Monday, February 19, 2018

Once And For All

According to the prophecy, "as a dog returneth to his vomit", the Leftards just can't get that gun control bone out of their throat.

So, in a certainly futile but calm and simple explanation, we will fisk their Jurassic Park-level pile of brontosaurus mung once and for all, and explain why there will never be anything approximating "gun control", as they feverishly imagine and fap to in their bedchambers nightly.

The argument will take this on in several parts, all unassailable reasons in themselves, and in the whole, tending to straightjacket the futility of the undertaking with, were we Emperor For A Day, some deserved finality.

I. The Argument from Law

Idiot Mung-Corporal declares: "Let's repeal the Second Amendment"

Which might as well be entitled, "Let's ban oxygen!"

The problem with that clever plan, D-student civics fucktards, is that the Second Amendment to the US Constitution confers no right to bear arms, nor ever has, and its repeal revokes no such right. It merely notes a pre-existing right, because of Natural Law (you should look that up). These were well-understood far and wide in America long before Jefferson penned the phrase "endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights" eleven years before the Constitution was under discussion.
In short, best wishes with that, knock yourselves out, and when you get to the mountaintop, you'll notice there's nothing there.

The Second Amendment only constrains government (and we see how well that's working, 30,000 deliberate infringements later) by design, from interfering in any wise with a natural law right to self-defense, and its means by the most practical current expedients. It's an unalienable right. That means it's irrevocable, untouchable, and baked into your DNA, in perpetuity. It predates the US Constitution by millenia, is wholly untouched and unconstrained by it, and entirely and permanently beyond the jurisdiction of such paltry authorities (by contrast) as the President, Congress, or the Supreme Court to touch, alter, grant, revoke, or deny.

Game. Set. Match.

You can repeal the entire US Constitution, beginning to end, and it still doesn't mean I have to give up my guns. Not even any one of them.

But the attempt, let alone the actual accomplishment, to repeal the amendment would have a very beneficial effect: it identifies the would-be repealers as unmitigated tyrants, and leaves me a clear conscience henceforth when I undertake to send them to Hell, on a shutter. Which will follow, I assure, like night follows sunset.

Which brings me to my next point.

II. The Argument From Mathematics

The entire US military is, currently, some 2,441,886 persons.
All of law enforcement in the US, federal, state, and local, is guesstimated to be around 3 million.
That's every swinging Richard you would have (theoretically) to enforce any such draconian nonsense as a repeal on private arms ownership, or any portion thereof.

For comparison, in the US, in just 2015, there were over 20,000,000 NCIS background checks for private firearms purchases. IOW, in just one year, there were four times as many guns sold to US citizens than the total number of soldiers and cops there are to try and take them away.

From 1999-2018, the number of NCIS checks is over 250,000,000.
Some of them denied a sale, and some of them were for multiple guns in one sale. Some were even to the cops and soldiers in question as well. My SWAG is that all evens out.

TPTB are outgunned - just in the last 20 years - by private citizens in the US, by over fifty to one. Even the monstrously huge US military of WWII, over 12 million troops, was dwarfed by private gun sales in the US in any one year since 2000.

And that's just the last two decades. (Not for nothing was Hopey Dopey's picture on display in countless US gun stores over the heading "Gun Salesman Of the Year" , a record he held consecutively from 2008-2017.)

How many guns total are there in private hands in the US?
No one has any wild idea.

You'll hear or read the conventional SWAG of "300 million guns".
Um, not even close.

A far better number was posited by the late and dearly missed Kevin O'Brien at his WeaponsMan blog, in October 2016. He showed his homework, and his number was
between 412-660 Million guns.

He was being very conservative.
It's probably nearer than farther from one billion guns in American hands.
Legal, illegal, on the books, off the books, whatever. Pistols, rifles, shotguns, black powder. Every one of them just sitting there every day, not decomposing very fast, some as serviceable today as they were a hundred years ago when they were new.

So figure 20-50 Billion rounds of ammunition for them. Perhaps ten or a hundred times that.

Go ahead, Snowflakes. Round them up.

For another metric, the membership in the NRA is only 4-5 million people. Some of those are squishy, and more than a few gun owners won't join the NRA because it is "too soft".
But we'll let those metrics cancel each other out, and call it a draw.

So out of 80-100M gun owners, you decide you're going to target the NRA. On any Monday.
If they decide to say no, and take out one of yours (on the gun-grabbing side) for every one of them you round up or eliminate (because the gun-grabbers saying "kill" seems to upset them), on Tuesday morning the week you start, you have no cops, and no military left, and there are still 75-95 Million gun owners left, armed, standing, and more than a little pissed off at you and your tactics.

Let's be generous: let's assume only 10% of even the NRA are hard-core fanatics.
So you now have a well-armed insurgency, one that's orders of magnitude more wealthy, intelligent, cunning, and oh by the way, able to blend in here, than say, the Taliban, and it only numbers 500,000 people. And rest assured, gun grabbers, they didn't like you very much before you decided to go all George III/Hitler/Stalin/Mao/Castro on them. And unlike the Taliban, all of them are already here. And you've not only announced your tyrannical intent, you've given them every reason to take no prisoners.

And btw, no small number of them are (or have been) the very soldiers and police you think you'll be sending to do the gun round-ups. Doesn't matter if it's only 1% of the latter, you know it's true, and anyone who knows counter-intel and counter-insurgency knows the final solution to that equation:
Your side is totally fucked.

Which all leads, inevitably, to the next point.

III. The Argument From Historic Reality

For every raid you make, you'll take heavy casualties. Of people you can't replace, from people who aren't that keen to take on your suicide mission in the first place. If you execute ten, they'll kill fifty. A hundred. They'll shoot your guys when they're getting a sandwich, or taking a crap. They'll kill them at home, in front of their families. Coming out the front door, riding in a cruiser, hiding under their beds. There'll be nowhere to run, and nowhere to hide.

Because they've had it up to the neck with being falsely blamed for every bat-shit crazy Democrat wingnut and the misbegotten foreign jihadis you've imported, covered for, and inflicted on the population, and the blameless absolutely law-abiding gun owners and their innocent tools, by the hundreds of millions, getting tagged for what those jackholes have done - while you dithered. And when they swing back, it's not going to be a wimpy slapfight. You're going to see a civil uprising that would make Antietam Creek look like the punchbowl at a Sunday picnic.

They're going to stop your little party, for all values rhetorically possible for the phrase "Never again."

And then, Snowflake, when they've chewed through your best, then your second-rates, and when there's no one left worth a bullet, they'll be coming for you.
All of "you".

You wouldn't listen at the soap box, you discarded the announcements from the jury box, you've tried to upend the ballot box, and now you want to use the power of the state to use the cartridge box, and you're undercapitalized in a game you were "all in" on. They're going to call your markers, and you'll pay with your sorry asses, in blood. All wagers will be payable at the table, and too late, you'll find out your rhetoric wrote a check you're not willing to cash with your bodies.

Every big-mouth gun-hating politician, every Leftard columnist and TV talking airhead, every yapping SJW on FaceSpace or MyBook or Twaddle. They'll be doxxed, then they'll be found dancing at the end of a wire under a bridge or a lightpost. Their houses will burn down. Their cars will explode. The cities where they think they're strong will go dark, cold, and hungry. Trucks won't run, train tracks will go missing, air transport will get shot down, or shot up, bridges will fall and people will rise. Then all the money, oil, gasoline, and clout your side thinks will run things will disappear like fog on a hot day.

And then, the people who thought you had this thing under control will turn on you, and what's left of you they'll kill themselves, with their bare hands if need be. Just to get the power back on, and the food trucks rolling again. They'll bring us your severed heads on platters as a peace offering, by way of an apology. And I don't mean that metaphorically.

And then President Trump, and the basket of Deplorables who voted him in, will be the most left-wing population this country will see for the next century, at least.

And if you're really, really lucky, we won't keep going, and start cleaning house on a scale beyond just our own borders.

Because once the genie of open societal warfare is out of the bottle, why stop half-way?

I'll tell you why.

IV. The Argument From Politics

As intractably stupid as your Common-Core educated SJW-slurping Team Fucktard is, some few of you can do the math, above.
It's the reason both MLK and Malcolm X told their own side to cool their jets on taking on Whitey, because they could do the math on open warfare at 10:1 odds.

The lesson of history rings eternal: Don't be Custer.

As several hundred Redcoat corpses deposited from Concord to their Boston barracks might have told you, if you'd been awake that day in history class.

So, long before anything I wrote above has a shred of a chance of happening, your own side's few numerate sages will sabotage it. Because they don't like the taste of their own blood, and they don't want to do a jig at the end of a rope. Not on such a lost, hopeless fool's errand as this.

They'll see that it never gets to the starting gate.

So all this noise is just ass-gas to get the retards among you (and believe me, that's a healthy majority of all of you who think this way, going back to forever) all amped up and stupid, because you feel better than you think (when you even bother), and you yell better than you can speak, on your best days.

And all that noise and anger might nudge the needle a bit, and scare the squishes on our side, and get you some paltry sinecure, or minor concessions, just enough for all the morons at the totem pole to yawp and roister about, and claim "Victory!", before you scuttle back to your iPods, iPads, and sustainable algae cake and tofu milk mochalottacrappafrapachinos, while you fap to your imaginary power, and prostrate yourselves before your ignorant Overlords who curate the Hive Mind.

You're the ones that never figured out that TV really is the "idiot box", and whose highest goal in life is to get your 15 minutes of pseudo-fame. The kids in school who ate the book covers for the paste.

TPTB know - mostly they do, anyways - that you're not very bright, which they count on for their positions, but they also have some bare inkling that if you monkeys throw too much feces, the zoo keepers will be coming by, and they won't be using fire hoses this time.
It'll be shotguns.

We're not going to listen, because we've heard you out for eighty years. We aren't going to humor you, we aren't going to haggle over an unalienable right, and we aren't going to discuss this, not for a moment, not one whit. Gun control is off the table. You lost, and it's time to pack up your pathetic whiny rent-a-mobs, roll up the astroturf outrage, and toddle back to mommy's basement, get out of your black hoods, climb back into your footie pajamas, and wait for your nightly cup of hot cocoa.

So maybe, just maybe, fight upstream against the torrent of stupid in your anemic bloodstreams, and STFU.

Before the other side decides it's time to clean up your zoo, for good.

Stop throwing feces, and go back to playing with your bananas.


MMinWA said...

Hear hear

John said...


Phil said...

I like what you said but I think you were being too damn polite.

MMinWA said...

I copied, with credit to you and this site of course, your fabulous post in the comments at CommonDreams.

Anonymous said...

You have a great way with words! I agree 1000%. When someone in my church talks gun control, I ask, "what do you think is protecting you"? We ccw members are all carrying, but we don't tell them who.

Anonymous said...

Quote..."So, long before anything I wrote above has a shred of a chance of happening, your own side's few numerate sages will sabotage it.'

I respect your opinions a lot. I hope you are right on this one. My belief is, sooner or later, they are going to have to test the waters. Probably in some "safe" area like NY or Kali. And if they get away with it there..... well, you know... CW Buff out....

DTG said...

Reblogged on Defensive Training Group:

Very well done!

SiGraybeard said...

Unassailable logic. If anything, you understate just how bad it would get for them if they tried their wet-dream confiscation schemes.

Jim Scrummy said...

Can I have an AMEN! Really, nothing to add. I'm done negotiating. Nothing to negotiate or bargain, at this or any time. Don't want it to come down to a two-way range, but, unfortunately, it may have to happen. Again, I DO NOT WANT THAT.

Anonymous said...

Great post regarding the latest blather from msm and sjw crew, although their ability to apply logic to issues is not in evidence.

I have to say you must have a brother by another mother as your post doubles down and expands on his position/post back in 2015. Dethguild went dark over 2 years ago, apparently presciently seeing the future of FUSA. He like you, had a way words and we are worse off by his absence.

I do hope he is well and I thank you for your continued efforts and posts on behalf of liberty and our rights. It’s clear from the noise coming from the FL school shooting, that the government public (propaganda) education system has succeeded in dumbing down the citizen-serfs.

Here’s the link for those that are interested.

Anonymous said...

agree with the above 100% and the ptb know it. think the real question that needs to be addressed is how will they attempt to neutralize the 2nd? CM Dutch

James M Dakin said...

I think you underestimate how stupid these people are. It could be all the soy. Even if not, they have lived so long in special snowflake heaven that they have no clue about real life. If they dream it, we must build it for them. Malcom had the reality of poverty and real persecution. What have todays LibTards experienced? Just saying, don't depend on cooler heads. It's going to be limp wrist female grenade throwing all over again.

Anonymous said...

Great post. So easy even the progressive socialists should be able to understand it.

The problem I see is the progressive socialists don't believe their opponents will pull the trigger en masse to oppose them. They believe freedom loving Americans will, like others throughout the world have done before, will willingly climb into the box cars.

Cj said...

That was really well thought out, much deeper than I have ever gone due to one question that I don't know the answer to...

What will the rest of the world do when that happens? The UN isn't exactly a pro-gun organization and I can't think of any other countries out there that are pushing for more freedom of the people.

As I see it, it's more likely that the Blue Helmet clone army might be showing up rather quickly to "contain" the humanitarian crisis... squash the rebellion, etc.

If it weren't for these outside forces, I would completely agree. But there are too many countries out there that hate us and I don't think they want to see us become the nation that would come out of the situation you just described.

Prepare for the worst, hope for the best... circle of influence, circle of concern... keeping these in perspective, I pray it never comes to that!

Tactless Wookie said...

Not one more inch. If the 'tards want to push this we will finally get to level 16. I am old and have nothing to lose.

Anonymous said...

I for one do not think that American citizens will fight back. As Orwell put it, they will not look up from their screens.

My prediction is that the minion's handlers will do this the same way they always have, by using incrementalism, if they have the votes to accomplish it. The arithmetic of illegals and a "path to citizenship" plus voter fraud equals success. The "conservatives" will do what they always do, in Dabney's words: "American conservatism is merely the shadow that follows Radicalism as it moves forward towards perdition. It remains behind it, but never retards it, and always advances near its leader..."

Another AW ban will be proposed, and if passed will be received with the same complacence as the last one; there was no "uprising", just complaining. Incrementalism is used because it has been an historical success; it works.

Most countries do not dissolve catastrophically but instead by slow and inexorable corrosion. Case in point: our very fine host (and I mean that in all sincerity) is now at the point whereby he has called for an end to military participation because of social engineering abominations. Without any criticism of that position (I wholeheartedly agree), there are many who have been saying the same thing for decades when it first started down that road.

That is how incrementalism works. When the program first starts, some see it, but not enough. When enough see it, it is only thrown down by catastrophe, which most people will not embrace because personal comfort controls and inhibits stepping off of that precipice.

Anyway, that is my take.

swimologist said...

The "Natural Right" has already been chipped away. The Left doesn't have to go after the "2nd Amendment." Bit by bit, they'll restrict it to their satisfaction. There was already 10 years of Federal "assault weapon" ban that banned rifles with certain features. At what point comes your
"Hell, no!" response you talk about? Another assault weapons ban? Because something like it IS coming if there's another mass school shooting. Almost guaranteed

Anonymous said...

Interference by third-world blue helmets is simply target enrichment - they don't seem to be able to manage African control so what makes anyone native to the U.S. take them serious except as cannon-fodder to waste our ammo?

Aesop said...

Don't be silly:
If you shoot UN troops, it's not a waste of ammo.
It's to get their rifles and ammo and grenades and machineguns and tanks and APCs.

Your neighbors are going to needs weapons too, right?

Anonymous said...

Not at all concerned with the prospect of blue helmets; I've seen them "in action" too many times.
There seems to be an obligatory response from some on " our side" to denigrate the prospect of enough finally being enough; they mistake restraint for apathy. It's always got this "neener neener, you haven't shot yet, and thus you never will" aspect to it.
Believe that at your peril.
Boat Guy

Phil said...

Those pretty blue UN combat helmets would become instant collectors items.
You can be absolutely, positively sure, that the Deep State has run simulations and gamed that scenario out to it's obvious conclusion.
Let me tell you what the conclusions to that are.
The minute those blue helmets start dismounting on US soil for the purpose of disarmang the citizens of this country the fuse is lit.
We, us, the citizens of this country who consider ourselves to be patriotic Americans will descend on them like a plague of locusts. While we are taking care of that little problem, we will be honing our battle skills and getting very, seriously, pissed, off.
It would be within two weeks that some would decide that this killing thing isn't so hard after all and decide that the SOB's that sent these people in the first place need some of it.
At the same time, lists that have been made prior to these events will be broken out and consulted.
Certain individuals on these lists will also start showing up dead, in small numbers at first. You could call these people collaborators. Shortly after that, a full blown civil war will be declared and then it's on like Donkey Kong.

As Deathguild said, when it's over there will either be no more of us or no more of them.
This one will be for all the marbles.
I miss that guy.

Anonymous said...

This is the single best and most cogent screed ever penned on this subject.
Let's hope it doesn't come down to "it" because, if it does, this country, along with most of the developed world, will truly achieve a most singular and spectacular "helter skelter." Cue Kipling's "Copybook Headings..."

Anonymous said...

I am just in awe of this fabulous post! I salute your genius, and will print this to show to any moron who starts preaching gun control to me. Clear vision and no pussy footing around-Ethan Allen incarnate!
-Stealth Spaniel

Dan said...

Your arguments are unassailable, as Mr. Spock might say "your logic is impeccable".'s a waste of time....the vast majority of 'gun grabbers' are knuckle draggin booger eatin oxygen thieves incapable of logic, reason or common sense. They emote their way through lives without the need or ability to think for themselves. This group provides the political clout for the people who are TRULY behind the 'gun grabbers'. The commie demonrats seeking to disarm America so they can rule with impunity. This group KNOWS you are correct. They JUST DON'T CARE.

They want power, they NEED power, the are addicted to power. And like all addicts they will risk anything and everything to get what they are addicted to. If the country burns down around us in their quest for power....oh well. Most of this group are rich, and insulated from the consequences of what they are bringing forth.

We are in the early stages of America's second Civil War. It's coming and it's unlikely we can avoid it. A better use of time, energy and resources is to prepare for it rather than trying to convince those beyond reason to change their they have no minds to be changed.

Mark Matis said...

Nothing will change for the better until enough "Law Enforcement" corpses - and those of their families - are stacked in the streets. Your Betters understand that the Only Ones will do WHATEVER they are told, as long as that paycheck keeps comin' in. If you want to fix this problem, convince the Blue Wall that they chose the wrong career.

Anonymous said...


"What will the rest of the world do when that happens? The UN isn't exactly a pro-gun organization and I can't think of any other countries out there that are pushing for more freedom of the people.

As I see it, it's more likely that the Blue Helmet clone army might be showing up rather quickly to "contain" the humanitarian crisis... squash the rebellion, etc. "


Ummm, most of the useful man power, and nearly ALL of the useful transportation, for the UN has come from the US. Sure, the "soldiers" from Asscrackistan may LIKE to come over here and take our guns (while stealing our other stuff and raping our women and children), but it would be a LONG swim. I somehow doubt that Americans are going to provide machinery to help foreign soldiers come HERE, given that their stated mission involves PROTECTING the people living here.

Just my two-cents.

Mark D

John F. Opie said...

I can't remember who said it, but it was words to the effect of "on the one side you have millions who know where their weapons are and how to use them, and on the other side you have folks who aren't sure which bathroom to use".

With that I rest my case.

Great post.

Anonymous said...

The "rough" numbers I usually mention to lefty acquaintances are:

At least 100 million gun owners, most in possession of MULTIPLE firearms, including rifles, pistols, shotguns and more ammo than you can comprehend.

At most 5 million armed forces/police/jackbooted retards.

Then I ask them:

"How many in each group do you think would take up arms to defend their pro/anti gun position?"

That's when you can hear the crickets. I wait and let that sink in for a while, maybe go have a beer or something, then come back.

I ask the question once more. Then tell them my conservative estimation of what would happen, and who would participate.
At LEAST 15% of gun owners would say FUCK YOU and organise amongst themselves in armed rebellion versus, say at the most half of the armed forces mentioned above?

That's 6 to 1.

Your move asshole.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Sadly, that is not the way(the kinetic)that the government will go about the issue.

They will tax. Both weapons and ammunition. They will then, selectively, ban certain guns, for example. They will make examples of those caught with them...RICO them, take their houses and everything else they own, and then put their families on the street...completely destitute, as an object lesson for the neighbors. Within a year, they will then offer an amnesty...turn in your gun, and we will not RICO. Those who have seen the object lessons, and have a year to stew about it will soften their positions. Then more object lessons...wash and repeat. They will have the IRS do the dirty work...and you know your neighbors will not protect you.

Consider the lessons of tax protestors...Admiralty law, and all that...same process.


Aesop said...

Neither side has the patience for that.

And more than a few will go hunting.
With bulldozers and molotovs, if necessary.
Can't enforce that law when you can't find the courthouse.

Strelnikov said...


Anonymous said...

Blogger Aesop said...
Neither side has the patience for that.

Well, then, let's fear the day that the anti-gunners understand this and start playing the long game....

Anonymous said...


Very compelling well reasoned post. I did that same math back when the CT school massacre happened which led to the same sort of ban all guns rhetoric back then.

I posted this next bit earlier today on a site you visit occasionally:

Making schools “Gun Free Zones”, then not providing any kind of rational security plan for said schools is like waving a matador’s cape in front of a bull and provides about the same amount of protection, NONE. Did Joe Biden and the rest of the 1999 Federal Legislature actually think that declaring something Gun Free would deter ANYONE from going to that location and committing murder? That’s the logic of these so called leaders in this country. Pitiful.

Paul Bonneau said...

A short, fictional account of a gun confiscation, for your amusement:

Anonymous said...

Latest left talking points now when these numbers are brought up to them, as I've witnessed in several conversations:

They immediately get personal and accuse you of having "survivalist fantasies". (This is not new, they can be disregarded and ignored...)

They will now bring up Waco and David Koresh, Ruby Ridge, and immediately try to compare you to those situations. Easily hit back with "We're not taking about a couple of guys or cults, we're talking about 80-100 million gun owners." Usually shuts them up on that one.

Again they'll try to personalize it and accuse you of paranoia and ridicule you. You carefully explain history and what governments do, they'll keep reiterating the paranoia bit and won't address what you've just explained. They may also be easily dismissed, it's all they have left.

The most hard-core ones will then attempt to bring up an amendment to the constitution and say that our grandchildren will view us as Neanderthals. Again easily dismissed. Call that convention I say. Good luck - it won't go as they planned. And I don't give a shit how later generations view me if they've gone to public schools. They won't be educated enough to judge me.

That's all they have. That and screaming, waking out of classes during class time (if that march didn't happen during school hours, there wouldn't have been quite so many people turning out, we all know this), screaming some more, running pro 2nd amendment candidates who are going to have to keep their word or be ejected from office (PA), screaming more about the NRA, and more general hissy fits. That's it. They're out of everything.

They kept trying and they've hit a wall of implacable resolve and have NO IDEA how to deal with it. In fact they've made it even MORE difficult to ban "assault rifles" than it was last time they did it.

Thank you for this post Aesop, and this blog.

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