Thursday, February 22, 2018

To Protect And...O, #ell no, &%@* that!


- The Broward County sheriff says the deputy on duty at the school where 17 students and teachers were killed never went inside to engage the shooter.
Sheriff Scott Israel said at a news conference Thursday afternoon that he was "devastated" and sick to his stomach after finding out the school resource officer on duty, Deputy Scott Peterson, was on campus at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School but never went inside the building during the shooting.

The sheriff said the deputy was spotted on video arriving at the west side of the building where the shooting took place and taking up a position -- but never going in. Investigators say Peterson arrived about a minute and a half after the first shots were fired and did nothing for approximately four minutes. The massacre lasted six minutes.
Sheriff Israel said Deputy Peterson should have confronted the killer and neutralized him, but instead he stayed outside. "There are no words," Sheriff Israel said.
Deputy Peterson was placed on leave and has since resigned.
Hopefully to his living room, with a gun and one bullet, to do the right thing.
Probably, one step ahead of the mob with torches and pitchforks, to do tortures on such a slug of a human being, that even to speak of them would scare Apache warriors.

But hey, at least he made it home from his shift, unlike 17 high school students.

Contrary to the Sheriff's assertion, there are lots of words.
Most of them have four letters.

Sleep tight, America.
This is what's it's like when only the police, and your crazed killer, have the guns.

The football coach/security guard faced the killer with his bare hands.
And was murdered for his trouble.
It's time to disarm the police, and arm the citizenry instead.  

UPDATE: There were multiple other chickenshit deputies who also hid behind their cars outside, while children were being slaughtered by a madman.
And Sheriff Israel knew about that before he went on live TV and tried to palm this off on guns and the NRA.

Time to warm up the tar barrels and get the feathers ready for that sheriff.


Anonymous said...

Dude needs to eat his gun alright. Eventually. I hope he has PLENTY of time to reflect upon his actions - or lack thereof.
And yes, this is a PERFECT example for all of those idiot "Only Ones" out there.
Boat Guy

Anonymous said...

Retired probably before he got back to squad. Called it in. Scared shittless, blue/green welfare. Used to be 80%, now 90%.
Aided and abetted a mass shooter. I'm not even surprised. Which is the state of my union.
Let me guess, 50 lbs overweight and takes the 3 attempts each year to pass the range.
For sale, like new Glock with minor holster wear.

Now for the sheriff:

Did you hire this man? Yes.
Did you insure he had proper training? Yes.
For us to determine "proper", please provide this panel with copies of his training files. Ahhh.........
Your fucking fired.

Anonymous said...

That gutless sumbitch shoulda given his weapon(s)to one of the JROTC kids.

watsonrg said...

Read earlier today that police are posted outside this guy's home to protect him from the citizens.

Strelnikov said...

Best part: Dead kids’ parents get to pay his pension for the next 30+ years.

CopperHead Road said...

His should be the first of one hundred heads. I would bet he was a Hillary supporter too

watsonrg said...

It gets worse (I know it's CNN but there's always a chance it's true)

Aesop said...

Already noted.

Ex-deputy Petersen needs to eat his gun.