Monday, December 7, 2020

Through The Looking Glass

Biden obviously won.
Trump is delusional.
Theories of election fraud have all been debunked.
Global warming is real.
You can print money forever without consequence.
You can tax your way to prosperity.

To the Leftards, these and dozens more recockulous lunacies are all self-evident "truths".
They're as sure of them as they are that the sun will rise in the morning.
Their soothsayers at ABCNNBSeeBS all assure them of the immovably true truthiness of all of it, and ignore everything that doesn't fit that narrative.
Not content to merely exclude opposing views, they now try to eliminate all trace of them, and then go after their families.

And in about 7 weeks, if not sooner, this is what happens:

They're going to be stunned, gobsmacked, shocked, their flabber will be well and truly gasted, and they will have the unmistakable imprint of a cod on their faces when they get codwalloped.

And some of them are going to be the first ones on their block to be the guys prying that IED out of the ground.

Play stupid games: win stupid prizes.

But they really and truly live in an alternate reality, and have no idea exactly what they've been prying on this time, and won't until their minds are opened.

Generally, by pieces of steel and exploding Composition B, at about 4000fps.

Those terms are acceptable.


BigCountryExpat said...

I remember that one... small 'innocuous mine' with a deeply dug and rigged 155. Totally annihilated that team. The JEFF team said ID was 'counting toofuses' JEFF=Joint Expeditionary Forensics Force... drank a LOT w/them back in the day... any wonder?

Robin Datta said...

إنشاءاللّٰہ تعالىٰ
Inshallah Ta'ala The Great God Willing!

Bear Claw Chris Lapp said...

Sociopath you can look it up

T said...

Point of order: The detonation velocity of Comp B isn't 4000 fps, it's over 8000 meters per sec.

Sorry, Aesop, I couldn't resist....LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL...