Friday, December 18, 2020

Unbe-f***ing-lievable, Yet True

h/t: some caller to Rush's show yesterday


Miguel GFZ said...

We sent the Manson family to death row with much less evidence that it has been found so far in the fraud election cases

FredLewers said...

That's why they're NOT looking. If they even glance at it they'll HAVE to see it. Then they'll HAVE to do something about it and they KNOW that a slap in the wrist ain't gonna get it.
Nope, ain't gonna get looked at. This election was for all the marbles. AND THEY FUCKING CHEATED!!!
The commies are all in. At least they've decided that all their useful idiots in this country are all in.
Are we all in?
If so, execute unrestricted insurgency.
Mind your comms and vetting processes.

Bear Claw Chris Lapp said...

Hell of a comment that went national. Hope it adds fucktons to the furor boy when that spring releases it will be marvelous but yet extremely miserable. Von Schleiben you son of a bitch, I read your book.

Dan Patterson said...

You saw Nunes on Fox (spit)? Yammering about "something needs to be done"?
Don't you worry Devin, don't you worry one little bit. Our best men, our BEST men are on it. All over it. Yessir. Get right to it. Oh somebody will pay a price you can bet your bottom dollar on that. Yeah buddy. Big time. They'll pay a price, don't you doubt me! Yep. A price, that's for certain.
And we'll get to that right after, ehh, lemme see, uh, right after the "Winter Solstice Vacation". That should be about three to maybe six weeks after the first of the year. Nine weeks tops. Well, of course then we have to table all other business to debate the Continuing Resolution. And other business that the Majority Leader deems necessary. But right after that, you can count on us.
Oh, and we have to vote on the raises for the Legislative Branch. And clear that with our Chink overlords, of course. And they will have to agree to hear your case. But I have complete, and I mean COMPLETE confidence you will be given a top slot to make your point. Somewhere in the upper dozen. Or so.