Sunday, February 25, 2018

More Guns, Less Crime


jim rock said...

Dear wordsmith,
Have you seen the list of companies blackballing the NRA?
Could someone of your demonstrated abilities gin up some memes?
As to why is it that some hard working Christian baker must do business with a couple of rump rangers. And shouldn't the NRA take said well known NATION WIDE companies to FEDERAL COURT for refusing thier business?
Just sayin.
We enjoy your work. Keep it up.

Aesop said...

1) The cake baker case was incorrectly decided.
2) I'm not going to use a bad decision to justify doing the same wrong thing.
Two wrongs don't make a right.
3) If the NRA took those companies to court, what would be the charge?
"Being mean" to them? No grounds, no crime, no case.
I think they're shits for doing it, but I also think it will blow up in their faces.

If I can think of a way to make those companies look like the jackholes they are, I will.

jim rock said...

1. Yes of course the decision was wrong. That is the point. Lefties gotta left.
2.Use a bad decision to make a rightful decision.
3. Same charge the faggots used.
4. They are shits.
Freedom of association is no small thing.
Rightful liberty is no small thing.
Freedom of speech is the penultimate no small thing.
Although, your blog, your rules.

jim rock said...

And in other news:
Sridevi dies of heart attack at 54.
As an example of what does not matter.

Anonymous said...

Just read a long read in Scientific American I think ,refutes this argument. It was mostly "research shows" and " it has been documented"
But who do you believe these days ? I believe it's errelevant , because u ain't getting my bang sticks. I would still like to know.
Lazy and interested.

Anonymous said...

As per companies pulling their affiliation with the NRA, I would just suggest a list of their names so every NRA member might know where not to do business.

Anonymous said...

The problem is it's pretty much all the airlines, all the car rental companies. If you have to travel to make your living, or your local airport is only served by one or two of these, you can't realistically boycott.

You can email or call, as you are much more likely to be an actual customer of these companies than 17 yo activist fuckstick number six. I have been pointing out that there are far more than 5 million who support the NRA but aren't members, and that the total number of households that own guns in the US is larger than that. I've also been calling them hypocrites and pointing out that they all pay lobbyists to keep the .gov from regulating THEIR businesses.

If I was a shareholder in any of the companies, I'd look at the threat of a shareholder suit. Telling 50 million people you don't want their business just isn't good management.

As far as the NRA doing anything, wth would they do? ALL the companies are doing is removing their discounts offered to NRA members. They're not banning NRA members from their businesses.

Finally, point out to anyone who'll listen that the companies are caving in to internet bullies. It's a craven act of cowardice.



Anonymous said...

I didn't join the NRA for the discounts or any other benefit offered. I joined to show my support for the entire Constitution including the Bill of Rights which is protected by the 2nd Amendment.

I encourage all companies who hold anti-liberty and anti-freedom views to make that known to everyone. Lets me know in advance whether or not the company is worthy of my business.

Mike_C said...

What year(s) were those statistics from?
Also, what happens if you ignore the orange (gun ownership) bars, and plot against IQ instead?

billrla said...

The NRA is partially at fault. The Second Amendment has proven over time to be a tremendously powerful, popular and motivating cause for Americans to support. Offering member discounts, foreign-made merchandise and silly trinkets detracts from the serious of the cause. I do not take advantage of any NRA member discounts. These discounts are no better, or, sometimes, not as good as, the vast majority of so-called "loyalty" programs.

As a NRA member, I want the NRA to take a no-compromise stand on the 2nd Amendment and back that stand with useful educational (safety, hunting, self-defense, etc.), public advocacy, legislative and legal programs. And only sell branded merchandise made in the USA. Never mind the co-marketing nonsense. Marketing partners cannot be trusted with the 2nd Amendment.

Anonymous said...

" I do not take advantage of any NRA member discounts"

Do you have a NRA sponsored Visa Card? The NRA gets 1% of your purchase volume. Over the years, I've spent hundreds of thousands of dollars (built a new house) on the card...monthly purchases averages $600...that is $6.00 a month towards the NRA Institute of Legislative Action...a gift that keeps on giving.

Been a life member since 1969.