Friday, February 9, 2018

Remedial Jurisprudence 101

For the perennial Baby Ducks out there:

In the Watergate Scandal, it took 26 months from the initial crime to bring down President Nixon, from June of 1972 to August of 1974.  And that was with a co-operative state's evidence witness, and a handy set of taped conversations establishing all the elements of the criminal conspiracy fully in hand. It took even longer than that to successfully prosecute the 48 co-conspirators, another few months after that to sentence them all, and most of them didn't go to prison until 1977, over 3 1/2 years later.

As Casey Stengel was wont to reply to the idiots who regularly vexed him, "You could look it up."

And that was after DC police arrested five guys for a burglary in progress, and charged them with multiple felonies.

For comparison, the first referral of probable criminal activity was only this week sent from Sen. Grassley's Senate Intel Committee to the current DoJ for further investigation.

So for you silly witless wonders carping that no one's going down in flames already, cool your effing jets, verstehen sie?

You only sound retarded for yipping and yapping that "nothing has happened", after all of five minutes.

If this is you, pay heed. If not, roll on.


Phil said...

Has no one these days ever heard the old saying that the wheels of justice turn slowly but grind exceedingly fine?
Fuckin' people got the attention span of a gnat anymore.
I could very well be dead before any of this ever goes to court, which would be too bad because I would really like to see some of these alleged and unindicted co-conspirators get perp walked and then frog marched off to the pokey.
I've seen a lot of history get made in my 58 years and I would rank that right up there with the moon landings.

Jim Scrummy said...

Strategic and tactical patience is required. The drip drip drip of some of the details are already coming out of the prelim DOJ IG report and the 1.2 million pages of documents that have been transferred to the House Intel and Justice committees (and the Senate Justice committee, the Senate Intel committee is compromised-don't trust anything coming out of their mouths). This is the "PR" campaign to bring "We The People" up to speed as to the crapola that is/was happening at the DOJ and FBI under king putt and in early 2017. This is not Law & Order, this is real world, and it takes time to build a case and to bring the public along. Once that report drops (I believe the ETA is March 2018, but don't quote me on that...), more things will be brought to light. Yes, I would like to see the trees along the National Mall ornamented with these traitors with their rope neckties. But, patience is required. Sunshine is a great disinfectant...and this is all being done to destroy the demoKKKrats...maybe forever (one can hope). Buy some more popcorn, get a nice cool beverage, and enjoy the show!

Anonymous said...

I can be patient, but I'd really like for Sessions to crawl out of his burrow and make some kind of statement about how these kinds of activities will not be tolerated in his DOJ and FBI. But instead...crickets.

Has anyone actually seen Sessions? Did he die and is being propped up somewhere like "Weekend at Bernie's"? :-)

Aesop said...

Exactly, Jim.

As for Sessions, I prefer to take the charitable assessment that when the House Intel Committee is doing your work for you, why step in their spotlight?

But at some point, he's going to have to rouse himself and make an appearance, whether it's investigating and prosecuting the actual crimes, re-opening bogus investigations into the Clinton Crime Syndicate, or decapitating the upper levels of FBI, and re-organizing (or uprooting and sowing with salt) the FIBies.

He's either going to have come out of hiding, or be replaced by someone who's a wartime consigliere.

Anonymous said...

Roger all on Sessions. He still has some time to do the right thing ... but ...
And Jim, not so much the trees but there are a lot of lamp posts on both Constitution and Independence that could serve.
Boat Guy