Wednesday, December 16, 2020

For Liberal Arts Majors and Vocational Ed Students: This Is Science

From 4 years ago, before COVIDiots fornicated 
anything on the topic all to Hell and gone.

Here's your mission:

Perform (or find someone else who has already) the following actual scientific study.
a) Get 400 petri dishes the size of a human face, filled with any standard bacterial and viral test growth medium. Mount them at a center height of 5'6", flatly facing the test subjects.
b) Have 100 different people sneeze at a plate apiece from 30' away, indoors, in still air.
c) Have 100 people cough on a plate apiece from 10' away, indoors, in still air.
d) Repeat b and c exactly 200 more times, except put a face mask (or even 2-4 different masks) on the persons sneezing/coughing first.
e) Culture all 400 of the petri dishes according to standard protocols.
f) Money shot: demonstrate that bacterial growth on d is exactly the same as b and c.
g) Show all work.
h) Bonus Round: Do it with 100 people with active, symptomatic Kung Flu.

Do that, and it's over. The science is settled, and masks don't work.

Knock yourselves out.

You should note that to date, no one has done that, AFAIK, because they know it won't show what they want it to. You won't either, to a metaphysical certainty, because you already know the idea is recockulous.

If it would work that easily, anyone could do it with half their brain tied behind their back.

But that's what science looks like, because it can be repeated, endlessly, just like the assertion that at sea level, at 1 atmosphere of normal air pressure, at 50% humidity, plain water freezes at 32 degrees Fahrenheit. No one argues that, because it's repeatable, until (you should pardon the phrase) Hell freezes over. 

Evidentiary repeatability = science.

Can't do that?
Can't find anyone who already did?
Can't find the scores of hospitals that ban surgical masks in surgery, "because they don't work"?
And no actual 10-year study showing no increase in post-op infections?

Hmm. That's quite the poser.

Science is.
It has no politics. (Ask Galileo.)
And one "study", or 200, are generally so much horsesh*t.
Because the rate of reproducibility for actual published and allegedly peer-reviewed studies has been crashing towards 0%, year after year, (and everyone but the MSM knows this), proving that they aren't science, but rather advocacy, or grant money rent-seeking, without anything like repeatable evidence to back them up.



Mark said...

I think the reason why people are passionate about masks is that they see them as symbolic of acceptance for all the OTHER horse-squeeze happening. For instance, PA Governor Tom Wolf announced last week that all indoor dining is prohibited in PA from Dec 12 thru Jan 4, because apparently a few non-chain restaurants in the state haven't yet gone out of business and they were hoping holiday business would keep them afloat. (You can, of course, dine outdoors. In Pennsylvania. In December. Where last night we got over a foot of snow.) BTW, my county has, since April, recorded fifteen whole deaths from COVID-19 out of 51,000 souls.

We won't even get into the stuff happening in your great state of CA, or NY or NJ.

While I don't believe "It's just the flu", you prevent transmission of it in EXACTLY the same way you prevent transmission of flu in the absence of a vaccine (like in those years TPTB guess wrong about the strain): Wash/sanitize your hands, cover your mouth when you cough or sneeze (and wash your hands afterward), don't touch your face, wear a mask around people who are likely to die if they get it. If you DO get sick stay away from others. Oh, and if you're one of those people who's likely to die if you get it, stay home and take extra precautions like face shields or N-95 masks. Maybe, I dunno, DON'T SEND SICK PEOPLE TO NURSING HOMES.

Yeah, I know, Gilligans, except the Gilligans who caused the most problems had "Governor" or "Mayor" in front of their names. I guarantee the governor and mayor of NY state and city respectively caused more Chinkflu deaths than any individual Gilligan who wore his mask below his nose, AND they destroyed a thriving economy, putting millions out of work AND caused the real estate markets and entertainment industries (among others) to crash.

Mark D

jadair04 said...

I believe masks work to prevent contamination being spread, science supports this. Everything has it's place in the toolbox.
Mask use is also becoming a religious ritual. No one sneezes into a mask and leaves it on their face. Second sneeze?
We should be promoting hygiene. Sneeze into your elbow or a tissue/handkerchief.
On the most interesting note of 2020, Who are this people that didn't wash their hands regularly?
Thanks for the blog.

Aesop said...


Full marks. 10/10.
But the idiots driving things sideways now all have "internet soopergenius" on their business cards. CA is blowing up now, like it didn't last spring, because of 10M Gilligans, not just one elected one.

That doesn't mean Gov. Corleone and Mayor deBozo, among others, shouldn't also be prosecuted for 30,000 counts of "criminally negligent manslaughter, with depraved indifference".

I'm really happy for anyplace that's escaped the Kung Flu problems. (So far.)
But the idiots will eventually get it there too, and do the same thing in your patch they have in mine.