Saturday, January 30, 2021

Just The Facts

 h/t Free North Carolina

Posting these realities makes me a "domestic terrorist"?!? As if.

But if you want to try that, you're gonna need a bigger FBI.

I am Legion. There are 80,000,000 of me, and counting.

And most of them are just waiting for BananaRepublic.Gov to say "When".


Knightsofnee said...

Marina said...

Of interest: Patrick Byrne (Overstock former CEO) who recounts meetings with Sydney Powell, Rudy Giuliani trying to help with the Kraken lawsuits with 877 comments for Chapter 1 :

Marina said...

Chapter 2 of Patrick Byrne : How DJT lost the White House:

Marina said...

More from Byrne: How DJT Lost the White House, Introduction: Why I Was Involved Before November 3 & What I Learned Because I Was :

Unknown said...

Joe Twonothreemasksanalswabbinggirlracingandstilllosing Biden vs the US middle class.