Sunday, January 31, 2021

Sunday Music: Queen Of Hearts


Juice Newton had to convince her producer, even after touring with this song for a year, that it was worth putting on her album in 1981. She was covering it after its original 1979 release to mediocre success. Proof that "nobody in this town knows nothing" (whether it's Hollywood or Nashville), it shot to Billboard's #2 overall slot, #14 on the Country charts, got Newton a Grammy nomination for Best Female Country Vocalist, and being a perfect match for genre, artist, and song, was voted one of the Top 100 Country Songs of all time by Rolling Stone. It's one of our personal favorite earworms, but after listening to it looped 20 or 30 times consecutively, we can usually move on to something else.


Ed Gage said...

What a way to wake up! Thank you, Aesop.
A sweet sound for a sour epoch.

John said...

The other night The Mrs. was working on something and I was typing away. I decided to bring up a random YouTube playlist. I had a choice. "Well, it's (Band X) or Queen of Hearts. Obviously, it's going to be Queen of Hearts."

Unknown said...

Ms. Newton played at a venue were I worked security. It was a great show and her voice was still strong. She could not have been nicer to the fans and staff. She wanted a picture with us so we quickly agreed.

I guess she toured (pre-COVID) and plays grandmother during the week.