Wednesday, February 7, 2018


h/t WRSA, via ZeroHedge


Slut Page’s text just tied FPOTUS to every criminal charge in the Russiagate conspiracy, two months prior to the election, and about the time the first successful FISA warrant application was submitted, using the Shrillary-Steele dossier.

Like I told you it would, last Friday, when they released The Memo.

Start the tumbrels, and convene the new Special Prosecutor.

If Trey Gowdy doesn’t want the job, give it to Ann Coulter or Ben Shapiro.
Sauce for the goose is good for the gander.

I’m pretty sure this time around the ex-pres isn’t going to be pardoned by the sitting one.

And since it’s a criminal trial, not an impeachment, the Senate gets no veto.

So Bitch McConjob can go back to sitting on his hands, and John McCrazy can die quietly from his brain tumor without having to get out of his death bed.

Commodity tip: Go long on popcorn futures.

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Alas, it's too much to hope for...