Monday, January 25, 2021

My Sincere Thanks


Everything above about the 10th visit to this site has been a continuing source of amazement to us. For some unknown person who logged on about 1830 hours EST last night, you should know that you were the 8,000,000th visitor. For you, and all those who made the other 7,999,999 visits since we rolled this thing down the launching ramp 12+ years ago, my humble and sincere thanks.

Given that we are clinically incapable of shutting up (my mother had me tested), the only things liable to stop this blog are the end of the power grid, our untimely death, or political ill winds. We intend to repel each of those boarders to the limits of our abilities for as long as humanly possible, and are glad so many have found stopping by to be worth the mouseclicks.

My continued best wishes to you all.


Off The Wall said...

And we want to keep hearing from you too, Aesop! God bless!

Tina said...

Congratulations! that is quite a milestone. Your readers appreciate your continued blogging, so thanks for the good work, and as Bill Quick puts it, "the free ice cream"! :-)

David L said...

Re "For some unknown person who logged on about 1830 hours EST last night" ... that was me.

Borepatch said...


And nice Sheldon Cooper reference.

Robin Datta said...

Unlike others, you don't gild the lily or sugar-coat the ╦ ∐🅡⊅. Good writing skills and honest descriptions are uncommon in the blogosphere. And with the current tides it increasingly demands substantial nads. You'll have a readership as long as these keep going. Keep on truckin'!

John said...

Well, it was obviously me.