrupt system, which is a zero-sum game with a winner and a loser.

And for those so butthurt by the fact that any of this, if anyone actually does it, might *inconvenience* everyone equally, well, yes. And that present such an obstacle that it should never be done.

because clearly, waiting to rise up at the point that they're putting the unvaxxed on boxcars for a ride to COVID concentration camps - like they'll be doing in Oz any day - will prove FAR LESS CONVENIENET to the general population, right Geniuses???

And think how inconvenient all-out civil war won't be? I mean, so what if people have to take a diffrent bus because the last one blew up? and then to have to step over those bodies on the streets, and walk around that yellow caution tape. that will be totally just a minor disruption.

Grab your smelling salts, and retire to your fainting couch, if all this is just too much for you. Lick the hands that chain you; "may those chains rest lightly on your wrists, and may posterity forget that you were ever our brethren."

It obviously escaped your notice, but people facing the actual loss of their jobs, their homes, their livelihoods, and their lives - all announced nationally by express design from the lips of the Pretender POTUS last week - aren't particularly inclined to give a flying fuck that your nose is out of joint. So catch the fuck up on current events, and pull your heads out of your asses, before they get kicked loose by everyday circumstances.

"God God, man, it's a revolution! You're going to have to offend somebody!!!" - John Adams, 1776

The Overgrown Hobbit said...

@Mike Austin tampons and maxi-pads are cheap and how DARE they migender you-?!!!

The Overgrown Hobbit said...

If you're fleeing AINO for a MAGA state, move to the city outkirts and do to the "blue" interlopers there what was done to Cali.

Be *that* migrant.

John Wilder said...

Now this feels like it has "weekly series" all over it . . . .

Rando said...

There wuz an incident years ago, where a worker was welding something on a cellular tower. Some sparks fell on the black plastic insulation of the antenna cables, igniting them. This wuz on a monopole tower which is basically a massive hollow steel tube with openings on top and bottom for passing the cable through. I cannot stress enough how important it is to be careful with ignition sources around these things.

Naturally this acted as a chimney and in short order the whole tower was in flames. Destroyed the cables, and so damaged the tower it had to be replaced.

There was another incident where a disgruntled tower worker partially cut though some guy wires holding up a guyed tower. They eventually failed and the tension of the remaining intact guy wires pulled the whole tower down. It's important to always inspect the guy anchors every time you visit a tower site before starting work.

Lots of modern wireless Telco stuff uses GPS for timing and synchronization. They look like little white inverted cones, and usually come in pairs. I've always worried about what would happen if the GPS system went down or those antennas failed. Never got a good answer from engineers...

Unknown said...

Anyone interested...

Steal This Book -

War of the Flea -

Anonymous said...

Good ideas.
Rule #1: Don't get caught

Mike-SMO said...

Note that many modern "copiers" leave a "fingerprint" on the printed page that IDs the machine and potentially the user. Also many "shops/storefronts" with copiers have security cameras and also leave a production mark on their "products" such as signs or bumper stickers. Truly anonymous is truly tricky.

Fortunately, for me, my teen pranks were in another era even if there were no injuries or damage.

Aesop said...

Don't worry about electronic fingerprints.
Cloward-Piven FTW.
Wear your best BLM/Antifa disguise, and copy away.

Bonus points: matching license plate from a similar make and model car, from the local university's faculty lot. Or City Hall employee lot.
Triple bonus: dress like the car's owner, and drive towards their neighborhood before you scrub the fake plates. Then change external appearance, wait awhile, and drive away as a new you.

The problem isn't "fingerprints". It's making doubly sure you leave someone else's. Bonus for creating red herrings.