Sunday, December 6, 2020

Sunday Music: Find Your Way Back

Bog simple kick@$$ rock anthem from a mature band with nothing to prove, and got them their first charted single. I was never a fan of J.A. (because I didn't drop acid in the '60s), but this one from the re-organized J. Starship iteration is timeless, and sounds as good now as it did nearly 40 years ago. if anything, it underlines how humble and simply untalented most modern schlock rock is.

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RandyGC said...

Saw them on the concert tour for this album in the fall of 81. U of Iowa Field house

don't know why I bothered to pay for down front seats as a bunch of the cheap seat crowd came down onto the court and stood in front of the front row seats, so spent most of the show standing up anyway to see the stage.

Good show though.