Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Heads Up: Liberal "Gotcha!" Project Targetting Gun Rights

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Heads up, boys and girls:

Virginia – (via Last weekend, while doing what seemed to be a regular interview, I discovered that a movie is being made with the intent to discredit gun-rights leaders across the country.
No, this is not a joke, it is real and we need to get the word out to other gun-rights organizations, gun-rights leaders, and prominent firearms trainers across the country and we need to do this FAST.
Back in 2014, alleged Hollywood sexual predator Harvey Weinstein said he was going to make a movie “that would make the NRA wish they weren’t alive.” (All gun organizations are the NRA in his mind.) And he was dead serious. Michael Moore has been attempting to discredit gun owners and leaders for years by tricking people and using creative editing techniques to make them look foolish or idiotic.
Who’s behind this effort isn’t clear, but they are EXTREMELY WELL FUNDED PROFESSIONALS.

Think a Leftard version of the Veritas Project, by way of Borat.

As the 15-minute interview terminated, the interviewer asked me if I, as an English-speaking firearms trainer, would help him make a “gun safety” training video for children of various ages. This had to be the “kicker,” I thought.

I was right – it was a set up – and it was much worse than I could have imagined. If you’ve seen the 70’s movie, “The Sting,” it was much like that. It was a well-orchestrated, well-choreographed, psychological manipulation, with a production cast of at least 10 people, to slowly lead a person down the primrose path.
We went step-by-step with a ready, and seemingly logical, answer every time I balked at some crazy part of the training. They seemed to have thought of every thing that a person might question. All I can say is that these people were extremely good at deception and manipulation. And no matter how stupid the things the interviewer and I were doing (we were side-by-side the whole time), no one else cracked a smile or laughed once, and I was watching. The professional actors were keeping up the appearance that this was a serious project.
The end goal was to get the victim to make a “training film” teaching 3 and 4-year-olds how to shoot guns hidden in toy animals at “bad” people, to sing little songs and make gun noises during the training to make it “fun for children,” and even teach little kids how to shoot a rocket-propelled-grenade or a squad automatic weapon at an approaching suicide bomber vehicle!
It all sounds unbelievable. But everything was elaborately and expensively staged; every contingency planned for, with explanations that make unbelievable things seem plausible (fake documents and videos about how Israel handles security in their schools, for example). The interview moved along at a pace, designed not to give the “mark” time to reflect on where things are going. The craziness factor very gradually got more extreme, like cooking a frog by slowly heating up the water so he doesn’t realize what’s happening until it’s too late. It’s a con game, a sting, plain and simple.
I don’t know if they have other scenarios or they will use other company names to continue concealing their identity, but anyone doing an interview dealing with gun rights where they sense something odd should terminate that interview. Or, better, bring a recorder and tell the other party you are going to make your own recording of the interview. If they say “no,” then walk out. I am going to make that my own policy going forward to protect against any future fake interviews. BTW, they had me leave my cellphone in an office “because it might interfere with the recording devices,” but I think it was so I couldn’t take any photos of them or make any video or audio recordings on that phone.
I've worked in production for A-list movies and TV for over 20 years, kids. There's quite simply no way in hell a cellphone would "interfere with recording devices". On an average set, there are 100 cellphones within 50 feet of the camera and sound cart 24/7/365/forever.

There's an even more recockulous story of their gig in Comments at the post site:
The following article is what happened to me on the same day! I received the same letter from FFTV. Almost exact same scenario. Totally manipulated and forced under duress, despite my constant objections, into teaching toddlers how to kill terrorists. How? By training gun-totin’ toddlers to shoot guns disguised as “Puppy Pistol,” “Bunny gun,” Uzicorn (uzi gun inside a cute furry stuffed unicorn), and “Dino Gun, a .50 caliber full-auto. And…wait for it…RPGs…to “send terrorists to the moon.” All the while singing, “If you’re happy and you know it shoot your gun, bang, bang.” As presposterous as this sounds. It happened.

There's more at the link, incl. screenshots of their WhoIs lookup, their LLC filing papers shielded as a WY corporation, their business address maildrop at a UPS Store in West Hollywood, and multiple Craigslist posting trolling for crisis actors and marks. Their website is a twenty-minute nothingburger; it's pure front, for show, which reveals nothing, but pretends everything. Jeebus crispies, people, constructing this kind of cotton-candy fakery is what Hollyweird does.

The bio of the lawyer and law firm representing the real LLC and their fake production.

And pass the word on every pro-gun and 2A-friendly site you visit, and to any and all firearms trainers and spokesperson you know about.

These @$$holes have a bone to pick, and a serious dose of the red-@$$ with guns, the NRA, gun owners, and the whole crew of Trumpist MAGA Deplorables. So based on the info at the link, I don't doubt for a moment that somebody with deep pockets is ginning up a BS hit piece, exactly as described, and probably far worse.

They're in this furball on full 'burner, fangs all the way out.

Warn off the good guys, try to dox the bad guys, and let's burn these mofos down.

They need pro-gun suckers.

And FFS, remember:


Write that on your hand in laundry marker in case you forget.


Anonymous said...

Wonder if theres a way to get 4chan to go after them. That'd be a fun fight to watch.

Anonymous said...

DOXX-ing is made for this.

Unknown said...

If it's well funded and anti-gun you can bet Bloomberg is involved.

Anonymous said...

Rules for dating women.
1. Run from Crazy.
2. See Rule one.

Rules for gun grabbing.
1. Talk to no one.
2. Refuse to answer any question or queries on guns. (ie phone you have any guns...correct response...hang up phone.
3. Post no photos of guns.
4. Talk to no one. (not even your kids or they run their mouths and many have been contaminated by the left)