Thursday, December 17, 2020

Get Busy

We would love to be wrong. Doubt such will be the case. 

You'd better start sorting things out on your own, and figuring out what to do and where things go, right where you are.

Or else start getting packed for the train ride to the camps. Dealer's choice.

They stole an entire election, in your face. They want control of the country, by any means necessary.

What are you going to do about that? 
Send a sternly-worded letter of protest?
Vote at them??

That's risible. And ridiculous.

Ain't gonna be no "regrouping for the next election". That was settled for all time, last week. Anybody expounding on that idea is virtue-signaling their total oblivious clueless dumbassery.
Silly marching, rallying, holding your breath until you turn blue, or resolving to taste bad when thrown to the lions isn't gong to get anything done, except you. Following delusional people in their psychotic plans is rarely a winning move.

Pay attention: The America you were born in is over. Gone. DEAD.

As Concerned American has told you at WRSA about a thousand times:

"This is where you are. Imagine where you'll be."

Any future voting will be done from rooftops and behind barricades. Etc.

Best be about it then, if you ever want your freedoms back.
Nothing less will suffice, and the other side won't stop until you bloody their noses, ideally at 3200fps or so.

We'd love to be wrong about that too. But wishing will not make it so.


idahobob said...

Not bloody their noses, but put them down, permanently.

Michael said...

Never underestimate a handful of cheap 36 grain running at 1200 FPS either small buckshot, large turkey loads or the humble 22.

That and have you ever looked at the battery powered Sawzall with those awesome blades for it?

Just *Amazing* just saying.

John said...

Word for 2021: ungovernable.

Bear Claw Chris Lapp said...

Going against Remus wisdom I did decide to go to my capital Sunday before inauguration. Maybe as a last gasp warning. If millions showed up maybe they would get the message. As I sat here and read this I am changing my mind. They are sociopaths and do not care and it does not bother them. Maybe hunkering down.

Jimmy the Saint said...

An unpleasant fact of human existence is that people ultimately just accept practically everything. Just look at some of the stuff that's already happened in this country without much more than a couple angry letters to the editor, if that.

Maybe it will be different this time, but that's the same way that collectivism gets sold to each new population, too: "This time, it will be different!"

5stonegames said...

The first thing to get out of your head is assuming people will be fighting for freedom. They won't and they were aware that until the recent COVID unpleasantness in many ways they had a lot more freedom than they did in 1960.

First -- People can have sex with any consenting adult and marry them if both wish it,

Second- people can get divorced basically at will for any reason.

Third-- People can watch and read all the obscene material they want.

Fourth -- More states allow carrying guns especially concealed than in at least half a century, maybe more.

Fifth- Many states allow the legal use of marijuana and do to lack enforcement defacto use of hard drugs

Sixth- No one is society expects folks to go to church or participate in any civic activity beyond paying taxes

Seventh-- Women can not only chose to work but are encouraged too and lose no status for having no children thus freeing them from that work if they so choose

And yes freedom of association was damaged and instead of a restrictive covenant, you have high property prices but mostly pre COVID people suddenly got a ton of new freedoms that ended up not good at all.

And sure yes some of this is leave me alone but its mostly beyond the lockdowns its about stopping and reversing immigration and building back a middle class made more difficult by the fact that this is a secular society with no reason to share a polity beyond habit.

Anyone fighting for minarchny or muh liberty is in for a nasty surprise. Almost no one wants it. They want good jobs, a stable family and political system and a stable future.

This means they may help you against the current lock down loonies and you get to get rid of gun laws some onerous laws as well as having a sane tax code hopefully low corruption and fair elections but they are not going to gut government but very possibly grow it.

The upside to all that is that this would be a decent place for wife and kids which is something we aren't getting with all those free-dumbs above.

Aesop said...

All that overlooks an ocean of seething resentment towards central government which has festered for years, not dwindled.

It also overlooks wholesale the overwhelming reality that society as we know it will not go on unhindered by silly things like economics, and chickens coming home to roost, endlessly. To the contrary, the Gods Of he Copybook headings are about to make a return like a flaming meteor strike, and leave an impact that will be memorialized in songs and fables for generations.

People are about to be crushed into bondage of many types, and so cruel as to finally get their full attention. The brighter ones won't wait until things sink to that level before kicking the party off.

When it hits the slow learners too, like birth pangs, the hit song of the day is going to be "Let's Kill Uncle", and it'll be ranked #1 - with a bullet.

People aren't going to be fighting for freedom, they're going to commit genocide for it, and government won't smaller, it's going to be drawn, disemboweled, hung, beheaded, castrated, quartered, burned, and the ashes scattered to the four winds before people are done with it, and the grinning skulls left over after the flesh left on them rots away will be perma-mounted on polls around the new government HQ, as a reminder going forward.

And that's just the opening phase of things.

The pipe-cracking patriots will go after the next tier with pliers and a blowtorch and get medieval on their asses. The howls will be so shrill as to be heard in space, and the blows so hard that peoples' grandchildren will still feel the sting.

5stonegames said...

I'm not a gambling man but I'd bet against anyone doing much of anything at all if Biden is pushed into office. Americans will passively resist but they won't do jack and a few examples will stop most of the rest cold.

I'll caveat that with the issue of mass evictions, homelessness and hunger. That can swing two ways, if Patriots have a solution instead of the tantrum strategy , they might have an army of formerly middle and working class people backing them Otherwise if the State solves it even by fiat, they'll back the State.

Numbers are not on your side and the other guys also armed now, gets a say in just how it goes.

As I like to say "You broke it, you own it." I hope like you running the FDA and EPA

Aesop said...

If you think the FDA and EPA will be up and running five seconds after things get spicy, I've got a bridge for sale, cheap.

People were willing to throw down on feds over some old swindler's cattle ranch, and that was years earlier. Those same people haven't gotten any happier with the government since then.
All it wants is a nudge, and it's going to be a 100-way party. Once a pension goes away, the people who want to play for the government are going to get pretty thin on the ground.

Half the entire US military couldn't subdue 50,000 fighters in A-stan in 10 years.
In a fight here, they're already behind enemy lines 24/7/365, and the only ROE are there are no ROE. That doesn't presage a glorious win for the Big State, or their minions.

A government that starts out of the gate minus the consent of 50% of its people is walking down stairs, barefoot, in the dark, on banana peels.

It isn't going to end well for them.

I'd give you good odds Biden is sworn in as the next president.
I'd give you better ones that if that happens, he's also the last one, for some good time to come.

Nothing happening is a recipe for the return of gulags. But everybody knows that, and the ones who matter - who would be the first guests in them - already have guns.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, those pipe hitting niggas are a motherfucker.

Unknown said...

If I was them I'd be saying I wish he was on our side. But I'm not. That's really bad news for them.

Anonymous said...

The street deployed contingents belonging to the "other guys" are not even close to being as equally armed as "pipe-cracking patriots," nor do they possess equal numbers of fighters already skilled and experienced in the use of firearms. O-Dog killing Korean grocers does not count. Our supposed side still runs the table with that advantage for the time being.

Sean said...

The America you were born in is DEAD. Gone. Keep hammering that home boss, you wouldn't be surprised at how many people need to hear that more than a few times. I can remember soldiers who should have known better, asking me what were we doing when I ripped open their tents during a lightening and rain storm, and told them we are moving out in 2 minutes. That, and this is the old normalcy bias holding peoples feet to the spot they're on like they were welded to it. Many still remain to be talked into active resistance, and many are still going to go "tharn", like a rabbit frozen by a loud motor. I think of you like a colonel anymore, belching fire, and bellowing damnation. The non-coms need to be out there bellowing and bawling out the troops and the 'cruits, and getting their people in order. I think many want to fight. They just need some good old fashioned encouragement to do war.

Wyomarine said...

The majority of people just want this to blow over so they can go back to their normie lives in Feb. They haven't the understanding of long term political repercussions.
I've sent a shit ton of emails to folks, never get a reply, since they want me to go away too. They can't handle the stress, and are clueless what will happen from their own inaction. They are incapable of doing anything except what they are told to do by Big Brother. These are the guppies that get swallowed by the sharks, or help their neighbors on to the buses.
Anyone expecting help to come need only look around them at all the clueless idiots and let reality slap them in the face.
Be the leader you're looking for.

Flight Doc said...

FYSA Posted this on American Contingency.

Steady Steve said...

Aesop @10:37
Such a sunny view of the situation. I do think it would be better to arrange the skulls in niches in the wall around the main entry to the buildings. As a daily reminder, of course.