Wednesday, December 2, 2020

How BFYTW Works When You Redline It

If someone is a politician or public employee in on the Big Con, from any party, at any level above deputy assistant dogcatcher, after the coup is fully enabled, they're going to be a high value target.

Nota bene: I'm not calling for this. That's just what happens. It's inevitable.

If someone is enabling the coup and gaslighting the reality of election fraud, via anything from twaddling on tweeter, to reading the nightly ABCNNBCBeeEss propaganda, they're going to be a target.

If anyone gets between the Coup and The People, to defend the former from the justified wrath of the latter, they're going to find out what feeding their jangly bits into a wood chipper - slowly - feels like, and deservedly so. (Doubt it? Go watch any number of videos of Ukrainian riot police getting hit with a shitstorm of Molotov cocktails in their APCs, and subsequently toasted alive, and get back to the class.)
Those desirous of collecting any pension should stand down, stay home, or switch sides. No warning shots will be fired. And after the first one, the rest are free, and there's no point in moderation once that Rubicon is crossed. 

If anyone is cheering it on, they're going to be in play as well.

And their businesses, goods and chattels, and if it comes to it, their own relatives and relations will be so much collateral damage. {Google: Bombing of Dresden In World War II)

Except the offended parties aren't liable to be as precise* as Norden bombsights were.
Nor to GAF about the niceties.

Sh*t happens, kids. Sherman knew: "War is all Hell."

This sort of thing doesn't require a savior, nor a general, nor even a Robbespierre or Rasputin, to happen. In fact, the less Command and Control that exists, the hotter it burns, and the wider the napalm splashes. Because if there's no one to turn it on and aim it, there's no one to turn it off, nor keep it pointed in any specific direction.

(And if you think anyone and everyone won't use "Weapons Free" Spicy Time as an excuse to settle any number of private grievances, from legit to petty, because Marquess Of Queensbury Rules, I've got a bridge for sale to you, cheap.)

"Bosnia x Rwanda." - Matt Bracken

Think Three Stooges pie fight.
With land mines.
In a gasoline refinery.

And it isn't about who gets elected.
It's about whether elections matter at all, or not.
It's about whether the republic stands, or falls.

It isn't Trumpistas against Never-Trumpers.
It's not going to be Democrats vs. Republicans.
It's going to be constitutional republicans vs. banana republicans.
And they won't be Goldwater republicans.
They're going to be LeMay republicans.

FTR, the most elegantly simple way to know one side has reached that magic value for "enough", is when there aren't any more left to kill.
At all.

The Democrat communist Left (but I repeat myself) is running their locomotive full steam in the red zone, right at the bridge over that chasm, to get the coup they've huffed and puffed and salivated for, since 2015 (if not 1933, or 1912).
And that bridge they're counting on getting over? 
Not there.

Dear DNC: Drive like hell. You'll get there.

Everything that happens after that last inch is crossed is simply gravity, working.


*(FTR, the Norden bombsight was so accurate it enabled B-17 and B-24 pilots to drop 500# bombs to an accuracy of minute of grid square. Sometimes, minute of city. And that's when they were even trying. What's coming is going to be more like a flamethrower duel in a toilet stall. And the courts at all levels including SCOTUS fumbling - accidentally or on purpose - their upcoming part in the ongoing coup is going to accelerate that, not mitigate it nor quench it. Bet your @$$ on that. And this isn't going away just because it pisses you off, nor even if you click your heels together and repeat "There's no place like home. There's no place like home." You're not in Kansas anymore, Toto. Best wrap your head around that Reality, soonest.)


Trumpeter said...

Sorry, the Nordeen bombsight accuracy is just a myth. A direct hit was classified as within a quarter mile of the target. No success bombing factories, so they switched to rail and road bombing and had success. Easier to hit, you just line up overhead and drop.

See Theodore White, "Fire in the Ashes"

Charlie said...

Basically, yes.

LTiB (Lets Take it Back) said...

I am glad someone has the courage to finally say it. The unintended consequences of treachery are rarely well thought out if at all. Fuck with the bull and you get horned, sums it up pretty well, don't you think?

Aesop said...


First of all:
It's Norden, not Nordeen.

It's not a myth.
Read up.

So, is reading comprehension a myth too? Or did you just skip the whole "minute of grid square" explanation at the bottom of the post? Honestly, kids, I don't just roll out of bed in my pjs and burb these out between swigs of 'shine.

Mike Guenther said...

Just as in long range rifle shooting, if you don't know ballistics of whatever size dumb bomb you're dropping ,it doesn't matter how good a bomb site is.

For instance, at 3500 ft flight elevation and 450 knots ground speed, the ballistics for a 750 pound Mark 84 low drag bomb is 1,000 ft from point of release to point of impact...if memory serves. (It's been 40 years.)