Thursday, January 7, 2021

A Few Notes


Do we condemn anything that happened yesterday by those who marched on and took control of the Capitol?

Not one damned thing.

And we note that the only homicide occurred by the hands of Capitol Police, on an unarmed woman and military veteran protesting non-violently. Window-breaking, when last we looked, even in the federal code, is not a capital offense meriting the death penalty, let alone summary execution, and the mostly empty Senate Chamber is neither the President's occupied bedroom, nor the SAC NORAD Command HQ.

Dear law enforcement, from dog catchers to Attorneys general,

If you're not with us, you're with the Terrorists. The People, just like the Marines, are "no better friends, and no worse enemies". Your actions every day will mark you as one or the other of those to The People, whose Constitution you swore an oath to defend, from here on out, and there will be consequences to your choices. Harsh and permanent ones. We won't be locking you up, nor holding trials (except the drumhead variety), and we won't be taking prisoners, from here on out. You have now been properly negotiated with. You got away with "Just following orders" when you looked the other way for Leftard riots. Unlike them, we came in peace, but we're pleading with you, with tears in our eyes: Fuck with us, and we'll kill you all, and people will write about what happens for hundreds of years. You'll get one chance, and the consequences to you will be swift, eternal, and irrevocable. You want to try policing an entire hostile nation in the service of jackbooted thuggery and a banana republic oligarchy, and think you'll ever live to see a dime of your pension, think again. Choose wisely.

P.S. To the Capitol cop thug who fired that fatal shot: Go home and eat your gun, as a service to humanity. No, really. Just do it. You're already dead to us, so why not make it official by your own hand?

But permit, please, now that the bodies have cooled, a few brief observations on what didn't happen.

1) Non-violent protests assume a rational and reasonable foe.

You have neither. Non-violent protests get people shot by those willing to use violence. Imagine Gandhi in the PRC. Wait, you don't have to: Tiananmen Square ring any bells? Stop playing by Marquess of Queensbury Rules. This is war to the knife, knife to the hilt, and then gouging eyes and biting off ears. If you aren't ready for that, you're not tall enough for this ride.

2) A group with plans and leadership is an army.

You had neither. It was just a mob. Pointed by those unwilling and/or unable to step to the fore, sent into whatever awaited, blind, stupid, clueless, like sheep to a slaughter. All it ultimately did, besides showing the other side how pissed off we are, is provide a photo op and put a face to the baseless claims about Right Wing Extremism that you'll be beaten over the head with for months and years to come. (Unless we win, and get to write the history ourselves.)

3) "Everybody has a plan, until they get hit in the face."

Well, clearly not everyone has a plan. You didn't get hit in the face, and you still had no plan, other than presence. No plan for agents provacateur. No plan to exploit a runaway victory (because no one had thought even one step beyond anything). No media plan, no logistic plan, no medical plan, nothing. This was planned about as well as a trip to Disneyland. ("So we get off the freeway, park, and go inside. Okay. Then what? What d'ya mean???") So, yet again, despite half a dozen recent examples, no planning, at any level, about what to do if. If ANYTHING. No plan, for ANYTHING. Good, bad, indifferent. This was about as planned as a herd of sheep grazing in a meadow, and with as much forethought. So don't act surprised it turned into a modern-day Boston Massacre. That was what happened when patriots brought snowballs to a gunfight. You lot didn't even have snowballs. Huzzah! Or, as countless NCOs have told people, "Good initiative. Bad judgement." It doesn't make you less motivated, less brave, or less committed. Just stupid and thoughtless. Own that. For the umpteenth time. And knock that crap off, FFS.

4) Playing in the street is for stupid children. Stop being that.

Demonstrations are for optics. They accomplish nothing else. Even less with the monumental shortcomings in planning and leadership demonstrable in every event since anybody thought this dumbassery was a good idea. A few pointers:

a) You don't own the media outlets. In fact, they are entirely unsympathetic to everything you are, and represent.

b) You had no media plan.

c) You didn't have anyone, or any 500 people, expressly designated to document what you wanted to do, nor what you didn't want to do, nor what was done by people not you. So you handed the entire narrative, start to finish, over to your Enemy, before you even started out.

d) You had no plan on how to disseminate a message, before, during, nor after, nor even any wild idea what message you were trying to make, besides being an angry mob.

e) Stumble and bumble into being used as a photo op poster child for the Enemy in haste, repent at leisure.

You became a herd of brave and dedicated people on pogo sticks, clearing a minefield. How's that working out for you now?

5) "They'll see a lot of us, and see our anger, and then they'll suddenly start doing what we want them to do."


That has happened exactly never. You either kill people and break things, and dictate terms with swords to throats, or you march into machineguns and die gloriously, stupidly, and pointlessly, but for a good cause. As if anyone ever respects suicidal fanaticism, beyond resolving to gun it down on sight. Achievement unlocked: Went full retard.

6) You're not the Leftards. Stop using their game plan.

The Media doesn't care about what you want. Hollywood doesn't care about what you want. The other side's politicians don't care about what you want. And your own (nominally) politicians don't care about what you want. Those last are fleeing you and your ilk at warp speed, and they can smell blood in the water 10,000 times better than any shark. Protest reindeer games only work when there's someone out there who sympathizes with you, or is at least uncommitted, but open to hearing you out. It's not 1967 any more. The country has stratified. Anything you say to yourselves is preaching to the choir. Anything you say to the other side is falling on deaf ears. Period. Full stop.

7) Stop pissing into the wind. You look stupid, you smell worse, and you're just annoying everyone.

You want to get 100,000 people together to do something? Fine. If you're going to go, go big, or get back on the porch. Bring your rifles, surround the Capitol, (which means plan out all the exits, and blockade them too, starting with the subway tunnels they'd use to escape you) and tell all comers that you want the traitors handed over at once, and start trying and executing them on the porticoes, on national television. Shoot any motherfuckers who resist you, and any motherfuckers, inside or out, who point guns at you. In the face. Be prepared for a lot of casualties, on both sides. But if you're not willing to do that, because it's massively against the law, (and believe me, it is, yuuuugely), you're not patriots, you're just pussies. 

Storing guns, arming militias, and fortifying the heights around Boston harbor in 1775 were also criminal acts. Hanging offenses, treason, and insurrection, according to no less than the King of England and all the colonies at the time, which was not mere idle boasting on his part. But you haven't got the courage of your convictions colonial townspeople and farmers had, or you wouldn't have tried to win this thing by waving teddy bears at cameras. Own that, too.

8) You pissed your pants yesterday, for all the good you did, or might have done. And now you look foolish, clueless, and naive. Which you were. And your pants are wet.

Sh*t happens. Get back up, change your pants, and don't f**k things up next time. There will be a next time. Probably the first of hundreds, if not thousands, of such skirmishes. Yesterday was a start, not an end. Learn the lessons you keep booting out your asses, and stop doing that. Photo ops and "statements" are for impotent @$$clowns. Don't be that. If you thought you were going to win a bloodless coup by holding your breath, turning blue, and stomping your feet like toddlers throwing a tantrum at the supermarket, it's past fucking time you grew up, including a spine and a set of functional balls.

This is going to be hard. People died yesterday, and all on our side. Jesus, Mary, and Joseph!: Even in the movies, Robin Hood had to kill half a dozen @$$holes on Prince John's side to make the point that he was serious, and wasn't to be trifled with. If you haven't wrapped your head around that reality, and come to grips with what's got to be done to get your country back, STFU, chop your dicks off, turn in your weapons, and either learn to sing Leftist love songs and eat soyburgers, or line up for the boxcars right fucking now, and stop wasting the time and goodwill of better men than yourselves.

No one, least of all this blogger, is mad at you or blames you for yesterday's events. But the Amateur Hour silly-ass b.s. has to stop, now. The time for impotent gestures and photo ops is over. You're either in the fight of your lives to win, including the killing and dying that course necessarily entails, or you're just a bunch of LARPing jackholes.

Decide. Stop pissing yourselves while you dither, and try and take the moral high ground without inflicting or taking casualties. This isn't the playground, and what's to come requires the resolve that took Hamburger Hill, not the kind that wins in the ball pit at Chuck E. Cheese, or plays childish games where no one's keeping score.

Grow the fuck up, and get on with it. Be adults, and do manly things.

Get busy winning, or learn to love losing.

You aren't going to regroup, and out-vote them harder next time; that option is closed off forever now. Come to grips with that harsh reality.

What are you going to do about that...??

And nota bene that any whiny bitching, pissing, and moaning in Comments will be regarded as the poster saying "Cuck! Cuck! Cuck-a-doodle-do!" Suck it up, Buttercup.


Unknownsailor said...

I've read, and bookmarked your prior posts/rants on prep, and I agree with your rant.

I was afraid that yesterday was going to go sideways, just like I was afraid that Lobby Day and Richmond from Feb 2020 was going to go bad. We dodged a bullet last Feb, but stomped all over our dicks yesterday.

I hope everyone who went inside the Capital is ready for prison time, because the leviathan will be coming for them.

Aesop said...

True enough, but it merely jump-started the inevitable.

The quickest way to end a war is to surrender; but the only way to win a war is to fight it.

The sooner that realization dawns, along with full cognizance that we are now undeniably in one, the better off the republic will be.

Nick Flandrey said...

Every picture I saw had protesters holding up their phones for pictures. Start flooding those pix out there. Already the media is focusing on the same six attention seeking jackasses, and ignoring the thousands of others.

Get the F#CK off their media platforms. If you have to do social media, at least try to use one that doesn't hate you.

And for that matter, all you are doing with social media is feeding them intel. Stop it. Network analysis is a thing. The internet is forever, and it's all searchable. The fusion centers are running keyword searches against social media all the time and LEO, even local LEO has access to it and USES it.

I GUARANTEE that 3 letter agencies were all running Stingray cell snoopers, IMSI loggers, wifi location trackers, bluetooth sniffers, "presence" sensors, and it's ALL being correlated with video and AI driven VMS systems (video management systems- with AI derived analytics, the kind that can produce results when asked "show me all the males with backpacks, or show me all the loiterers in the last 3 hours") Every modern surveillance camera can also record audio, so they probably have your conversations too.

If a baofang uv5xr is all you can afford, leave the freaking thing at home. Certainly don't clip it to your shoulder for the whole world to see. You need to do way more listening than talking anyway. SEE THE BLOGROLL for some comms education. As soon as you key up, you're giving them intel AGAIN. NO they don't have any trouble at all monitoring ALL of you at the same time.

If you ever hope to have plausible deniability in the future you better start establishing a pattern of leaving your phone at home RTFN. Should have started doing that LAST year, but better now than never. "The poker game has a 'no phones' rule." "I never take my phone to the gym/jogging/fishing/ on my smoke break..."

Both your phone and your newer vehicle have bluetooth transmitters and they are being tracked and logged. They are unique too. Local DOT uses that to provide real time traffic data. Look for square grey or white 'patch' antennas on poles by the side of the road pointed across the roadway. They are usually angled down slightly and often accompanied by a solar panel and battery box.

License plate recognition cameras and systems are so commonplace even large apartment complexes use them. You can do it yourself for next to no money using iSpy running on your pc and a camera pointed at the street. They have connections to databases, you don't. They get real time alerts for plates on their BOLO lists. Criminals use paper tags to get around this. Hmm. No reason you can't start baselining who is driving by your place, and building your own db of plate numbers...

And really, the oldies are the goodies... "How can you tell who's the Fed? He's the one urging you to do illegal shit."


Phelps said...

This is what the first landing in the Pacific Theater looked like.

America does what America does. This is how it always starts.

Aesop said...

Bunker Hill. Quebec. Bull Run. Gallipoli. Dieppe. Bataan. Guadalcanal. Kasserine Pass. Makin Island. Some lessons never get old.

But half-fast and half-assed is always the road to defeat.

Light29ID said...

Still most won't get it until they get fired and can't find a job, their bank accounts are closed, they go to the bottom of the list for healthcare, they're denied benefits, etc.

I'm afraid there's going to be a lot of pain needed before they rise up. Starving or watching your kid die because of your political beliefs tends to focus ones mind...

Unknown said...

Yeah I appreciate every word you said, I don't ever get emotional, I did reading this and the only reason why is because I agree and understand the trouble, death I accept for standing and defending this country, your 100 percent right most people have no idea and are not willing to die for their freedoms

Wyomarine said...

Can't believe how many comments I read today on freefor blogs where folks said she deserved to be shot for being inside the Capitol (unauthorized entry is verboten!).
There's way too many brainwashed sheep among freefor that side with the bad guys or are just stupid copsuckers. May they be rooted out soon.

Stupidity is a self curing problem, don't interrupt anyone who's cleansing the gene pool.

CPB said...

Shit partner all I know is I saw a shit ton of "Chiefs" and no "Indians." I know this, till "we" all come together, nothing will change. The "who has the bigger dick", and "listen to me I am a woman hear me roar" highschool games must stop, or "we" will continue to lose. ( I don't give a shit if anyone's feelings just got hurt) I hear and am asked quite a bit, where are the SF, SEALS, RANGER, MARINE guys that are retired or out, won't they lead, or teach, etc... NO, we won't because you 20-60 year old still in highschool fucktards WILL NOT STOP YOUR BUCKET OF BULLSHIT AND BE THE INDIAN willing to learn and listen, there is no "I" in team assholes. There is a fuck-ton of good, molded by fire combat vets teaching, speaking, and willing. But you and yours need to be ready to shut up and sit the fuck down and empty your vessel, learn critical thinking skills, and be a great Indian...Sic semper evello mortem tyrannis

Sean said...

Absolutely correct, on all counts. You oughta be a Battalion Commander.

Unknown said...

The only way this plays out starts with autonomous 3 man hunter killer teams going about their business.


The Left has George Floyd. Now, WE have our martyr.

John said...

John has a long mustache.
The chair is against the wall.

Michael said...

They all should have been shot as soon as they entered the capitol bldg; way before they penetrated, or tried to in her case, further into the structure.
That officer did his job.

"CONgresscritters etc.," whatever you feel about the elected officials, their offices have to contain classified material that needs to remain classified.

On top of all this is the fact that #'s 2 and 3 in this country's chain of command were in the bldg and needed to be kept safe. As in: they might possibly become #'s 1 and 2, and in that case would be needed to control the world's most powerful military, including our nuclear go-codes.

Do not compare the capitol bldg in DC with some main street, or even some police department in a major city. Rioters inside of that bldg cannot ever be tolerated, especially when populated with elected officials.

Aesop said...


A sitting SecState had hundreds of Top Secret/Codeword access only e-mails on a server in her apartment shitter, and she committed 30,000 counts of federal felonies, and never got so much as a courtesy finger-wagging. Unless it's nuclear launch codes (which aren't anywhere in the Capitol Building, there was no justification for deadly force whatsoever.
Given the shitweasels in question, rioters in that building would have been justified changing the election results of any number via defenestration, FFS.

Stealth Spaniel said...

As always Aesop, you nail the final report to the entry door-good and hard. I couldn't agree more with your assessment.
WHY would anyone think that the District of Criminals residents would possibly care about feelings and fairness? Christ Almighty, these deviants lie, cheat, steal, and murder as a matter of course. Conscience isn't a word that they even know. Money, power, great parties, big cars, and super nice clothes are their main occupations. As long as they aren't required to actually work, and everything is free-life is GREAT! Stop being a slow moving shiny object that is easily shot.
Any freedom fighting should be planned in detail, and executed by no more than 3 people. In case no one has figured it out: you are in enemy territory with precious little back up. Get off social media. Why is everybody so afraid to be without their phones? Get a dumb phone. And please go old school as much as possible. Your Coup Stopped pictures won't be on Instagram, detailing your victory on Faceberg is beyond stupid, and too much information to all of your friends is crazy.
Per Uncle Remus: Stay Away from Crowds.

JL said...


I read your blog often. Have been doing so for the last several years. Being like minded, I usually find myself agreeing with most of what you have to say...this post being no exception.

My $0.02, if it's even worth that:

As I see it, all that stunt pulled in D.C. yesterday did was piss off the establishment. Now, they'll have all the justification in their minds (and in the minds of the brainwashed masses) to start pulling out all the stops. What's going to follow will be the stuff of the worst dictatorships we've seen in the last 100 years and they will have the full support of the masses, either through outright support or inactivity by way of cowardice.

You're right - if our side was going to make a move, it would've been better if it was done with a planned, concerted effort in mind. Because it wasn't, what was brought forth was less effective than flatulence in a hurricane. Worse yet, we are now on the defense, and make no mistake, that is precisely where we are. Because now, you can bet your bottom dollar they're going to go on offense now...war to the knife, knife to the hilt, and if there's one thing that can be said of the left, which was put best by John Mosby IMHO, they do have ruthlessness and a capacity for extreme violence in spades.

I truly believe the time to 'stand and deliver' is fast approaching, and you won't have to take the fight to them, because they're bringing it to us.

RM said...

Pure gold Nick. Thank you

Matt Bracken said...

I agree 100% on all points.

Michael said...

For the record the Michael @ 8:45 pm Justifying Murder isn't me. Some other apologist for the criminals, err elected representatives err I'm repeating myself slime-balls that scheduled the Antifa infestation of our protest AND has their Capitol Police OPEN the F'ing gates to let them in.

Grahams Kill House Rules are in effect. Think local and small trusted teams only. A body might be strong but if the fingers and toes are chewed off well....

Unknown said...

That "stunt" two days ago didn't piss off the establishment. Half the repubs and all the dims hate the deplorables for wanting to have a job when they graduate from a decent high school. Not a role in a "movie" or to be a rock star...just to walk into that factory and work...the factory shipped to china...3 decades ago it started...we were promised we'd get to work the value-added jobs...those got shipped, too...and we got methlabs in return...but that all changed in 2016...all the jobs stopped flowing and BLACK UNEMPLOYMENT WAS 2 PERCENT!!!

I will guarantee one thing...there will NEVER be 2 percent black unemployment under dim rule. President Trump loved the middle class. He shut down the flow of jobs to china. He slowed the rush of labor at the border. This was his CRIME. He didn't sell us down the river like the rest. Romney, Boehner, McCain...enriching themselves by selling us out.

All conflict is about money. Our politicians sold out for money. They were bought by the owners of factories who want to employ slave labor worldwide. This is why nationalism is the enemy.

Paul Revere didn't ride through the countryside screaming, "The British are coming!"...what he said was, "The redcoats are coming!" We were British subjects. Lexington and Concord were gun grabs.

Marty said...

Actually it was the regulars are coming