Friday, January 8, 2021

They Think It's Over


"Everything's on the table" cuts both ways, youngsters.

The Democommunists have now brazenly stolen two elections, the presidency, the Senate, and the entire republic, and they think there's no penalty for that.

They keep thinking that the courts they have on speed dial will always be the only ones in session.

Government, at every level, has been lawfully petitioned for a redress of grievances, and the response from each one has been unswervingly the same:

"Go fuck yourselves, peasants."

Fair enough, public disservants, and flaming assholes. We tried it your way. Now we know who the assholes are, and it's about time for a high colonic. The antics of our would-be overlords have now identified exactly where to insert the enema hose, and boy, howdy, this one's coming straight outta the hot tap, at scalding temperature.

You're all going to find out just how ungovernable an army of Deplorables is, when they revoke consent to be governed by such lawless bastards as what is about to be inflicted upon the entire body politic.

Everything is in bounds now.


You. Your family. Your home. Your entire life. Everything you count on. Every miracle of modern life you take for granted. All. Of. It.

Sweet Baby Jesus, jackholes, Shia La Bonehead tried to play hide and seek with a gorram flag, with the entire planet to hide it in, and weaponized autists played Capture the Flag crossed with Whack-A-Mole, and crushed him so hard he finally cried and quit the game. In mere days.

And you think we're afraid of you?!?!?

Pffft. You're going to be the first through seventeenth courses, with your own asses on the platter, until we decide it's time for dessert.

Two weeks. Or, maybe not. Maybe the hunting license has already been issued. It's hard to say.

Spoiler Alert: Unlike the cinematic Warriors, you won't be making it home.

But we're going to to be the Riffs of your nightmares. Because the whole country is our turf. Can you dig it?

Clue in, here. You're not dealing with your short-bus mental retards. You're dealing with the entire Basket Of Deplorables.

The people who work for a living, rather than vote for one. Scientists, engineers, medical professionals, welders, electricians, mechanics, and a thousand other occupations that make daily life in the modern world possible. Or,...not. People who know what piece takes forever to get, costs the most, cripples the Machine with one laser-focused blow.

And not to put too fine a point on it, the people from flyover country who always fight the wars that you and your cronies start, for your own benefit. The guys (and women, let's remember) who've served one/two/eight/eleventy tours in every Shitholia and Trashcanistan we've been to as a nation since Kennedy's assassination. Even the ones you don't know about, or would rather forget. But they know about them, and haven't forgotten any of it. They're the ones who can undermine, overthrow, and subvert a country a hundred different ways, and kill you forty-two ways, including with their brains.

You're in for an awfully interesting next four years of the coming Fraudulency.
You really have no idea.
But don't take my word for it. Listen to someone who knows whereof he speaks.

"A little while, and the wicked will be no more; though you look for them, they shall not be found."  - Psalms 37:10 NIV

Pearls before swine, but you deserved fair notice to be properly served.


robins111 said...

Well said.

Bear Claw Chris Lapp said...

I can't wait for the truckers to kick it off. "It will be beautiful man". I know I know not the correct line. I will correct it after it kicks of. Rat writ is apropos

JT said...

I just want to know why his televised "concession" was a composited deepfake, complete with floating head. As Trump said earlier, we're just getting started.

The Kansas Infidel said...

Damn, but you state it succinctly and eloquently! You're prose is hot! I'm one of the 78 million deplorables there with you baby - from fly over country.

-The Kansas Infidel
-FEW/FTF (fight the enemy within, fight the fascists)

favill said...

I was watching the movie Law Abiding Citizen a couple of days ago. When it first came out, I actually rooted for the supposed "bad guy" who was played by the "evil, White male" Gerard Butler. Throughout the movie, I never really felt any type of solidarity for Jamie Foxx and/or his .gov forces. After viewing it a couple of days ago...I feel even more strongly for Butler's character.

Old NFO said...

Pandora's Box is now fully open...

CapnRob said...

As an attendee at the Trump Rally on the 6th, I accept your admonishment with one exception. It was not a Trump rallier who initiated and carried out this planned, and assisted by the capitol police, raid on the capitol building. It was Antifa faking their allegiance to Trump. Some Trump people may have followed them in-imprudently, but some also tried to stop them.

The next time two million of us show up, it won't be a peaceful, pointless demonstration!

Hawkin'Gal said...

If Antifa did lead us into the Capitol, IMO, they did us a FAVOR. If the rally had remained outside, do you imagine that the media would have depicted the demonstrators as good people with reasonable demands?

I am the happiest and luckiest of people, with a life I so enjoy and no desire to deal with this stupidity. But I am resigned. Bring on The Intolerable Acts! The fast-boil will get more froggie asses to jump out of the pot.

Expecting a Shit Mardi Gras. Giving up Mercy for Lent.

Paul W said...

Well, Twatter just banned the POTUS for life. He moved to Parler, and forthwith seemingly every big Silicon Valley company is trying to shut down Parler. Biden called Hawkeye and Cruz Ana is not up h better than Goebbels, and want a new domestic terrorism law (for any Deplorables, but it would be phrased a bit differently).

I wouldn’t shed a tear if Jack Dorsey managed to do a JFK on 11/22/63 at about 12:30 PM impression sometime soon. There needs to be some pushback, soon.

Unknown said...

have guns and lots of ammo WILL FIRE!!!

Unknown said...

Yea, hell, I was there too! Great time, and Yes I went in. Willingly, knowingly, all of it. Didn't break any windows, didn't steal a thing, hit no one, just attended, apparently as an invitee, a BIG party. Personally, I think AnitFa was there just to kick it off. IT'S A SHOW! Enjoy!

Hope@ZeroKelvin said...

Our side has 350 million firearms and 1 trillion rounds of ammo.


Tools...with which we can put 5 shots into a 5 inch cirle at 500 yards.

In our sleep.

These DC elites live in a bubble
They have ZERO idea of the rest of the country outside their bubble.

But they are about to find out.