Sunday, January 24, 2021

Sunday Music: Rain Songs

No points for guessing what's coming down in occasional buckets this weekend hereabouts. Despite the idiots who can't drive in it, we need it. Those idiots are good for business where I work, so there's that. And gloomy, cold, and pouring down buckets suits my mood pretty well this week anyway.

Some of these you may have seen here before; some you haven't.

There are dozens and dozens of songs about it. I just picked these 16 keepers.

They're all worth your time. Listen to one, or all of them.

But first, a little something to get you in the mood...

And if we're going to get into rainy days properly, there's one other clip that's absolutely mandatory viewing, and just as apropos today as it ever was:

Hopefully, that's enough gloom and moisture to get you through the rest of the weekend.

Oh, and I almost forgot: "Boooooger!!!"


Lance de Boyle said...

Great selection. Don't forget these guys.

Bear Claw Chris Lapp said...

Gloom my ass all the selections made me smile even the one I did not know. Watched the always good Great Escape again yesterday.

Borepatch said...

Breaking Benjamin, "Rain"

Don't usually like them, but like this

Marina said...

Humbly submitting this entry with very apropos lyrics" See what you've done to my life" Uriah Heep,

John said...

Don't forget your Rabbitt:
I Love a Rainy Night.
Driving My Life Away.

Unknown said...

And the Rain Came Down. Steve Earle. will make your eyes blurry.

OvergrownHobbit said...

One of my favorites.

O Western wind when wilt the bow; that the small rain down can rain.

Congrats on the 8 million mark!