Thursday, December 3, 2020

Two Elections

One down.

One warming up in the on-deck circle.


June J said...

"They" think just because there hasn't been massive pushback to their socialist agenda so far, that no pushback is how it's always going to be.

"They" are wrong.

NightBreaker said...

Its time for this Generations Testing
All is up for grabs
The Blood spent in places like Normandy , Iwo Jima , Kha san and the sacrifices
of common people brought together by fate will not be in vain.
All will be required by many.
The cost of doing nothing is greater than the price of failure .
all those that have gone before us cry out .
IT is your Time.
Its is better to face Fearsome odds for principals that define who we are than to surrender to lessers who have no principals other than the blind acquisition of power.
Never forget the lessons of the past, they are guideposts for the present and the path to our future.
Never surrender while you still have the means to resist.
In every breath life.