Sunday, December 27, 2020

Sunday Music: My Maria

B.W. Stevenson almost couldn't catch a break. He released Shambala in the spring of '73, only to have Three Dog Night drop their version a week later, which quickly buried his. So later that year, he wrote and released this song, and finally caught the wave, riding this one to the Top Ten of the Hot 100, and #1 on adult contemporary charts, his one big certified hit.  Proving it wasn't a fluke, Brooks and Dunn covered it in 1996, and took it to number 1 again, this time on the Country charts. But we always liked the original best.


Unknown said...

That complete album is one of my all time favorites. Swiped the 8-track from my dad when I was a senior in high school, eventually lost it and in the late 80's found 2 new copies on vinyl, one is still sealed.

jen said...

One of my favorites. Thanks.