Thursday, January 7, 2021

Mr. President, Cross That Rubicon


There isn't one man in this entire misbegotten tribe of political
animals of government who will right the electoral wrong
done to the United States last November. So either the President
himself steps in to see justice done, or else 74M citizens
will be left with the task. The choice is now "who", not "if".

Aside from the crushing socialism, the overweening global warmist religious fanaticism, the stench of tens of thousands of homeless insaniac drunkards and dopeheads shipped here from every other state, and the tidal wave of illegal immigrants from 20 other nations, there are a bare few advantages to living here in Calestine (which name is stolen shamelessly from yesterday's comments).

Things like any climate and geography within 2 hours by car, even in traffic, year around, and shorts and t-shirt weather 300 days a year. But also not to be overlooked, is seeing the ABCNNBCBS narrative fully formed and wholly thought out, complete with proper editorial handiwork to tighten and focus the audio and visuals for the best impact.

Media on the other coast is always by-guess-and-by-God (though with the MSM, it's a toss-up whether that god is Beelzebub, Moloch, or Cthulhu, or an alternating triumvirate of all of the above on alternate days), because when news breaks, they're always caught legs akimbo and pants athwart their ankles, sitting in their porcelain thinking rooms, or half-pickled in some publican's establishment across the street from the newsroom. Thus they haven't had time to plot how best to omit and embellish the actual facts to spin them to their own ends, and occasionally, actual news escapes captivity, before they can strangle it.

No such worry about that here. With the benefit of hours across time zones, they've crafted a tight narrative, sorted of chaff and facts, and generally distilled down to the bare minimums of 

Government=Good, Republinazis=Bad, and Common Sense=Evil.

So it is tonight, when I see on my 11PM bedtime news the information that Trump supporters, who've spent 4 years holding peaceful rallies and picking things up neater than they found them, are totally responsible - entirely at the incitement and active connivance of POTUS hisownself - for the fact that the Capitol Police let protesters inside the barricades around the capitol, and killed 4 people, with bullets, tear gas, pepper spray, choke holds, and other mischief.

Then all was slathered with a thick covering sauce of gaslighting the legitimate and well-documented claims of election fraud, and pointing out the entirely reasonable shutdown of every social media outlet to a sitting US President because he keeps reiterating what at least 75M Americans, and over 70% of all political affiliations of citizens polled know was a totally banana republic election fraud of biblical proportions.

In short, the right are terrorists, Trump is their chieftain and warlord, and he's also insane, and cowering in his bunker for the last two weeks of his failed term of electoral accidency. They're already drawing up specifications of criminal charges for Star Chamber trials, starting with him, and working down to mail theft, sedition, and treason for anyone who set foot inside the Capitol Building today, and desecrated the seat of government so beloved of normal, decent Americans, who apparently think of their Congressweasels more highly than their own sons and daughters.

Pardon me while I get a bucket into which I may vomit.

Truth be told, about 90% of America is sorry that the entire lot of elected traitors wasn't strung from the railings of the porticoes yesterday, and left to kick at the air on live national TV, if only for the instructive nature of such entertainment for future generations of would-be scoundrels and ne'er-do-wells.

So let us turn to new business:

@Claire Wolfe: It's no longer the awkward stage; it's time to start shooting the bastards.

It's therefore time, Mr. President, to take action to save this country, while you still have the wherewithal to do so. Or else, as Vox Populi noted yesterday on his blog, 

"The dude should just declare martial law and clean up. If he just leaves on the 20th he's the biggest "all talk no action" pussy on the planet."

I would suggest that "all talk no action pussy" is not the legacy this, or any, President should leave behind them after they scuttle off and into darkness, and consign the entire nation to national suicide.

Swoop in, and clean house. Once and for all, like the wrath of God Almighty, like we've been waiting for in vain, for four interminable years of dithering by your co-opted Deep State minions. Seize the officials and their minions - corrupt, conniving, criminals, and coup-masters, one and all - and the voting machines and records, and lay the case out to the American people, on live TV, just like during the Cuban Missile Crisis. 

1) The Democommunists are scared as hell about anything like that kind of spotlight. Well, that and the double-digit prison sentences afterwards, and no chance to flee to Cuba.

2) Cuckservatives like Veep Pence and Bitch McConjob took yesterday's events as carte blanche cover to jump ship, and slip their knives into your back already. Cut ballast, and turn loose of them; they serve no further purpose at this point except as negative life examples. The strong suggestion that both retire immediately "for health reasons" would not go amiss. Them choosing to retire to someplace sunny and many thousands of miles away, for life, would be even better.

3) The courts punted. Let them stew in that sauce until they're well-done. They have nothing to say about elections, by their own choices, except to rubber-stamp fraudulent ones. I'm sure a heathy number of early retirements, or proctological prosecutions, will thin that herd in short order.

4) The people already spoke in November, before their votes were thrown out, and shuffled to the other column. Restore the scales to even, with no bricks on them, and let them get back to work dealing with this damned Chinky Pox, and jump-starting a stalled economy that was literally red-hot right up until last February.

5) Carve into stone unbreakable election laws that prevent this sort of thing from ever being possible again. Then go back to the status quo ante, and see what hand the electorate deals itself going forward, while you finish out the term you were lawfully elected to serve.

6) It's the right thing to do, for yourself, for the electoral process, and for the good of the republic.

Your energy belies your age, Mr. President, but Time itself will see to it that you're not going to grab the reins of power endlessly, and we don't do dynasties and royalty here. Gut the stinking fish everyone can see and smell, and throw it into the fire once and for all, to end this burgeoning scourge of socialism that threatens this country's very foundations, and has already proven there is nothing, absolutely nothing, to which it will not stoop to do what they accuse you of wanting to do.

Federalize the guard, call up the troops, besiege the Capitol, round up the traitors, suspend habeas corpus, and shut down the media wholesale and outright, until you round up and try every goddamned last one of the anti-American bastards who've vexxed, sabotaged, and undermined this republic for most of their adult lives. They won't be missed.

Lance this festering boil now, and in haste, before its dreadful poison spreads generally and becomes gangrenous, necessitating far more painful and bloody surgery, with scythes and meat axes, on the entire nation, and our streets run with rivers of blood.

Because, sir, if you don't do this now, when you still can, we're going to have to do it later on, from a worse position in every way, and at a far costlier price, in every measure, than anything you do will accrue.

A sharp scalpel heals the cleanest and quickest, and does the least damage.

You can't wait forever, if you're anything like the man you've seemed to be. Step up and do the job you were hired to do. Everyone else has shrugged, averted their eyes, passed the buck, kicked the can down the road, or covered their eyes and pretended there's nothing to see here. That cannot stand, and it WILL NOT. But if you won't do this, now, it's still going to need doing, and soon.

The time is now.

UDATE: Apparently, POTUS has opted for "all talk, no-action pussy".

In the on deck circle, The Deplorables.


GMay said...

Where is all this power Trump has to do what you're asking? He never had control of his own DoJ, or the rest of the Federal bureaucracy for that matter. Suddenly he's gonna hop in an Abrams and lead the National effing Guard into DC to start cleaning up? He couldn't even fire the head of the FBI, or Dr. Two-Face Fauci even after the latter got caught lying.

Pull troops out of Syria? Ignored.

Stop Critical Theory Race-Shaming in the Federal service? Ignored.

He'd give the order and anyone above the rank of O-5 wouldn't even get up from their desk. Half the troops wouldn't bother putting on their boots. An election was just stolen WAY beyond the traditional margins of fraud and anyone that could have done something is LAUGHING about it.

This is pure fantasy.

Aesop said...

1) The point of federalizing the Notional Guard is to take them away from seditious or squishy governors. The 2nd MarDiv, the 101st Airmobile, and the 82nd Airborne would all be the ones who'd get to D.C. first, and within hours.
The hyperbole about Trump personally climbing into a tank turret is too stupid for words. That sort of thing is for wimpy little Democommunist Massholes doing photo ops, not for sitting presidents.

2) And once orders were issued to the services, I think you'd eat those words were they actually given, because that's what the military in this country does, since ever. The hardest part at that point would probably be to get the squad-level troops to take the Congressweasels and bureaucrats alive, rather than shooting them outright. But if indeed it's "pure fantasy" then it's obviously far beyond time to start shooting the bastards, which just underlines the greater point.


At any rate, it's going to become obvious within two weeks just how bad things are, or aren't.
After that, God help everyone.

1st1shot said...

I thought he already made a statement that he was conceding and there would be a peaceful transition of power?

June J said...

Trump has now agreed to a "peaceful transition of power" to never-elected Biden/Harris. He appears to have been rendered 100% incapacitated by the events of 1/6.

Will new leaders stand up, men who are willing to sacrifice their lives, fortunes and sacred honor to lead patriots once again to fight tyranny and restore liberty?

We'll see.

Paul W said...

First thing first: the corrupt, Constitution-hating Deep State assholes are the ones who crossed the Rubicon, by planning and executing The Steal. THEY started this, and thus THEY are to blame for anything that happens (including the death of that young lady yesterday).

While I agree with you about what needs to be done, I think that the optimum time has passed. Trump should have done this in the wee hours of Christmas when most of the coup plotters were home and the voting machines the least guarded. It also would have been quite poetic to have done it on the anniversary of Washington and his army crossing the Delaware to defeat the Hessians at Trenton. Now, tragically, I think that it is too late. Not that I wouldn’t support it - same as many tens of millions of Americans. BTW, I would love, to the very core of my being, to be wrong - I hope that there is still a residual core of loyal (to the Constitution) public servants and members of the armed forces who would obey such orders...and that Trump has the guts to do this, to save this Republic.

Part of my family lived through the whole of Russian Communism (but not well, including one of my great grandfathers having been murdered by the NKVD. Another part of my family (about 70 of them) were murdered by the Nazis and a few others died in the war that they started. My family has had it’s fill of Collectivism and the people who impose it on everyone else at a fearful cost. My deepest hope and prayer since Trump went down that escalator was that he was The One - the Washington of our times who would lead us to freedom from these walking, talking, pieces of shit who aim to enslave us all. I am still hoping and praying, but the sands of Time are trickling away.

Don RN said...

"Pardon me while I get a bucket into which I may vomit"

I have no idea how you were able to type the immediately preceding content without vomiting yourself directly into hypovolemic shock.


GMay said...

"Too stupid for words"? Heh. It might as well be Dukakis sticking his head out of a tank for the likelihood of an entire division saddling up and marching/flying/dropping/riding into DC. Squad level troops take orders from their officers because that is what the military in this country does, since ever.

And the odds of officers above field grade (and probably including that tier of the officer corps) carrying out such orders from a President who hasn't even had the support of his bureaucracy or political party in, well ever, are lottery level. What, you think it's all those trigger pullers that put in flight requests, dole out the ammo, and otherwise get the whole logistics train moving to get a whole farking division to park on the national mall?

I'm not even entirely sure enough of the trigger pullers would be on board with the idea. But the senior officers required to make this happen? Not happening, won't happen, and wasn't gonna happen.

Hey, I get it. I'm mad too. This grand experiment has been dead since before 3 Nov, but we finally got the death certificate. But this idea that the President could even remotely call up divisions on command or other such nonsense as invoking the insurrection act is just fantasy horse puckey.

GMay said...

And yeah, 2021 is gonna make people yearn for 2020. It doesn't matter what actually happened yesterday in the Capitol, like the Wuhan Flu, it will be used a pretext for the gubmint to tighten the laces on those jackboots. It does not get any better from here.

Trailer For Sale Or Rent said...

Even President Trump's staff are resigning, hoping they will be killed last.

carolinaTURTLE said...

Calestine? That was a head scratcher for a second or 3... Cali-stine (Calistine? Caliestine?) * MIGHT * have been understood sooner, but perhaps for naught? Looks like it might be Calistan soon? (Along with Oregistan, Washistan, NewYorkistan, etc) but That is an interesting concept… The military is sworn to take its orders from the sitting president, as long as he (or she) is not considered an enemy of the constitution...

carolinaTURTLE said...

One more thing... NPR says Trump is a liar. Trump said he agrees to the peaceful transition of power? Yeah... hard to place the exact odds on that one...

Unknown said...

Copied and pasted to the White House e-mail service, for all the good that will do.

Charlie said...

My cute little wife of 37 years just looked across the table and told me that she could be my spotter. This from a woman that literally won't swat a fly, who sews kids clothes and thinks it odd that people voted for harris.

So yes, President Trump might want to clean this mess up right quick, because mothers and grandmothers can be awful mean and messy when they think someone is hurting their children.