Saturday, February 17, 2018

QED - Marine Commandant Surrenders, Slits Corps' Throat

h/t Vox Populi

New motto: Semper Perfututum

And now, the other shoe drops:
(CAMP PUSSYVILLE) The Marine Corps has made a major change to its Infantry Officer Course. The first big challenge for many was a test of physical fitness. If you passed, you moved on. If you didn’t, you washed out. The test was especially difficult for women who had to meet the same standard as the men. Not anymore.

The Infantry Officer Course now uses the physical fitness test as an exercise, and not a pass/fail requirement.

Officials with Marine Corps Training and Education Command told “that Marine Corps Commandant Gen. Robert Neller had made a decision in November to transform the test from a high-stakes hurdle to an assessment from which students can drop without risking their place in the course.”

FTR, this was the reason most women failed out of IOC: they couldn't hack the physical requirements, and never will.

The wall was too high for Combat Barbie, and so Dickless Neller has now lowered it.
Welcome to the Pussy Corps.

Neller's a gutless pussy fucktard, and for letting him get away with it, so is SecDef Mattis.
A bigger pair of douchecanoes has not graced the Corps' leadership since douchecanoe LameUs Amos, whom Neller replaced, and the misbegotten Queer Posse who ran HopeyDopey's DoD.

The new Marine Corps colors are pink and yellow, not scarlet and gold.
Pink, for the new Feminist Corps.
Yellow, for the stripe running down the backs of those running the show.
Those colors won't run, but the non-hackers selected to leadership will.

The only red you're going to see in the Corps ever again, is going to be leaking from the body bags filled with America's dead sons, victims of trying to square the circle of physiology by kowtowing to the imaginary necessity of "Everybody Plays".

This is what happens when you hand the fighting forces in the Pentagon over to a bunch of can't-cut-it Little League moms and dads.

I cannot, in good conscience, recommend anyone, ever, enlist or accept a commission in any branch of the putrescence that is the American military, and would, in all cases, recommend exactly the opposite.

They're dead to me.

And if you're in the military, GTFO.
Run, don't walk, as far away from this trainwreck-in-the-making as you can.
Those pussified assholes are going to get you killed for some dumbass libtard diversity bean shibboleth, and we're going to need you when (and not if) we end up fighting on our own soil and shores, not dead somewhere picking up the slack for some affirmative-action Barbie with daddy issues because she was a daughter instead of a son.

I'll let the more imaginative readers extrapolate in their own heads the second- and third-order consequences of utterly surrendering the military, wholesale, to this sort of PC bullshit, and what the future looks like for a nation with a second- or third-rate military in perpetuity, where the only core value is making people feel good, rather than winning wars.

Here's a hint of coming attractions, courtesy of Amazon.

For movie fans, this was the whistle of the last train out of Paris in 1940.

Get your tickets in order.


Thud said...

I'd have been proud for my boy to fight for Queen and country once but I will not have him die in some dusty shithole at the hands of savages unable after thousands of years to form a functioning your own fuckin country.

Allen said...

Why not just make up a whole bunch of new MOS's to fit and be done with the whole business?
00CJ-Pivot Person.
00BJ-Camp Follower.

MMinWA said...

That's really sad to read.

Anonymous said...

Before you go all high-and-mighy on SecDef; he'sgot plenty of other things slightly more urgent on his sked, and you're also jumping the chain; we have a SecNav too.

Anonymous said...


Sorry for your loss. I had read this article you reference about IOC before reading the one about the Army (my service) dropping hand grenade training from BCT. Really sucks to see this level of Polly Anna, pie in the sky, wishful thinking, social engineering wrecking our nations ground fighting forces. I'm retired and my position has been since Berry started this trashing of the force that I would not recommend military service to any one. My son left the service because of this nonsense. He intended a career like mine. Sad so sad.

Semper Fi friend.

Long Life, overhill
A Soldier For Life

Anonymous said...

My son wanted to continue the family tradition of being a proud Marine but his 1-2 combo of a severe amblyopia with concurrent loss of vision in that eye even with corrective surgery and glasses pretty much nixed that.

Reading this, he's relieved in a way - if a former Marine is talking about how the Corps is lowering standards all over creation and he's probably going to die because of that, he's happy to stay out unless drafted. (Yes, he realizes his chances of being drafted are very low because of his eye also, but he'd be happy to serve in any way he could if a draft ever happened - it would mean things were VERY serious).

Meanwhile I'm just pissed. NO bar should be lowered. If a woman can't hack it, she shouldn't be in there, same as any guy who couldn't hack it. The Marine Corps is not day care, the corporate world, a college campus, or anything else BUT the Corps, and they exist for ONE reason - to create warriors to fight. They can leave the social engineering and platitudes to colleges and the private sector, but keep that shit out of our military. I guarantee China and Russia and any other large military power are not suffering under the same delusions. We are going to get our asses kicked if they keep this up in DC.