Sunday, December 13, 2020

Sunday Music: 'Tis The Season

You'll notice, please, that we weren't in a great all-fired hurry to trot out Christmas tunes, after the underwhelming response to the suggestion last year. And while we like the genre, we tend to be uber-traditionalist. Sadly, much of what we love has been played literally to death. So this week, we bring you two tunes: one you might remember, but probably haven't had played to death. The other you almost certainly haven't heard of until today.

The first one requires some prologue.
In planning the eventual Camp Snoopy, I was looking at alternative building techniques, and stumbled across a gem of a YouTube vlog. A family of six (yes, six!) somewhere in the southwest desert, who ditched town for the great nowhere, and who've been cranking out weekly video offerings documenting that such that they rival professional productions. I haven't missed one in about six years. Every Friday evening, they bring forth their weekly "what we've been up to this week", and they are YouTube all-stars. You should totally check out their weekly 20ish minute updates. They're as good as any show that you'll find on pay cable, and better than most.

But they do a lot more than endlessly build their home. Great parents and four kids who are multi-talented means that this week, oldest daughter Bree Whatever has the chops to drop a solid little Christmas song onto YouTube (and iTunes, etc.), which is not only radio-worthy, it's just plain good. And if you've ever spent Christmas someplace where anything like snow is a bit iffy, you'll get it. Take a look, and if you like it, share it.

The other one is an 80s quirky cult classic, from a time when bands played their instruments, and singers sang without autotune, and had to come up with a good song involving some creative lyrics and solid chops, instead of just a throbbing bass track, raunchy R-to-X-rated lyrics, and a music video with more skin than a porn shoot. Enjoy.

Seasons Greetings!

And starting today, we include some messages for friends:

Raspberry 74130

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r31=n  i=+3h  acdpB  sGc5H  EETv>
~S?L*  JNs]L  /CP-I  q/-n7  A{RYC
Y=$xK  /Tz*1  a)C3p  kd&@P  Sh#9O

Good luck.


Bear Claw Chris Lapp said...

Ha. Have the first one on my phone still like it. Wife hates it. Retailer where she works plays it constantly during the season. Thank you for the new stuff, outstanding.

show me one socialist success in world history said...

Thanks for the link to the happy family working together on a long term project. So unusual, so much fun, quirky and laid-back enjoyable. Exactly what I needed and I'll bet millions could benefit from.

RandyGC said...

I remember the Waitresses tune, and a few others from them as well. Hadn't heard it for years. Thanks for the reminder!

Spent a couple of Christmases in Hawaii. Christmas Eve: 70 degrees, 100% humidity, regular downpours and swatting mosquitoes. At least the mosquito coils I burned in my quarters (Directions? Warnings? Never saw them on the box)gave my quarters a sort of a pine aroma vibe.

Nick Flandrey said...

Here's another very talented young lady, with an original Christmas song

I like ALL of her songs, fwiw...


Orvan Taurus said...

That second one? On store PA now. So... so much for lack of overplay.

Aesop said...

Nice try, but one store does not an overplay make.