Friday, December 4, 2020

It's Easy When You Know How

h/t  DNC


T said...


Have you that it may not be just the DNC involved?

Donald Trump, regardless of how people may personally view him, has done more to reveal the Deep State and the American Nomenklatura than any other POTUS. He's not part of "them."

Imagine this:

The DNC and the "old-school" GOP both have a problem called Donald Trump. He's a populist, and his support is growing.

The DNC goes to some of the high ranking "old-school" GOP members and says: "Look, Trump is going to mess up everything we enjoy as Washingtonians. You guys hate him too. We can't take another 4 yrs of him, the American public may actually come to understand whats going on.
We have a way to make sure he doesn't get re-elected via election fraud, but we need you GOPs to provide some cover, and not dig too deep. Just put on a show about investigating, but just window dressing.
After thinking it over, the GOPers who are approached agree, but with a condition: the down-ballet races are left alone, just Trump has to go.
The DNC agrees, and the chicanery begins.

Maybe my hat's on too tight, would explain a lot.


Something else:

Aesop said...

It doesn't matter.

They're all on the same side.