Friday, January 15, 2021

Good Luck With That Plan

Meme from Sal the Agorist

For reference, in Iraq and A-stan, Uncle's guys only had a few tens of thousands of insurgents with which to contend. IIRC, the number that comes to recollection is around 50K or so. Britistan, from 1969-1999, was never confronted by more than a thousand hardcore active Provos in the IRA, and it bled them and tied them up handily for three decades before everyone knocked off by mutual consent.

His Fraudulency is potentially facing millions.

Seems legit.

Forget the happygas: I suspect the next few years are likely to be some of the worst times seen in these parts in 150 years and more.

BTW, proof that no insurrection was ever intended earlier this month: they have upwards of 30K troopies from the Notional Guard in DC, now. 

We had 400,000 people on the National Mall on the 6th. That would have been 6 complete D-Day invasions-worth of American troops. Eisenhower didn't have that many troops in France after the Normandy D-Day Invasion until July, a month later. If the MAGA crowd had actually wanted or intended to go all seize-the-government, (besides obviously not bringing a shit-ton more guns, nor any intent to hurt anyone) they could have conquered DC, Virginia, and Maryland, and held it indefinitely, with an army that size. (For reference, 400,000 people is approximately twice the size of the Marine Corps, anytime since the Vietnam War.) "Insurrection" my ass. That was a staged photo op co-opted by BLM/Antifa, for DNC propaganda gaslighting purposes, as we've seen non-stop every day since it happened. There aren't enough cops east of the Appalachian Mountains to contend with a crowd that size were same intent on misbehaving, even if the po-po had been as inclined to murder as was one trigger-happy Barney Fife, determined to go all Tiananmanen Square on unarmed marchers, from safely behind a barricaded door. 

If that crowd had been actually and truly hostile, those cops would have been found with their badges shoved up their asses, their severed jangly bits in their mouths, and their decapitated heads mounted as decorations on the spiked tips of the metal fence around the Capitol, and a few thousand marchers would have been wearing sweatshirts afterwards that said "Now I have a machinegun. Ho-Ho-Ho" 

That crowd was no such vengeful mob, or the lists of dead PD the next day would have looked like the crawls on TVs after 9-11. These were clearly not the revolutionaries the gaslighting media and deranged Democommunist leadership keeps trying to invent.

"Revolt" my ass. That was a Sunday church picnic, kicking sand in the faces of a pack of shitweasels. No more, no less. To those thinking things will ever again be that peaceful this side of their appointments with a gibbet and noose, my only reply is

"Yippee Ki Yay, m*****f*****s."

Meanwhile, the mainstream "conservative" broadcast punditry, and much of the online versions as well, seems content as a pig in sh*t to cuck-cuck-cluck about how they're going to "Get 'em next time!" and "Vote Harder!" at them in 2022 and 2024, as if we didn't just watch that ship sail right into an iceberg and kill everyone on board, twice, in the last two months. Everyone babbling bullshit about solving this at the ballot box is entirely delusional, and has suffered a psychotic break with reality. They should be locked up somewhere with soft food, soft music, and soft walls, until they die, or come to their senses, and I don't particularly care which, at this point. They're worse than worthless, and contribute nothing but active disinformation 24/7, which inarguable truths are the only reason why they're still permitted to broadcast their tiddly twaddly codswallop on the public airwaves. That assessment is true for the entire goddamned LOT of them, BTW, lest there be any misunderstanding.

Yesterday, guy I was talking to about whether/when things go frisky noted "Nobody wants to be the one to go first."

True enough.

But the thing you need to remember, given the numbers of us versus the number of them, is that once it does kick off, no one will want to be left out before there's no more minions and/or Democommunists to shoot.

Ponder on that.

Then remember that in any group, there's an absolute minimum number of short bus window-lickers that can't be controlled. Just like with Kung Flu, those Gilligans - from either side - are going to be what sparks the fuse on the powder keg on which we're all sitting. 

Doubt me?

Okay. Tell me please, who fired that first shot on Lexington Common 245 years ago... I'll wait over here while you're working out that answer.

Oh, BTW, those 30K guys in D.C.? Mostly NG MP units (per Big Country Expat's info). Who are, overwhelmingly, civilian LE types in their day jobs. So Team Fraudulent has essentially stripped the entire Eastern seaboard cities and counties near those units of a good number of their regular police officers.

That shouldn't have any downside, should it...?

Me, I'm going shopping this weekend, at a couple of GI surplus haunts.

You never know what useful items you might find in nooks and crannies until you look.


PO'd American said...

Spot on bullseye commentary
//POd American

Divemedic said...

Dude, 100 percent this. I have been listening to the likes of Mark Levin, Sean Hannity, David Webb, and Breitbart News Daily (I have SiriusXM). Each of them are parroting the same line" "We are gonna get 'em next time!" like this is some sort of stupid sporting event.

Another part of me worries that maybe I am overreacting. I don't want to come across as some sort of crazy nutjob, but at the same time, I see what I see.

Aesop said...

Gaslighting is gaslighting, whether it's coming from CNN or "conservative" talk radio.
Neither one is any kind of sane or rational. It's not you, or us; it's them.

One steaming shitnugget was spurging off about how, if only there hadn't been COVID, Trump would have won, and I was practically screaming at the radio "You delusional lying fucktard, he did win, and even without COVID, they'd still have stolen the election no matter what. Did you just have a lobotomy and forget that November 2020 actually fucking happened???

Bear Claw Chris Lapp said...

It will be a small spark that will grow into a full blown Paradise fire. Those NG men. Saw a local story 10,000 may be from flyover land. Our family members and friends no shooting is easy to defend will they when it counts? Its all show nothing will happen on their ground just like Iraqistan, Afghanistan, Shitholiastan or Wemakeastand. If they doubledownistan on lockdownistan they will be tied up dealing with Karenastans. Yes fuck the talking heads, they are trying to score fiat bucks while the gettins good. They will be the first to hide and or run.

carolinaTURTLE said...

Aesop, (if you are agreeable) are you An alternate question would be how many years of .mil time did you serve? And since I am asking, if I can get a certified copy of my USNR time, I’m sitting at 20 years right now…

Arthur Sido said...

By far, the "conservative" talking heads are a much greater threat than the open Marxists. So many of us desperately want things to go back to the way it was before that they will drink as many red Solo cups of Kool-Aid as you offer them, just so long as their semi-comfy way of life, their health insurance and their 401k are secure. These pundits give them that sliver of hope that we can totally get them next time, if only we pander harder to this minority group or that. I am sure that "Nikki" Haley at the top of the GOP ticket in 2024 will totally get the black vote to show up, not to mention energizing the people who voted for Trump twice.

The solid rule of thumb is this: if someone is still being allowed to talk on mainstream news, they are being allowed to do so because they aren't saying anything other than approved talking points.

Karl said...

Good write up. That is what I see too.

In the past month, for every "Be patient, it is part of a plan" or "it is time for us to focus on the 2022 election" comments I've deleted a bookmark. My daily sites are probably 20% what they used to be. Less stupid, less noise, more facts, more focus.

My biggest worry: the national guard sets up the local FEMA vaccine center 200yds from my tree stand and scare away all the game.

Michael said...

Pity the airspace above DC is closed. A few hundred leaflets of this meme and on the back a little about their oath would make for a worthwhile 4 or 5 drones worth of drop eh?

The Politburo would be freaked out that US Solders assigned to "Protect Democracy" would even see this "Propaganda".

Given the limits of Armed Drones with their weapons their only use in this *hitshow is to be a club over the ground pounders if they get squirrely. I notice they have NO anti-drone capability eh?

Really sucks to be a National Guardsman right now.

CPB said...

OK so a "what if" here. What if it was Trump who ordered the NG to d.c. Now the "why" would Trump do that? Well to invoke the Insurrection Act he had to order those accused of insurrection to disperse peacefully and return home. He did that. Now that covers the legality of invoking the insurrection act. If he invokes said act, and arrests tons of treasonous house and senate scum, then who would most likely try to burn loot murder and "antifa" d.c. Maybe he has those NG in place for those he knows are going to get their communist on, so to speak. We KNOW not one patriot should show his/her face there or any state capital in the coming 4 days. You, I and others have been yelling "TRAP" about the situation of the fake flyers online. Well if blm/antifa show up thinking patriots will be there, and none show up, who will act out like good little commie children if Trump announces and signs the insurrection act? Yep you people might be getting the picture...

Aesop said...

Uh huh.
And while you're up, I'd like world peace, this week's winning Powerball ticket, and the cell phone number of the Playmate of the Year. Oh, and a pony.

I'll happily be wrong, and it's nice to dream, but it's overwhelmingly likely that reality's going to crash down hard in about 5 days. What's your back-up plan?

T-Rav said...

Yeah, up until the melee on the 6th I myself was clinging to the hope that Trump had it all under control, it was part of a plan, but I think it's time to face facts. Trump *could* have something up his sleeve, but it's far more likely that Biden will be installed on Wednesday. So as Aesop says, what do you do if/when that happens?

Charlie said...


I think asking for a pony is taking this just a bit too far sir.

Back-up plan?? We just have our plan to hunker down and wait for them to get to our doorstep. Not much else can be done at the moment.

Unknown said...

“A Democracy is the vilest form of Government there is.” If we’ve become a democracy, it would represent a deep betrayal of our founders, who saw democracy as another form of tyranny. In fact, the word democracy appears nowhere in our nation’s two most fundamental documents, the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution. It’s Congress that poses the greatest threat to our liberties. The framers’ distrust is seen in the negative language of our Bill of Rights such as: Congress “shall not abridge, infringe, deny, disparage, and (rights) shall not be violated, nor be denied.”

chainsawman said...

Right there with ya, Karl

Bob said...

Unknown: All PUBLIC forms of government eventually degrade to tyranny and mob rule. America didn't get a pass on that because of some guys in white wigs called "the framers". Somebody was framed alright, and methinks we just figured out whom.

Wayne said...

@Unknown “A democracy is two wolves and a sheep voting on the dinner menu.”

FredLewers said...

First one gets to draw lots of enemy attention and fire...
Last one in is a cherry noob for life.

Shadetree223 said...

Give up on Trump, he's not allied with gun owners or freedom. Disabuse yourself of that fantasy. As stated above, anyone on mainstream broadcasting is espousing approved talking points and only deep state/nwo reptilian shitbirds park their asses in the oval office. I believed he was different in the beginning. He's not. This is just the spiciest part of a fight that's been going on for years.

Aesop said...

Name a better choice.

Then tell me what difference it makes if the other side can just flip a switch, and suddenly have 50,000 more votes, every election, from here on out, forever.

It's not a question of Trump vs. Some Other Guy.

It's a question of small arms vs. artillery vs. WMD.

Divemedic said...

"small arms vs. artillery vs. WMD"

I think people are mistaken if they think that traditional military tactics are going to be useful in CW2. The biggest strength that the US military has is its logistics. The US military has the best logistics system in the world. It's a military art that the US practically invented.
That strength is also its greatest weak spot. The Army of the Potomac is required to provide 50,000 to 70,000 meals each and every day. Those meals are being provided by the very populace that they are there to fight against. One enemy combatant working in one of the restaurants that is providing those meals can inflict a thousand casualties with one batch of food contaminated by heparin or cyanide. That one guy can single handedly take out a battalion of troops, plus cause the military to distrust and suspect its entire food supply chain- that is the definition of "force multiplier," and there isn't shit that artillery or WMDs can do about it. What are they going to do? Nuke an Italian restaurant?

Aesop said...

Heparin or cyanide are superfluous.
Dude could just wipe his ass with his bare hands, and not wash before he cooks the food.
Just like in sh*thole countries.

N S said...

Hmmm, wouldn't it be just some strange coincidence if the grid serving da district of cartoonistan happened to go blank all of a sudden, maybe 6 hrs. before dipstick & dufus skirt are about to swear against the continuation of the Republic.

Patrice said...

They are bringing in their own food: MREs.
Watched the latest "troop moving" videos on the "US Defense System" channel (linked in a comment elsewhere) and on some of the mega-pallets going up into the belly of a plane were boxes-upon-boxes of them.

Next idea?

(I also thought it was kinda "funny" that the hundreds of comments seemed to have gotten Auto-Likes from the channel. Even ones saying in essence, "All this for a virtual inauguration? Something else is up, people!"

FredLewers said...

It's gonna be death by a thousand cuts.
A blown up politician here and there.
Drive by assassinations of various administrators, satraps, hangers on, etc.
Police playing whack a mole with a whole new type of criminality... One with a whole different purpose. The coming edicts and enforcement efforts are gonna create some serious backlash.

John said...

Rumor I heard was that they had taken the ammo from the NG because?

They're worried that the NG won't support Biden.

They are afraid.

Aesop said...

It is well if such be true.

Michael said...

Aesop if the fraud's handlers PUT all those UNARMED National Guard there it MAYBE for a False Flag attack on them to PROVE to the Military and Joe 6 pack how dangerous and unhinged Trumpers are....

Live on ALL National MEDIA Networks WITH a 15 minute delay for Editing and Green Screen "Enhancements". Remember that movie Avatar? ALL GREEN SCREEN way back then IN 2009. Even the Weather Channel is using limited Virtual Reality for weather reporting. Remember the "DEEP FAKE" of the Queen of England just last year.... They had to keep REMINDING folks it was FAKE.

Sucks to be a citizen soldier in a Republic that is being forced into a Socialist Banana Republic. Your just the "Extras" in a potentially mass murder movie.

Dark Winter indeed if Trump is a "Flight Risk" in a few days.

T said...

This is interesting.