Thursday, February 22, 2018

Stickin' It To The Man

h/t Kenny

(CLOWNCAR HQ) Police are searching for vandals who destroyed nearly a dozen speed cameras in Washington, D.C., according to the Metropolitan Police Department.
Authorities discovered 11 speed cameras throughout the nation’s capital were damaged between 2:30 and 3:30 a.m. Tuesday. Officers reported some of the cameras wiring had been ripped out from where they were mounted.
Sorry, I'm looking as hard as I can, and I can't see a downside here.
If your city is too lazy to send out officers to do traffic patrol, screw your cameras.
And frankly, a city with 77 unsolved homicides out of 116 (exactly 2/3rds) for last year alone should probably be spending its police budget somewhere besides nannycams for a ticket mill. (And of course, this has nothing to do with DC MPD's chief until late 2016 being an affirmative action incompetent bimbo with about twenty minutes' time on the mean streets before she promoted right up the ladder to chief, and finally promoted right out the door. That she's now head of security for the NFL tells you everything you need to know about their priorities too.)

Whoever is doing this, if they can't catch murderers, ROWYBS.
Hopefully they manage to take out all of the damned things in the District of Clowns.

They tried traffic cameras in Rome, and they lasted 3 days before every one of them was ripped out and stolen.
That's a moral that writes itself.


Anonymous said...

The wires were ripped out? I've seen illegals in the Chicago area rip wiring out of street light poles just for the wiring. Vandalism or common theft?

Anonymous said...

Who ever vandalized those speed cams is in some deep you-know-what. Murderers be damned...those vandals are messing with a .gov revenue stream. They'll be hunted down like vermin....But if they are interested, there's some cams in my AO they can have... CW Buff out...

tweell said...

My town had a Secret Santa that kept taking them out. The guy dressed up as Santa Claus, would walk up to the cameras and spray them with black spray paint. He had an extension pole and spray adapter/holder for it to get the high up traffic cameras. Ho Ho Ho!

We voted out the mayor and council that put them in, but until then, Santa took care of us.

RandyGC said...

Back in the 80's .gov civilian cops in charge of an Electronic Warfare range out west got some nice new radar guns with about a 1/2 watt or so output. Promptly handed out multiple tickets on roads straighter than a T Square and an area with a visibility measured in counties, if not states.

To civilian contractor operators

Of radar emitters that regularly emitted in the megawatt range on narrow beams.

That regularly tracked tactical aircraft on the deck moving at 400Kts +

With bore sited cameras that could detect the pickups of the .gov civilian cops anywhere in line of sight. Which was measured in counties if not states.

They started with less than a dozen radar guns. Ended up with none inside of 2 days.

Sorry boys. We've got a job to do. Can't take time to worry about what's in the path of the beam when I've got a Weasel trying to "kill" me. Y'all should oughta take more care out there.

Anonymous said...

ROWYBS? Definition, please? My Google-fu is weak today.
Thanks in advance.

Aesop said...

Rock On With Your Bad Self

Aesop said...

You're killin' me, man.
Write up that story, please.

RandyGC said...


Don't have much else to write about it (other than details of location and emitters involved, something that I'm still hesitant to discuss in an open forum even 30+ years later)

I got the story from one of the ops involved during a break time between test sessions that I was deployed to observe and evaluate.

Aesop said...

Ah, well.

I had the opposite problem.
We had a problem with people driving through our area, but not from our area of the base, too fast, and there were several accidents that got *us* chewed out for stuff we didn't do.

So on weekends, we'd put on our service Charlie uniforms, make an easily disposable tinfoil "badge" out of a DingDong wrapper, stand by the curve coming into our area, and point big-gun hair dryers at people driving too fast, while talking into our "walkie talkies" made from a section of 2x4 painted black, with a pen jammed into the top for an antenna.

Scared the shit out of them because we looked like the MPs with radar guns, they'd slam on the brakes trying to slow down, and if anyone looked too close at us, we had plenty of bush to hide in until they went away.

Funny as hell, never got caught, and killed a lot of time on long, dull weekends on post.