Monday, February 19, 2018

Great Ideas File

And another thing...
In just the 20th century, over 100M people, more than all those who died in all the wars on the planet in recorded history, were killed by the predations of their own tyrannical governments.
The Founders wrote the Second Amendment into existence because, being students of human nature, they didn't want that to happen here, and it hasn't.
The Second Amendment isn't about duck hunting.
But any sumbitch who tries to tell you it is, is a duck who needs hunting.
And I'm not being metaphorical.
Somebody tell that Quisling in Florida who introduced a gun ban bill, he's just gone on the political Endangered Species list.
And if he's real lucky, it'll only be the end of him, politically.
His recall should be in progress RFN.


bigrigmig said...

Hey Brotherman, We know this. The people that want zero guns are the retards that seem to either not know this or know it and want it to happen anyway. It seems like a conundrum (if that's the right word) that someone will use guns on them when they try. I have a theory that food, not guns, will be their tool for disarmament. But that's a whole 'nuther can o worms...

Lawless said...

Aesop, I hope that you do not mind,but I posted a story you wrote last year called Tomorrow on my blog. It fits with a few topics I have been promoting there.

I gave you credit and a link back. Thanks for being in the fight. -Lawless

Lawless said...

Sorry,forgot the link

Anonymous said...

May I suggest a photo of the Waco compound burning and a banner saying "Remember the last time the government decided to round up guns?"

Anonymous said...

There will be " No More Wacos" c.f. Vanderbough, Mike, RIP.
Boat Guy

Mike_C said...

I was eating a late dinner (midnight here in Massholia) when I saw the "with six you get eggroll". F*ck You! (Still cleaning the chewed up, charred remains of a bovine that once had a loving mother off of my phone.)

And for the record, the chinky (totally a nonpejorative Scots expression that I use with delight to mess with GoodWhites who PRESUME to get offended on my behalf) in my hometown doesn't give discounts based on number of orders, but on net price and if you pay in cash. (For the record, I always get the "cold mixed noodles" [ noodles with sesame oil, peanut butter and sriracha] as the "free" premium). If that sounds gross, all I can say is, give it a try.

Aesop said...

1) It was Mao. There is nothing I could put in his mouth that's too offensive to tag him with. It had to be done. Especially when including Castro got me all the way to "Me five". Your family will agree.

2) It's a 1960s Doris Day/Brian Keith rom-com movie title.
Not a documentary.

3) No harm intended.
My defense team will be Mel Brooks via Blazing Saddles, Don Rickles from every show he ever did, and Neil Simon and Peter Sellers from Murder By Death.

I grew up with a local Chinese restaurant just up the street that was an actual family-run Chinese restaurant and about a once every other week go-to for a working mom that needed a night off once in awhile. Even my father, Archie Bunker's more right-wing cousin, would sit still for that. The food was great, the family was priceless, with a Coming-to-America history similar to your family's, and last I looked, the owners' sons, all contemporaries of my older brother (the black sheep), all graduated college and retired very well-off. I think the youngest daughter took the business to Fresno, where it's still a going concern, but too far for me to drive from Disneylandia. The local Panda Express, by comparison, is the Taco Bell version of such authentic cuisine.

I'm not a noodle fan.
Fried shrimp, orange chicken, and the merest trace of the hot mustard, and I'm there.

So, how are ya lately, Mike?

Just Plain Archie said...

I cannot endorse this line of thinking on your behalf enough.

Although it is not said, this sounds like the recurrent defense of Communism:

"Well, no, it has never worked in the history of the Earth. But, if we try it just just once more, with the 'right' people in charge, maybe it will work!'

Was it Dr. Einstein who said he suspected stupid was infinite? Something to that effect.

Aesop said...

"Only two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I'm not sure about the universe." - Albert Einstein

Just Plain Archie said...

I thought it was something like that.

Excellent brain, had Dr. Einstein. I respect him so much I wear my hair in his honor.