Thursday, February 15, 2018

Gold Medal To Oz At The Olympics

An Australian citizen from Melbourne named Howard, whose current gig is a strikingly accurate impersonation of Dear Leader/repressive thug Kim Jong Un of Norkistan, jumped in front of the Norkish cheerleaders at their hockey game against Japan, dancing, posing, and waving flags.

Any time they're out of sight of the motherland, every Nork in existence has a group of minder-thugs, the sort of guys whose demeanor makes the old KGB seem like Denny's hostesses by comparison.

So with this expert troll, Howard got exactly the response he was hoping for: the Nork security goons manhandled, kicked, and bum-rushed him RTFO, and then the South Koreans' security, eager to eliminate a world-wide televised incident (too late!), completed the game by tossing him completely out of the Olympics. And now it's world-wide. (Cue the Streisand Effect). Well-played.

"I'm a satirist. You can't let North Korea hijack these games using their cheerleaders; we've got to remind people that it's a terrible regime." Howard said, in a Melbourne accent of homegrown 'Strine worthy of Mick Dundee,on-air in an Oz TV interview afterwards.

Gold medal, right there. Gets it, and travelled 5000 miles just to stick it to the regime.

Though he deserves one, Oz authorities can't give him one of these; only the IOOC can do that.

But if the government ministries Down Under have a pair down under, the guy should find himself on the list of the Governor-General of the Commonwealth's Queen's Birthday Honors this June, for an award of Member of the Order of Australia, for meritorious service to the cause of freedom.

That'd be fair dinkum. He earned it.
Good on ya, mate!



loren said...

Um, I can tell you for certainty that any Australian politician in the Labour or Liberal party or any urban resident (most of em) definitely does not have a pair, with the possible exception of some females with short hair.
Those OZ folk are as pussified as any Brit. Sad, very sad. Course once you get into farm country it's a whole nother world. Once you get into station (ranch)country, well....don't even think of fucking with those boys.

Badger said...

"Letting the enemy do what they are naturally inclined to do..."
PRIMO! Well done.

Mike_C said...

Good on Howard, but he'd better watch his six carefully from here on out. In fact, he might get the Kim family treatment, like the VX that Kim Jong-Nam got. (I kid, I kid. They wouldn't use VX again since there is no benefit in demonstrating that it is their MO. A plain "robbery gone wrong" would do the job just fine.)