Tuesday, December 15, 2020

Just In Case You're Asked...

It's always a good idea to have your information handy, and all your papers in order.


Imagine Team Oppression trying to process 70M identical answers.

BTW: Sort of on topic, don't make identical serial numbers for all your 80% irons. That would be baaaaaaaad.
Because how could they ever tell who owned what, or where it came from, and whether or not it had been turned in, destroyed, etc.?

Anyone who wondered what would happen if everyone made the same license plate, move over to the Honors class.

Monkey...meet wrench.


FredLewers said...

Not hard to add tape to a license plate to change the numbers & letters...
Bonus points if you go to a hobby store and get the right color reflective tape to really make it look legit.
And imagine the confusion if the same plate kept showing up on their video feeds on different vehicles.
Double points if a dummied plate number points to a member of the local political/LEO crowd.

Jimmythetriger said...

Hey what about those of us that are Dorsai, shai Dorsai.

Mightybison said...

If I may recommend a serial number for 80% anythings, "ATFSUCKS1" would do nicely