Thursday, February 15, 2018

Fantasy, Meet Reality

Only historically illiterate Hollywood twenty-somethings would produce a movie where the hero character is named after 1960’s Leftard radical terrorists. (Apparently naming him Token was too spot-on.)

And only committed fictional fabulists would place the origins of such in Africa, on a continent where 80% of the people there couldn’t even spell “black panther”, in any language reduced to writing, on any given day in the last 2000 years.


So clearly, the flick in question is comedic farce, and master-level trolling of an entire race.

And it's working: ahead of the release, the Special Sootflakes (because, hey, they're black, not white, right?) issued a shakedown ultimatum that Disney should give 25% of the profits from the flick to be "donated" to black education charities.

Suggesting that black kids, y'know, study harder, is apparently right off the discussion table.
Pointing out that Disney didn't give 25% of the profits to white kids after Thor, Captain America, Iron Man, or to green kids after Hulk , nor to insects after Ant Man and Spider Man clearly escapes the boundaries of all available logic of color too.

Clearly, the apples haven't fallen far from the tree. I could make the observation that black people trying to stick Whitey up whenever they get the chance is playing to stereotype, but those fish in the barrel aren't going to shoot themselves.

Those jackholes should look up what happened when Art Buchwald got a bill from Paramount (not a check) for his share of the "profits" from his stolen idea for Eddie Murphy's "Coming To America", after he sued them in civil court.

Bonus for Black Panther is that when the dust settles, there may very well not be any actual profits.

If you thought Disney’s The Princess and The Frog flopped hard (and it did, even harder than the rest of their recent line of Diversity Princess flicks), wait until this turdburger splatters on the fan blades.

No matter what, though, it will be declared an awesome successful piece of awesomeness.
(Maybe it’ll get some of the Diversity to emigrate back to Wakanda! Just curious: would the people of Wakanda be known as Whacks? Asking for a friend.)

Maybe they could go for some reality in the inevitable sequel, and deploy Black Panther to clean up Chicongo, Detroit, D.C., or the Balitmoron jungles. At least in fantasy.
Six, two, and pick ’em the character gets whacked half-way through that movie one day when he’s not wearing his kevlar tights, while SOCMOBing*.

Then Marvel discharges its diversity requirements, and gets to be edgy, while putting this sort of retarded fiction out with the garbage where it belongs.

I'll review the actual flick about two hours after I find it at WalMart in the Fin Bin.
Which is liable to be sooner, rather than later.

*(Standing Onda Corner, Mindin’ Own Bidness, the default occupation of every Dindu when capped in da hood at 4AM. When they’re not turning their lives around, and on their way to Sunday school.)

From comments: You asked for it, you got it!


Unknown said...

All black people get in free only thru Feb 28th. Free lg popcorn with purchase of a coke. Let people know.

Anonymous said...

Bloomberg is projecting that this movie will rake in more than Deadpool. That's when I know I'm being fed a line of horseshit.

Aesop said...

Be careful what you wish for. Post updated.

SiGraybeard said...

Someone (Rotten Tomatoes? heard it secondhand) says they're looking at a $170 million opening weekend, which would be a February record, but short of the big ones (Memorial Day or early summer). By comparison, Wonder Woman (in June) grossed $103 Meg. We'll see if that's realistic or made up.

The character (of course) was introduced to the MCU in Captain America Civil War, and I can't say I thought much of it (although the kid's a good actor). In the comic book universe, I hear he was introduced about when that picture you posted was taken, 1968. I'm still waiting for some reviews to decide if I want to see it. The movie may not be overtly racist, but the buildup sure has been, with groups saying whites shouldn't go to theaters so we don't suck they joy out of the black experience. Or something.

Aesop said...

"If you want to send a message, try Western Union." - Samuel Goldwyn

The film could cure cancer and I'd pass on it. It's been so poisoned by race-baiting SJW hype for six months there's no way to make it any worse unless Spike Lee had directed it.

This movie is about every reason we were happy to throw the Affirmative Action president out of office on his ass when his term was up.

SAM said...

One of the reasons they will/can not give 25% of the profits to white kids is that would be illegal to give them money for being white it's just as illegal to give someone money for being black or any other colour come to that but for some reason it' has never be enforce if they are not white.

Aesop said...

I don't know where you live, or what laws you think are in force, but if you think it's illegal to give your money to someone else for any reason you see fit, including the recipient's race, it's time for a check-up from the neck-up.

It might be ill-advised or outright foolish, let alone plug stupid, but there is no law whatsoever preventing anyone from disposing of their own funds in any way they see fit, absent to political candidates and terrorist/criminal enterprises.
But I repeat myself.

Jim Scrummy said...

So I guess I will be waiting for the movie to come out on one of the movie channels. Of course I won't watch it even then. Now, I am intrigued by the upcoming Mission Impossible film. Yeah, I know little Tommie is, well, nutty. But, I did like the last two MI films. Granted, it's the same film over and over again, but I just go for the stunts and gun play.

Anonymous said...

All of this genre would always fail, and be less liable to be imitated and repeated, if it was not subsidized by idiots.

And yes, I am speaking about anyone who describes rap/hip-hop/next name for the same, thug-style excretions as "music" or "art".

That includes you, sideways flat-brimming ass-showing teenage suburban boyz and their parents who allow 2 seconds of the same.

If it was not for the relatively affluent (if you can afford it, you have money to burn) majority (as opposed to the term minority that is used to emphasize racist division) buying this crap, you would not have barely literate goon millionaires holding their crotch while receiving awards for their expression of thug life.

Anonymous said...

Quote stolen from a comment on Z Man's blog in keeping with today's theme:

"This movie will be a gold and diamond mine for memes of mockery. Gen Z, and the Alt-right gang are going to have a field day with this. How long before every black no-go zone is nicknamed Wakanda? Whatever title the King of Wakanda has will be appended to every black hack seeking or holding office."

Aesop said...

Wakanda, D.C. FTW.

loren said...

This Magic Negro movie will probably be the biggest thing this year. It's what we've come to.

Anonymous said...


First condolences on your devastating loss. I hope you will find
a good friend and companion when the time is right.

That stupid movie is another effort to feed the hatred, already well
seeded,felt by blacks for their white compatriots. Like an old Eric
Berne "game" people play, 'If it weren't for you' (I would be well educated,
successful in business, and respected by all)...

I am a long time reader/first time commenter. Thank you for your work.


Anonymous said...

I was told that it might be "triggering" to attend the opening weekend if I wasn't black. Out of respect, I will simply not attend. That should make everyone happy, right?

Anonymous said...

No matter what the real numbers are, we will only be fed the line that it was a huge success.