Sunday, February 18, 2018

For The Sunday Talkshow Yammering Hammerheads

Pundits gonna pundit today.
Probably been waiting all week just to get their rhetorical rocks off today.
So, before they even get going...

And the always popular:


Anonymous said...

Dunno if the shitheads are ever gonna have a ephiphany. If they wanna boom doors, I want Shumer first in the stack.

Butch S. said...

The Americas were a gun free zone for several millennia, how'd that work out for the "native" peoples once someone with guns showed up and decided they wanted the place?

Roy Lofquist said...

"We have met the enemy and he is us" ~ Walt Kelly as voiced by Pogo.

It wasn’t the video games. It wasn't the gun. It wasn't the FBI. It wasn't fluoride in the water. It was us.

"PROVIDENCE, R.I. (AP) — The last piece of legislation President John F. Kennedy signed turns 50 this month: the Community Mental Health Act, which helped transform the way people with mental illness are treated and cared for in the United States.

Signed on Oct. 31, 1963, weeks before Kennedy was assassinated, the legislation aimed to build mental health centers accessible to all Americans so that those with mental illnesses could be treated while working and living at home, rather than being kept in neglectful and often abusive state institutions, sometimes for years on end."

"Few anticipated how quickly President Kennedy’s aspiration of reducing the institutional population by half would be realized. By 1980, the inpatient population at public psychiatric hospitals had declined by 75%. In 2000, approximately 55,000 remained in these institutions, representing less than 10% of those institutionalized just fifty years prior. The shift was especially pronounced among children and youth: by 2009, the institutionalized population had declined by 98%."

Pull your heads out of your donkeys, disband the circular firing squads and pay attention. We did it to ourselves.