Saturday, February 24, 2018

Great Lines Deserve Artwork

h/t Middle of the Right

So I made some.


Anonymous said...

Broward Co. Sheriff's dept. Isn't that the white stuff in chickenshit? I'm sure CNN is the green stuff in chickenshit.

Anonymous said...


This may be an error of judgment rather than one of cowardice. It is possible that the Watch Commander on duty, ordered these deputies, while enroute to the scene to set up positions outside the building and not enter...pending the arrival of SWAT. Their error of judgment involved not properly assessing the scene and entering...orders notwithstanding. To remain outside sans orders to do so would be considered cowardice on the department on which I was employed back in the late 60's.

Aesop said...

Not likely, and even if true, it means institutional cowardice violating everything known to law enforcement since Columbine, if not the San Diego McDonald's Massacre thirty-four years ago.

Take a look at LawDog's take on the cowardice of BSO:

Irish said...

Here’s a couple links worth reading :

As usual, FWIW

Monty James said...

Here you are: