Wednesday, January 13, 2021

Keep Hopping Up and Down On That IED

h/t WRSA

Easy there, Field Marshall Fucktardette Snowflake.

Morons like you forget at your own peril, that exactly like the recipe for ice, the recipe for Arkancide has been out on the internet and in the public domain since about 1400 B.C.

Your mouth is writing checks your ass cannot cash, and you're going to find that unless you have a mouse in your pocket, there's no "we", there's only "you", and you are a very vulnerable and fragile little lump of protoplasm, on whom the universe has conferred no discernable superpowers.

This ain't the movies, and you ain't Captain Marvel nor Wonder Woman. But one whacktard out of 330M people decides it's open season, and you're about 3 pounds of pressure away from being an utterly forgettable memory, with less presence in the collective psyche than the name of The Knack's second album.

But keep throwing jet fuel on the rhetorical pyre, and you're going to discover the afterlife at the speed of heat when it blows up and consumes you, and the universe won't even burp at your transition. And your appointment book a week later is gong to be pretty wide open.

And you set the precedent that it's open season on your entire political opposition merely because you think you can, and they may decide to open the range hot in both directions, pre-emptively, and end your entire caucus, just for the exercise.


Charlie said...

That poor woman has been neck deep in liberal idiocy since birth.
She was born to libs, schooled by libs, married a lib, chosen by libs, groomed by libs.

I would be willing to bet she has never even spoken to anyone that is not a lib.

I doubt even her husband would miss her.

Unknown said...

Is Mitch Mcconnell going to invoke the 25th on Biden? Seems saying "I will give money only to black, etc businesses" is a crazy, impeachable offense.

Nick Flandrey said...


I had to look up the knack's second offering... which did well enough to go gold, and sounds pretty much just like their first.

But yeah, even though I actually have Get the Knack in my truck and last listened to it about a month ago, I had no idea... and I prefer cranking up "Good Girls Don't" to "My Sharona"....


June J said...

Cocaine Mitch is not in charge of the Senate after 1/20, however he will still be enjoying his seat at the table of the controllers.

As far as this bitch, bring it you sniveling little wench.

Steve said...

Hey now, the Knack were a rocking group! "The Little Girls, They Understand"...well, that sounds a bit creepy on review!

Thank you so much for your work, I check in each day to see if you have been targeted yet, and happy each day that you aren't!

Prometheus said...

pfffpht. mitch mcconnell is probably looking forward to giving hummers to gropey. or watching while his chinese mistress chao does so.

show me one socialist success in world history said...

Mr. Unknown,

Crazy is the new normal.

Buy all the ammo you can.

Politics nor politicians should ever be expected to do anything rational even though their words have enticed our hopes for way too long.

mpm2020 said...

One toe over the line sweet Jesus !!

Tucanae Services said...

"Is Mitch Mcconnell going to invoke the 25th on Biden?" -- Unknown

Sorry he is not in the chain to trigger that event.

Grandpa said...

the disconnect of the left from reality would be laughable - if it wasn't a (or the) ignition source for what will likely be the conflagration that burns this republic to ash. it will be all of them, or all of us. not a betting man, but I know where I'd put my money...
Let's win.

Bear Claw Chris Lapp said...

Since it doesn't matter anymore vote democrat and put their sorry asses on the street. She thinks its safe now that they have won, ha ha won. She should ask marathon man "is it safe" ha ha. Someone in her AO knows where she lives I am sure.